FREE Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Donut!

You! Chocolate Karnival! NOW!

Krispy Kremes Chocolate Carnival

Still here? Well, if that didn’t get you clicking yet, Krispy Kremes is giving away a Chocolate Glazed Donut and a cup of their signature coffee. And I mean in REAL LIFE free! Just sign up, invite your friends (if you wish to spread the love), then wait for their confirmation email. Print it out then dash to your nearest Krispy Kreme to get these Oh-so-good chocolate doughnuts. I just claimed mine an hour ago and I’m still on a sugar rush.

Unfortunately, this is for Krispy Kremes in the Philippines only. Sorry, international readers. :(

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14 Responses to FREE Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Donut!

  1. HAH sent to everyone i know — and their dogs XD

  2. uy, thanks for the heads-up sa Plurk..:)
    sana makakuha ako para may reason na ko makag-KK! Hahaha.

  3. surrealistic says:

    Wai! Now I’m intrigued.

    Haven’t seen chocolate glazed donuts around here….

  4. Suzanne says:

    Whee~ Gusto ko ito! Sana makuha ko agad para sa Sunday meron akong coupon!

  5. Tony Lou says:

    sayang! my mom just bought this yesterday. it’s not bad, ah. not too sweet. pero parang hindi na siya glaze. parang icing na siya.

  6. Cecile says:

    Hi! Last year ko lang na-discover ang blog mo. My son was in Gr. 3 and nagpa-pack lunch sila kasi 8AM-2:30PM ang classes nila. Kaya nong naghahanap ako ng mga ideas para magawang mas inviting ang baon ng anak ko nakita ko ang blog mo. Mula non at least 2x a day ko na ito binibisita.
    simple lang at organisado ang ayos kasi kaya may dating.
    Salamat dito sa Krispy Kreme promo pati friends and officemates ko isinalil ko na rin! heheheee…

  7. gene says:

    Thanks for info. I signed up and spread the word in my blog. Pwede kaya ulit-ulitin?

  8. yoof san says:

    kaoko you always post the best info! Imma tell EVERYONE about this. THANKS! 😀

  9. kaoko says:

    But it wins! I’m hoping I’ll get to try the CHOCOLATE-COVERED STRAWBERRY FILLED tomorrow. NOM!

    Of course, we need to spread the love!

    Chocolate covered donuts where one of the first doughnuts I learned to eat. When I was a kid, it was either that or strawberry filled.

    <3 <3 <3

    @Tony Lou
    Hmmm, for me, it was more like chocolate-covered rather than frosted. Since the "glaze" was dry, it reminded me more of things dipped in chocolate, rather than donuts with a ganache-like frosting like Dunkin Donuts. (Mmm...dunkin donuts...) But yeah, I agree with you, I like how the sweetness was moderate lang no?

    Just spreading the love!

    Hehehe, salamat Cecile! Sana naman na-appreciate ng iyong darling kid ang efforts mo for his baon! I know I would. And thanks for spreading the love. I really really really appreciate it. *hugs*

    Ay hindi. On the coupon, it says you can only claim it once. I guess it still is a business move after all. But you can always pester people who don't want it to claim, then you eat it for them, hehehee!

    @yoof san
    Spread the looooooove! Junpei commands you to!

  10. Elle Sy says:

    Where can I sign up for the Free Krispy Kreme? :)

  11. joan says:

    thanks…..for the yummmmmmmyyyyyy krispy kreme doughnut….

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