Nori Paperdoll Bento

One pantry staple I always keep, ever since I started preparing bento is nori. Those flattened sheets of seaweed that’s most commonly used for wrapping rolled sushi come in very handy when making designs on your food.

Paperdoll Bento

Bento #228 • 4 December 2008

For this simple lunch, the addition of little connected paperdolls made it a bit cheerier. For me at least. 😛 Granted, the nori’s color can be a bit limiting but I guess it all depends on your design. And yes, nori’s also the answer to the question, “How do you make eyes?” Well, cheese and nori!

Under the nori girls is my rice, and opposite that tier is a serving of Tsukune, Japanese chicken balls in a teriyaki glaze, whole kernel corn and quail eggs. All in all, a filling lunch by itself, but still, a little addition of cute never hurt any body, don’t you agree?

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9 Responses to Nori Paperdoll Bento

  1. … i am reminded of the eery shadow children from the animated version of HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE, which in turn reminds me of the freaky head-thumping spirits of unborn children in MONONOKE HIME T^T

    aaaaand i think i’ve spooked myself silly — gonna play INNOCENT LIFE on my PSP nao~ 😀

    • kaoko says:

      What eerie shadow children? I obviously wasn’t paying much attention to the Howl Movie—my attention was slipping during the second half. I guess I’m too much a fan of the book. Bad cow! Bad kao!

  2. Mimi says:

    This looks yummy, and cute to boot. I never would have though of that, but it seems so obvious now!

  3. Lisa~~ says:

    I love the nori paperdolls, what a cute idea.

  4. Bibi says:

    Wow… you have a cute site here and I just cant stop starring at the bento… yummy…!

  5. Liz Tolentino says:

    Hi Kaoko!

    The nori paperdolls spells cuteness! 😉

  6. Deborah Strauss says:

    I love this! I am Italian and Japanese! I am addicted to Benot making! I love your site, and had great fun making the Nori Paperdoll Bento. I hope you enter me in the giveaway! You might believe it to be small, but I think you are quite generous!!!

  7. kaoko says:

    @Mimi, marguerite, Lisa~~, Bibi and Liz
    Glad you think it’s cute! 😀

    @Deborah Strauss / Megumi
    My apologies but the Bento giveaway contest was held last year. :( It’s long been finished and a winner has been picked. Please do stay tuned for future contests though.

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