Royce Ichigo Nama: It’s strawberry season again!

Friday night, one of my good friends sent me a very simple text message that had me scampering off to Greenbelt 5. His message? Two words. Strawberry. Nama.

Royce Ichigo Nama

Turns out that Royce has just released this season’s new Nama chocolate variant, Ichigo, or strawberry. Released in baby pink packaging, strawberry nama is a pleasant addition to the nama chocolate line. Unlike Strawberry Melty Kiss which has a strawberry filling inside, Royce Strawberry Nama is a delicate blended chocolate that’s both creamy and fruity.

My first bite reminded me a bit of Champagne Nama. I don’t now however, if the hint of liqueur was really there or if it was just my imagination. As I struggled to find the strawberry, I detected a light hint of berry. Instead of assailing your senses with fruitiness, Royce opted to hold back, giving you just a light flavor, making you want more and more in an effort to capture that refreshing sweetness. Occasionally, you’ll discover a few strawberry pips, a sign that they probably used mashed strawberries instead of puree, completing your strawberry experience for you.

Ichigo Nama is pure love. I daresay it comes a very close second to my all-time favorite, Champagne. Unfortunately, some things are fleeting and we only have until April to enjoy this nama variant. So, go and visit your nearest Royce, before this season’s treat runs out.

Royce has outlets in Rockwell and Greenbelt 5.

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12 Responses to Royce Ichigo Nama: It’s strawberry season again!

  1. wait — only until april?! but that’s just three days away T^T

  2. FFichiban says:

    OOhh we need some Royce outlets here in Sydney! Or I need to go to Japan by tomorrow hahah mmmmm

  3. Ayu says:

    Wow! I’m so tempted to buy~ how much would it be? 😀

  4. wow! ive got to get me some of that!

  5. kaoko says:

    *gives ryan a tissue*

    It’s new e, they probably mean throughout April?

    No Royce there? :(

    It’s 580PHP in Manila. I remember it being a tad cheaper in SG and HK but just very slightly.

    @mrs lavendula
    You should, it’s really exquisite.

    @cody and elle
    NAMA <3

  6. I didn’t see a Royce shop in Osaka! :(

  7. Garando says:

    Sometimes they sell Japanese strawberries at Choto shop (Manila Seikyo). It takes a lot of luck to buy one though… But if you can get one, theirs are 2x sweeter than those california strawberries they sell in supermarkets.

  8. ted says:

    an off the planet oral orgasm .give me more!

  9. kaoko says:

    Aaack! I knew I replied to this comment of yours. But I think it was part of the ones that were wiped out during the crash. Oh well, it was nothing important, just sharing my strawberry envy. ^_^

    Good luck finding some Strawberry Nama!

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