Restaurant City: Take control of your (virtual) kitchen!

We love food, you and I. I don’t think you’d be hanging around here, reading my endless babble about food if we didn’t share the love for it. It follows that we love restaurants. We enjoy visiting our old favorites just as much as we enjoy discovering new ones. I’m also sure that I’m not the only one among us who dreams of owning her own restaurant.

Restaurant City 01

Well, I may not have the time nor resources to pursue that dream but thanks to Restaurant City on Facebook, I can at least pretend that I can. Yes, Playfish, the company that brought us Pet Society, has created another super addictive Facebook application. Restaurant City allows players to create a restaurant which they can decorate and customize to their hearts content.

If you’re wondering whether this is like Diner Dash, it’s not. It’s more like The Sims in the way your employees, friends taken from your FB contacts, need to be cared for and do what you tell them to do. After you set your employees to do their tasks, cooking or waiting on customers, you can now visit your friends restaurants to trade ingredients which you can use to upgrade your own restaurant’s menu.

Restaurant City 02

Engrossing, yes. Addictive? Very. I just started playing late last week and it has already started affecting my daily schedule. It’s not unusual to hear me say, “Wait, I need to check my Facebook. I need to water my employees.”

Right now, I’ve decided on a menu and have given my storefront a facelift. I’ve worked on my restaurant layout but I’ve yet to choose the furnishings to go with the said layout. It’s all a mismatched mess currently. So, I think you’ll understand if I say bye-bye for now. I still need to shop for new tables and chairs.

Note: Names and identities have been blurred to protect the time-wasting obsessive addicts players.

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19 Responses to Restaurant City: Take control of your (virtual) kitchen!

  1. Jaja says:

    oohh.. another facebook app that I have to check out. Thanks for sharing this info! =)

  2. Barbie says:

    Oh no…. another facebook addiction! Save me… but no, wait. I love it and you are my hero for showing it to me. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. yoof san says:

    Oh why did I have to click on the link? Must resist… making Facebook account… for this app…… T_T

  4. entrepgirl says:

    thanks for sharing this! i love these types of games! good luck to finishing all my paperwork and household chores. hehehe! 😀 too bad the system is under maintenance and it says to check back again in about 30mins. i can’t wait! thanks! 😀

  5. Suzanne says:

    I can relate to yoof san. I managed to entice one of my Plurk friends to try out RC on Facebook!

    Ahaha, I need to check my employees!

  6. kaoko says:

    @Jaja and Barbie
    Seeing how addicted I and my friends turned out to be, I think you’ll be cursing instead of thanking me soon. 😛

    Join us. The dark side. We have cookies.

    It’s very addictive. But at least it’s a game you can leave and pick up. The restaurant runs itself mostly, but you do have to check back occasionally to make sure you’re staff’s okay.

    So do I! *runs off*

  7. Gabrielle says:

    Hey guys, does any of you know the FASTEST way to earn points?

  8. nina says:

    love this game 😛

  9. miles says:

    what do you do to earn more gourmet points?:)

  10. kaoko says:

    @Gabrielle and miles
    Now I’m really tempted to write a gameguide…

    I nuuuuuuuu~

  11. Toni says:

    Game guide! Game guide!

    Man, because of Plurkers, I’ve become addicted to both Pet Society AND Restaurant City. Gaaaaah.

    Ang hirap pa naman mag-earn ng pera. Parang life. Hahahaha!

  12. kaoko says:

    @Gabrielle and Toni
    Yes ma’am! Working on it now 😀

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  14. iva says:

    wow, will try this.. i love pet society, maybe this one too. 😀

    adik sa games.. hahaha!

  15. darkFood says:

    RC is always undergoing maintenance! how sad i really love this online game..