Restaurant City Tips and Tricks

Yes yes, I know, Restaurant City again. I’d usually leave posts like this to gaming sites but I received quite a good number of inquiries about Restaurant City so I figured I’ll devote a post to it. Plus, I feel like I owe people who arrived here looking for RC info something with more meat. For regular readers though, don’t worry, this will be my last RC related post. So, if you’re here purely for the food posts, this is your cue to bail.

Restaurant City

What is Restaurant City?
It’s a game application developed by Playfish on Facebook.

How do you get ingredients?
You get ingredients 3 ways. The first is the daily freebie. This is automatic and will greet you as soon as you log on each day. The next is the daily quiz. Each day, you receive a quiz question in your inbox. If you answer the food quiz correctly, you get a free ingredient. The last way is when you visit a friend’s restaurant FOR THE FIRST TIME. Ever. No, it’s not a daily thing like in Pet Society; it’s a forever thing.

How do you get GP faster?
Keep your browser on! Minimize, switch to another window, your call. What’s important is, your restaurant window is running so you can gain GP. While you can gain money even if you’re offline, GP can only be gained when your window is on so if you’re going for the level-ups, keep that window open.

GP means gourmet points. That’s the little status bar on top of your screen that lets you know when you’ll level up next.

Quick Coins
Get quick coins by picking up trash and shaking trees. Trees? While you’re in restaurant view, scroll around your lot. Click all the trees you see because they sometimes drop coins.

Wheee! Recipes galore!
Even if you’re tempted to level up lots of recipes at once, restrain yourself. Your restaurant can only serve one dish from each category (appetizer, main course & dessert) at a time. So, choose one recipe, click to make sure it’s the recipe being served, and level that up. The higher the level of the recipe being served, the higher GP you get so stick to one. Unfortunately, a recipe’s level has no effect on money gains.

Restaurant City

Cook to Waiter to Table Ratios?
There’s no hard and fast rule to ratios, but personally, I go with 3 tables per cook, then 1-2 waiters per 3 cooks. I always prioritize more cooks over waiters and it can work as long as you fix your table layout so that your waiter doesn’t have to walk far to serve your tables. Remember that waiters can serve tables diagonally so as long as the square they’re standing in has contact with the table, you’re set.

Keeping your Employees Happy
Monitor your employees happiness. Try to keep it big happy smile green (by feeding or resting) as much as you can because happier employees mean better productivity. Which simply translates to them moving faster.

Restaurant City

Rest or Feed?
So, should you rest your employees when you’re offline? It’s still debatable but personally, I think it’s best to pump them up to full, then let them work. When you return, you’re assured of earnings up to a max of 2000. Even at the current maximum employee number of 8, you’ll spend at most 1600 feeding them sandwiches so you still make a profit of 400. Plus, it’s kinder to your restaurant reputation than closing your shop.

I can close my shop??Yes you can. Simply bar the door with something like a chair, table or your mailbox. Or you can just remove the door itself.

What’s up with my friends’ intricate mazes?
See some of your Facebook friends make their customers walk through intricate mazes before getting to their tables? Some people like doing mazes because it gives their wait staff more time to clear tables! Unlike in real life, here, customers don’t complain even if you make them walk to the far ends of the room just to get to their table. Of course, that also means it’ll take time before your guests can get seated so it means a slower customer turnover. It really is best to test your layouts to figure out what works best for you.

How do you stop the addiction?
Now that, unfortunately, is a question I can’t answer. *facepalm*

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196 Responses to Restaurant City Tips and Tricks

  1. Bill says:


    I am also looking for other Restaurant City people to trade, My name is Bill my restaurant is called the Heart Attack Cafe (Catchy Phase huh, lol). Just a few game tips:

    1) LOTS OF FREE INGREDIANTS – when playing the game click on “Become a fan” located at the bottom center of your screen, You would be joining the Restaurant City Fan Club. Then you click on “Just Fans” and then click “WALL” here you would type “ADD ME” in the wall box. People would start adding you as neighbors and the benefit you would get lots of FREE INGREDIANTS for each new neighbor you get. To get the ingrediant, Just visit their restaurant for the first time, Check their Trades list: If the ingrediant is UNLOCKED then you can make Direct trades with them without their permission. If the ingrediant is locked then you can request the ingrediant from them in the trade and your would have to wait back from them to see if its been approved.

    2) ANOTHER CHANCE FOR FREE INGREDIANT – On the Daily Trivia where you get the FREE INGREDIANT of the day. If you answer wrong QUICKLY click on CTRL and F5 (top of keyboard) at the same time and you will get another trivia question in your RC mail box for another chance.

    3) FASTER CLEAN & FIX – Instead of hiring the janitor to clean all you have to do is click with your mouse to clean toilets, fix arcade machines, clear tables. It does not work on Neighbors Restaurants – Per RC Friend

    4) EXTRA COINS – Every day you can go to each neighbor’s restaurant and get free extra coins by doing on these scenarios inside the restaurant: Putting out a fire by clicking on the fire, Click on to get rid of penguins, skunks, sleeping bear. Outside of restaurant click on Poison Mushrooms (Located in Garden). Only one of these scenarios will appear per restaurant. You can also get extra coins by watering your neighbor’s garden but only if its dry (light brown in color) just click on the light brown square to replenish the water, it takes up to 3 clicks to replenish the water per plant. Each click equals 1 Free Coin. You can also get Free coins by clicking on each restaurants trash (pizza slices, bitten apple, bananas, etc) to help clean up their restaurant.

    5) FREE ENERGY FOR NEIGHBOR’S EMPLOYEE – Click on the Orange Lunchbox on screen

    and you can give your neighbor’s free energy to your neighbors every day (Limit is 20 friends per day) Free Energy ranges:

    Water…..…25% Energy

    Apple…..…50% Energy

    Banana……75% Energy

    Sandwich..100% Energy

    6) SAVING GAME – Get the maxinmum out of your game. 1) give 100% to all your employees 2) Put to rest all your employees by clicking on each employee and clicking on the REST (bed button) this will reenergize your employees while they sleep 3) On the Upper-left of your screen you will see a computer disc, click on it and save it and then you can play other games or sign out of facebook. When you sign back on your employees will be well rested and you will have 2000+ coins in your account. Minimum wait time 1 Hour 30 mins.

    7) TRADE – I am always looking to trade with other players go to my restaurant (Heart Attack Cafe) or click my name BILL MONSON as I change my restaurant name to list the ingrediants I need on occassion. I am usually online from:
    MON – THURS……….12pm – 8pm
    FRI, SAT, SUN……..12pm – 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Restrain yourself from leveling up lots of recipes art once. Your restaurant can only serve one dish from each category (appetizer, main course & dessert) at a time. So, choose one recipe, (Max 3 per app, main, dessert, drinks) click to make sure it’s the recipe being served, and level that up. The higher the level, (Level 10 is the highest) the more reputation you gain per customer. Make use of the trading feature in Restaurant city

    Go to GOurmet alley and go to restaurant CLOSED they have 15 pcs of trash, then go back to your street and then back there and it will be there again. DO this for hours and you will gain points and money. 15pcs every time

    10) QUESTIONS – Feel free to email me with questions about Restaurant City if your new to it at: or chat with me on Facebook under BILL MONSON. ( Detroit , MI Network) Have a great day.

  2. liaddh says:

    how do you do to other restaurants?????

  3. nsiva says:

    i lost my stoves and chairs every thing iam at leveal 14 i have no money also what can i do… can reset the game from level 1

  4. :) says:

    There are 5 ways:

    *Trading with friends
    *Free daily ingredient
    *First friend visit
    *Food quiz
    *Buying ingredients.


  5. Aqua says:

    actually u can serve two dishes now :)

  6. kenneth says:

    can you guys answer my question will the growth of your inner restaurant be affected if i purchase the outside expansion? or the growth of my inner restaurant be stopped when i level up?

  7. Mchelle says:

    I clicked on the for sale sign next to my place and bought the space, but now I can’t figure out how to put walls up and decorate to make it apart of my restaurant?

  8. Mr. Cruz says:

    how many chair and table i put if i have only tree stove???

  9. May says:

    i have a problem: i just put toilets in my retaurant but my customers always leave with the toilet sign above their head. why?

  10. Jason says:

    i realised actually we earn more GPs if we close the browser and log in back again than leaving the window open. Why is this so? Is Playfish trying to encourage gamer to log off RC so to prevent the lag?

  11. ana vic says:

    You can also get ingredients by trading. If you trade the right ingredients you can get to have the right ones to level up one of your recipes.

  12. Paris says:

    how do i get the toilets??

  13. sweetee bun says:

    I would like to make a layer of room divider block (pile of something).. I saw other people’s restaurant (in Gourmet) doing a lot of layers of bricks.. would you like to teach me how to do?

  14. rebecca says:


    I leveled up to level 28 but it didn’t add any spaces for a bigger restaurant. It also happened to my hubby who went to level 20 and all we got was the bonus you know why?

  15. elena says:

    I want to know how do you put the things one on another, I’ve seen 4 stoves one on another and thy work thw employees are still standing by them .

  16. kaoko says:

    Possibly. Or they’re making it easier for us to earn GP so we won’t get tired of playing. When RC first started, you only earned GP when your browser was open. We can only guess why they changed it.

    @ana vic
    Right you are. Haven’t updated this post in a while.

    You buy them, under functional items.

    @sweetee bun
    Only certain items can be piled on top of each other. Best thing to do is try dragging the item on top of where you want to put it. If it’s possible, the green indicator square under it should light up as green. If it’s red, it can’t be done.

    It stops becoming bigger when you hit a certain level. Sometime ago, it even stopped leveling up, though they lifted the ceiling a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, adding more levels didn’t translate to turning your restaurant bigger.

    It could be a bug. Sometimes, it looks as if the furniture is rearranged but it’s not really so. Best to disconnect and try logging on again if it’s still that way.

  17. abi says:

    hi it says that one of the awards you can get now is to fix toilets how do you do that ?

  18. Mohammad Shaharyar Ali says:

    the restaurant city is the best game on facebook.but their is a problem between initializing.

  19. Charlotte says:

    I have a way to get all your awards.
    First dont hire any cleaners and you can pick up the trash your self this gets you the rubbish raider trash talker and garbage guru awards.

    Second Have four to 5 toilets and when they break down you get couned for that and you get the pipe dreams plumb role and drain fame.

    Thirdly when you go to random street & gourmet street you ca rate resturants Just rate every resteraunt you see 5 stars and youll get Estate agent Restaraunt critic and evaluation expert.

    I hope you do use them and the first and second are the same don’t hire any cleaners Because more waiters more food served means more gp and pp
    GP (Gourmet points) Pp (popularity points)

  20. Morgan says:

    Where the bathroom?

  21. finalfantasies says:

    How do I build walls in restaurant city? I just bought the extra space but I cant build walls around them.

  22. olivia k says:

    my waiters have slept and the face is green (they are ready to work), but the problem is that they can’t clean the dishes fast enough… so all my costumers leave because their table is dirty… which brings my rating down.. what should I do??

  23. Laharl says:

    How come my restaurant’s popularity drops from 50.0 to 4.0??

  24. Laharl says:

    I just don’t get it.Why it always become 4.0.Im broke if I can’t remedy this problem.

  25. alvinong says:

    i very happy you know.

  26. alvinong says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I read everyone’s comments, even if it seems like it takes me ages to reply.

  27. andrei ea says:

    ajpomea:i have a trick to make your people get happy always you could gain 50.0 gp if you use this…first set a door far from your tables next putt railings that let your costumers walk far and that is because while the costumer is walking the costumer whos eating could finish faster because the costumer walks slowly thats timing if thers a costumer and the he get to the table the costumes eating are already finish thanks pls add me or my name:Andrei Ea

  28. william says:

    my friend has got spotty dishes and i want to know how to get them?

  29. i am very happy to hear about you.thank you.add restaurant

  30. proxyman says:

    thanks for the suggestions…..
    this is the place where all my questions got cleared…

    thanks :)

  31. Derek says:

    The waiters, chefs or the janitor don’t need to rest anymore in the latest version of RC and if you want to close the restaurant, simply click the “We are Open” button.

    Derek :)

  32. wow kaoko is that yours level 10 royal mapo tofu, did you focusing in one dish before another?

  33. Seasons says:

    Best you could change the page subject Restaurant City Tips and Tricks | bento, restos & recipes at to more suited for your blog post you make. I liked the post however.

  34. Aquarius Love says:

    Awesome! I just found out how to get free Playfish cash!  

  35. Andrew Laffoon says:

    many thanks for your ideas and those instruments once a prolonged time i read that kind of article. thank you once again.

  36. tips and trick says:

    these are really good tips and trick these tips and secret help me a lot thanks for sharing this …..

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  39. Nannie says:

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