Aquaknox Restaurant: Vietnamese gone contemporary

Mention Vietnamese cuisine and my immediate association would be a steaming bowl of pho. That’s why dining at Aquaknox proved to be a very interesting eye-opener to the world of Vietnamese cuisine—beyond pho.


Aquaknox Restaurant’s cuisine is best described as contemporary Vietnamese. Departing from the traditional, chef Danny Vu gives the dishes his signature style, honed at various celebrity restaurants in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, for dishes that are sure to tantalize and refresh local palates.


Our dinner started off with the Hai Phong Wok Calamari—an appetizer with crispy squid rings tossed with bell peppers. Almost classic bar chow really, though the usual tartar sauce was replaced with bell peppers. Still, this was well executed, with the squid cooked just until tender, coated with a crisp batter that stayed crisp.


Together with the calamari, we were served two kinds of spring rolls. The first one was a fresh spring roll, Goi Tom Cuon Prawn Spring Rolls. It featured a generous serving of plump prawn, glass noodles and lettuce in rice paper. A sprig of cilantro tucked in the roll gave it an added kick. Try it with the peanut sauce for a richer flavor, or plain for a fresher feel. It’s really yummy either way. This was my favorite among the three appetizers we tried.


The other spring roll was the Cha Gio Crispy Rolls. This one was stuffed with crab, pork and rice noodles. It’s served with a spicy dipping sauce that’s a nice complement to the rich, savory pork and crab.


After the appetizers, they brought out Natasha’s King Prawns with Mangoes, named after one of the restaurant’s partners, Ms. Natasha Morse. Mesclun with ripe mangoes and crispy battered shrimp, drizzled with a mango vinaigrette, this was easily my favorite for the evening. The mangoes they used were so sweet, adding a fleshy, sweet bite to the fresh lettuce. Complemented by the tangy-sweet vinaigrette and the large, plump and oh so crispy shrimps, this salad can win over even non-salad eaters.

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14 Responses to Aquaknox Restaurant: Vietnamese gone contemporary

  1. khursten says:


    looks like a great rec~ <3

  2. Suzanne says:

    I’m craving crabs and noodles tuloy…

  3. witsandnuts says:

    Nice shots! And I’m mouthwatered to death now. Heehee.

  4. i love spring rolls and your photo is awesome!

  5. fangli says:

    Hi Kao,

    What lens did you use to take these pics? 😀 Kit lens lang ba? They looks nice! >w<

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  7. Ichiro Ino says:

    It’s too good to be true…

    It’s not cheap stuff… right? *_* right? T_T

  8. kaoko says:

    We go sometime?


    Thanks! Go grab some food now 😀

    @mrs lavendula
    Thanks! Now I want some spring rolls too…

    50mm f/1.8 😀 My only other lens, can’t afford anything more. 😛

    @Ichiro Ino
    Well, not fastfood cheap but reasonably priced for what you get. Methinks 500 per head or less? Their webby has prices listed, you may want to check it out if you’re curious.

  9. nyro waiter of aquaknox says:

    thank you for the comments hope to see you in our restaurant

  10. kaoko says:

    @Ichiro Ino
    Ayun! Visit the link Francis provided, so you can get a better idea of their other offerings as well 😀

  11. Katie.Brown says:

    It’s actually quite average of 150-200 per person..not bad :)

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