Saizen / Daiso 100-yen store opens in Manila link loveSometimes I just want to go and post things like, “SAIZEN. DAISO. GO. NOW.” But then, I know you guys will just want to go and kill me so I should offer more info. Well, the news is, Daiso, that Japanese chain of 100 yen stores has finally opened a store in Manila. Locally going by the name of Saizen, it’s the same Daiso chain you may have visited in Japan, Singapore and Hongkong. Someone already beat them to the trademark Daiso here, hence the need to go by a different name but hey, it’s the same gigantic wallet blackhole we’ve all gotten to know and love.

Personally, I haven’t been there so I’m inviting you to visit magnetic-rose’s shop report. All her tales (THEY HAVE BENTO STUFF!) and photos have me drooling so you’ll probably see me over at their maiden store at the 3/F Ortigas Wing of Robinsons Galleria this weekend. So while I’m looking forward to Saturday, my wallet and credit card (they accept CCs!) are already weeping.

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24 Responses to Saizen / Daiso 100-yen store opens in Manila

  1. Luney says:

    Aw man I could get so lost in one of those. o_o The closest thing we have to that here in So Cal is probably the Marukai 99 (thereabouts) cents stores but they don’t seem as charming as something called a “100 yen” store. Maybe I shall start collecting signatures for them to open one here. Happy trawling!~

  2. lol have fun draining your wallet at SAIZEN, bb 😀

  3. Lady E says:

    be sure to post your Saizen haul next week kaoko!

  4. thanks for the info. I would really like to see this since I’ve been in Japan and splurge in their 100 yen stores. :)

  5. Suzanne says:

    Imma go there! My wallet is weeping with yours…

  6. Shakey says:

    Just went there yesterday! (Actually naalala kita nung nandun ako, and was hoping you could feature it here sa KC someday. Hehe!) The place is awesome! Super addicting! And since they accept credit cards, I think it’s best to leave it at home. Hehe! 😛

  7. Jannesse says:

    I can’t wait! My officemates and I are dropping by the store on the 25th. Planned event samin to. hehe.. Whopee!

  8. Shar says:

    I was there last night, it was really awesome! My friend and I kept squealing every time we came across something interesting…which was often lol. Got a lot of bento stuff, including partitions I couldn’t find anywhere else! Sales staff was very helpful and friendly, too

  9. Garando says:

    Hello Kaoko. Great to have Daiso finally in Manila. By chance, did you notice if they have those long chopsticks used for cooking? We’ve been struggling to find those lately.

  10. NoName says:

    Kyah!!! Now I want to visit it so bad though I don’t know where the exact location is =( I’m not that familiar with Robinsons mall >___<. . .

  11. RK says:

    Wai!!! Robinsons Galleria is too far away from where I live TOT. . . Is the Saizen Branch here in Robinson Manila worth the visit?? Or are there more finds in the maiden store which you cannot find in the new branch? =(

  12. In Osaka there’s another 100-yen chain I like called Seria. :)

  13. kaoko says:

    Hahaha, I’m sure it’s just the name. Where’s the merchandise sourced from? Isn’t there also a chain called Ichiban something in California that sells Japan-made products too? I remember one of my aunts buying stuff for me from there. <3

    Ha! I had self-control when I was there!

    @Lady E
    Sorry for the delay in the response. :( Great big database crash also ate the comments. I was relatively in control when I was there. I spent less than 1.5k. So proud of myself, at Daiso Singapore, I think I spent around 5-6k in PHP. *facepalm*

    I envy you! I haven't been there so I don't know how the local branch compares but since it's an official licensee, I'm sure they're supported by the Japan main office.

    How did your visit go?

    I went there a couple of weeks ago but I can't feature it. I so want to, but they don't allow cameras in anymore. :( I so want to, especially since I want to highlight the kitchen stuff. So relevant for Kitchen Cow, right?

    Exciting! How did your visit go? (ang late ko mag-respond no? My old responses were eaten by the database crash, tapos ako naman, nilamon ng buhay ng work. :P)

    That sounds like my visit! Hehehehe, squeeing with delight over each and every thing. I even stupidly bought kiddie soup bowls---just cause the chick design was cute 😛

    Yes they do! I think I emailed you about it, right? Hope you managed to nab a pair!

    I can't give an exact location since I'm rarely at Robinsons Galleria too, but I do know it's at the opposite side of the mall from the big Toys R Us. There's a lot of signs too. I'm sure if you ask the mall personnel, they can point you in the right direction :)

    Is there a Saizen in Robinson's Manila? Please let me know when you visit! :) I'd love to check it out too.

    Someday, I swear I'll vacation there. *crossing my fingers that someday means by next year at least*

  14. Silver Countess says:

    I’ve visited Saizen two weeks ago. It was both a wonderful and disappointing experience. It didn’t have enough bento accessories, except for a few measly Urara bento straps, some very plain generic looking teensy bento boxes (nothing Japan Home probably didn’t put on their shelves at one point or another), sad looking onigiri shapers (J-Wave had better stock) and surprisingly lack of pots and pans (I was looking for a better omu pan). Not even a microwave steamer!

    I was however able to get some of the last silicon bento cups and some nice veggie cutters so it wasn’t a total bust.

    They do have some nice chopstick rests and office supplies so I recommend going over there for those. Also they sell Underarm sweat absorbent pads. \O/

  15. ayaka says:

    hello anyone of yah knw whre i can buy onigiri mold??? pls. do reply im begging yah alll!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kris says:

    Nakapunta ako dito, sarap mamili, andaming items na mapipipilian.

  17. kaoko says:

    Try Saizen and Japan Home center. They have it occasionally, depending on stocks.

    Kakabaliw no?

  18. marites says:

    been there yesterday…malaki ang store kaya lang parang ang konti ng stocks…i’d like to buy chopsticks sana kaso di ako satisfied sa stocks nila wala kasing chopstick case yung gusto ko hehe. wala din ako nakitang chopsticks rest :( di kasi ako nagtanong actually :)) nagmamadali kasi…halos katabi nya lang japanese home centre dun ako may nagustuhang chopsticks kaso wala pa ding case :(

  19. kaoko says:

    If you have time, bumalik ka na lang at a different time because their inventory rotates regularly. Baka maka-tiyempo ka next time. Good luck sa chopstick case hunt!

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