Kitchen Cow 3rd Anniversary Bento Giveaway

CONTEST EXTENDED due to a Database Crash. Deadline moved to June 15, 11:59pm GMT +8. In case your entry was lost, please join again. My apologies.

Hey folks! Been plagued by hosting issues lately but I have managed to move the site successfully. Still tweaking some settings but it looks like things are going to be fine now. *crosses fingers* During this time, while I was reading all sorts of troubleshooting articles I couldn’t comprehend, pestering net-savvy friends for help, and headdesking from frustration, Kitchen Cow’s Third Anniversary actually came and went. Well, two weeks overdue it may be, but I won’t let that stop me from celebrating! So, let me present the Kitchen Cow 3rd Anniversary Bento Giveaway!

3rd Anniversary Bento Giveaway

What’s in the Bento Giveaway? Well, everything in the photo!

  • Clear bento box with 4 removable compartments
  • 16cm chopsticks with cloth storage case
  • Cute food-themed baran / plastic dividers
  • 4 Animal-themed reusable bento cups
  • 2 Vegetable-themed condiments container for dry ingredients or thick sauces
  • 3 Refillable soy sauce containers
  • A selection of fruit-themed mini picks
  • A selection of animal-themed disposable bento cups
  • 2 Hello Kitty Jello Molds
  • 2 Bento Belts

Like last year, this year’s giveaway is open to all readers, regardless of geographic location. Well, as long as your shipping address is serviced by the Post Office. ^_^;; Simply make a comment in this post, containing your answer to this question: “If you win this bento package, what will you put in it?” Each comment gets one raffle ticket.

If you want to win an extra ticket, answer the question in your own blog and add a link back to this contest post. Please remember to post your blog’s URL in the comment’s section here so your points can be counted and to spread the love.

This contest will run until June 8, 11:59pm Manila time (UTC/GMT +8 hours) to post your replies. Results will be out June 9. Good luck everyone!

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79 Responses to Kitchen Cow 3rd Anniversary Bento Giveaway

  1. Robin says:

    Love your pictures and would love a bento kit. Brainstorming as we speak!

  2. katring says:

    I will use it for me! A slot for mini pancakes, maple syrup in the condiment container, sausages, a slice of cheese, and fruit for a perfect breakfast at the office.

  3. karissa says:

    this is cool!

    I will use the bento set for my everyday lunch. I always have my lunch packed when I go to work. I’d put all sorts of food in it, from simple omelettes to yummy dishes that my mom cook for us.

    Here’s another answer located in my blog
    (^_^)v — smiley with peace sign!

  4. Annie Thomas says:

    I don’t have any bento gadgets at the moment…so if I win your giveaway, then I would definitely start my dream bento meals!!

  5. sushi N8 says:

    this would deffinatly give me an excuse to eat more of the japanese and other foods i like on a daily basis.

  6. diane says:

    hello i am relatively new to your site so i don’t feel like i deserve a bento giveaway. but, if i had something like that i would be motivated to cook and bake lots of food every time just to make use of it. From pastas, sandwiches, chicken dishes, vegetables, i’ll even try making sushi. after, i will share it with friends and family to make it even more special.

  7. Abigail says:

    I recently made a deal with a special someone that I’d make him lunch one day and in turn, he should make me one too :) I came across this site and I thought that making him a cute bento box would be a great way to show off my cooking (Actually, reheating) skills and creativity. Teehee 😉 I’d definitely put in some chicken nuggets (his favorite food in the world) with some Japanese mayo – it’s weird that I seem to enjoy mayo more than ketchup – in one of those adorable sauce containers and some other stuff which would add not only color but also “healthy-ness(If there is such a term)” to the bento like carrots, corn, and peas. Also, I wouldn’t forget the dessert which I am still thinking about :)

    Oh and if you don’t mind me asking, where can you buy bento stuff in the Philippines? Thank you so much and happy 3rd anniversary 😀

  8. Marisol Madrid says:

    I kid you not, I have spent the last several hours on thw web and bento. I’ve even signed up for a class at a local community college. I love the site. Great info!

  9. if i win the bento set, i would prepare a japanese-italian fusion meal for me and my husband, and we will go somewhere, probably in tagaytay, and have our anniversary picnic there.

  10. Amaaris says:

    Congrats on our thrid year

    If I´d win this bento i will pack Tonkatsu, Cherry-Tomatos, Cucumber and Carrots, a strawberrymuffin, mini-cheese skewers, Rice with Yukkari-Furikake and some apple rabbits

    Posted also in my

  11. Miko Arandia says:

    Everything I like.. Takoyaki, Tempura, Sushi, Kani Salad, haha

  12. Gie says:

    Sorry about the crash, kaoko. Do count me in, please, please, please… Just seeing the photo of the bento giveaway made me feel so excited. If I win, I’ll probably be in OC mode and see to it that everything that will go in my mouth goes into the bento box first. I simply can’t resist, it’s so kawaii!! 😉

  13. Katy says:

    Hi there! Just looking through your site for some ideas for bento and I saw the announcement, sorry to see the database crashed, I hope everything returns to normal soon. Love the recipes on the site, and am going to try a few this week for my lunch!

    As for the bento competition, I think a must for compartment 1 would be some chicken teriyaki, possibly with some shredded white cabbage and some stir fried beansprouts, with plenty of sesame seeds and lemon juice on top. Compartment 2 would be for rice, with some cut-out shapes of nori, a sliced boiled egg and a little shichimi – yum-o! Compartment 3 would be for fruit – some lovely refreshing cantaloupe and honeydew melon, a couple of strawberries and a grape or 2 for good measure. Finally, compartment 4 would be for sweet treats, probably red bean mochi and a couple of little pandan crispy sticks… My mouth is watering now! See how much inspiration you’ve given me already after just an hour of browsing!

    Very best wishes, for now and for the future

  14. Jessica Sabath says:

    If I were to win the bento box giveaway, I would put my all organic lunches in there to take to work. I make everything from scratches and am always trying new stuff. The first thing I’ll put in there would probably be some all organic otsu with organic /vegan cookies or bread. And of course I’d throw in some fresh fruit or veggies. mmmmmmm…

  15. Maricar says:

    Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! Thank you for this chance to win such a great giveaway. If I were to win it, I have the perfect foursome for it: rice, barbecued pork, itlog na pula and tomatoes.

  16. CityGal says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. I would make lunches for my little one who has a nut allergy and so I don’t trust the food in schools.

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  17. Hiro says:

    if i win your bento giveaway, i will fill it with my baked salmon with cheese, pinoy garlic rice, garlic-ky steamed broccoli (spelling?!) and royce choco for dessert and bring it to my office for lunch chow. i’m just a simple guy with an extraordinary taste. ^.~

  18. kaoko says:

    Thank you for joining everyone! I’ll be taking entries until June 15 so if your friends are interested in joining, pass the word around 😀

    And for those who joined again despite losing their entries, thank you for the forgiving attitude. *hugs* You guys are the best.

  19. Rico says:

    Wow! Extended to June 15! I can still join!
    We have a terrible canteen. If you don’t believe me, I’ll gladly show you. Really.
    The servers are grumpy. We tried smiling, being nice, and flirting (I did!), but nothing worked! And did I mention that the food portions are very small? They are! Most of the time, we feel like we’re asking for alms when in fact we’re paying a hefty price for such an awful food. So we bring our own baon. Friends have followed suit.
    We’re currently using Lock n Lock. And while Lock n Lock is useful, my wife wants something substantial but playful. Lock n Lock looks pretty boring. My wife and I have been searching high and low, and with this bento package, in no time at all, I’m pretty sure we’ll be having the same bentos you’ve been sharing all these years!
    Happy Anniversary!

  20. Irene says:

    4 containers = 4 courses! :D. I’m not exactly a wonderful cook, but I’d put in an appetizer of potato salad, second appetizer of salad with miso/sesame dressing, main course of rice with unagi kabayaki, and dessert of red bean mochis. And all would be wrapped in the kawaiiness of the bento box, mmmm…

  21. Qwaychou says:

    Wow, I’m so glad you decided to extend the ending date! I love bentos and have been making them for only a very short time. I love cute ways to get my 6 year old to eat more healthy foods. Like I’ve said to everyone who asks, “if you pack your kid an apple, it will get thrown away, if you pack him one wedge of apple with a checkerboard pattern on it, he’ll show his friends, then eat it to inspire jealousy.”
    So, in this bento I would put seasoned rice with peas, decorate with meat and cheese, tuck in bites and bits of veggies and fruits. Packed full of love.

  22. Harley says:

    I’d put food in a bento.

    But that’s just me.

  23. Caroline says:

    Thanks for extend the date =D
    If I win I would put in the clear bento some tempura shrimp , carrot cut in flower and edamame on the mini pick and some chicken yakisoba.

    With he hello kitty mold I would do some strawberries jelly with whipecream.
    with the bento cup I could put some snack in them.

  24. gemma says:

    Hi, I would like to enter (If I still can)

    If I won, I’d use the bento and supplies for my school lunch. I neveer eat at school, mainly because I don’t like the lunch provided. I usually end up buying some candy or chips. But with these I would be able to bring my own healthy, tasty lunch. Knowing me, though, I’d probably stop making my own lunches, and end up using it for my mom. she goes to work at night and wants to eat healthier, so she would enjoy it a lot.

  25. cathy says:

    i hope this entry still makes it in time.

    i’m sorry about the database crash, but thanks for the extension and i hope that everything is alright now :)

    if i won this awesome bento set, i’d probably be speechless. it’s so hard to find a bento that isn’t too expensive and has the supplies with it [well, at least some supplies] ^___^

    but as for what would go inside… it would be:
    upper left:
    2 animal cup shaped onigiri :divider: mini chicken bbq bites w/the fruit picks + a cup for ketchup

    upper right:
    curry chicken or caldereta :bread divider: disposable cup with macaroni chicken salad on a lettuce bed

    lower left:
    a small section of grapes on the vine + disposable bento cup with cut bananas and strawberries on the vieggie pics w/ a cup of nutella choco for dipping

    lower right:
    hello kitty cheesecake bites + fun sized twix/snickers + a pack of hello pandas n choco munchies

    ———- or ————
    if i decided to take out 2 containers:

    in the box:
    compartment 1: stir fry veggies

    compartmet 2: berries n bananas w/ cup for yogurt dip + pocky stix + mini chinese cocktail buns

    open space: brown rice + katsu w/ veggie bottle filled w/ tonkatsu sauce

    other 2 containers:
    container 1a:
    hello kitty shaped onigiri + bangus [the one split in half n fried] (made in a way that hello kitty has a stack of fishies in front of it) w/ bottle of patis or ketchup on the side

    container 2:
    choco covered strawberries on triangle cup shaped cheesecake :divider:
    disposable cup w/ small mandarin chicken salad

    and both would be held together with the awesome bento straps :)

    again please please include me… but if you can’t it’s ok.

    thnx! tc n hope you’re having a great day.

  26. Dee says:

    I really really hope im in time!!

    If I won the prize I would put all my school lunches in the bento boxes! I’m trying to turn over a new leaf for next year and make my life more organized and this would be a great start!

    P.S. Make more posts =]