Krispy Kremes Sweetest Dad Daily Doughnut Giveaway!

Think your Dad’s a sweetie? This Father’s Day, treat him to the season’s sweetest treat: a box of Classic Peanut Butter & Stripes Doughnuts from Krispy Kremes! From today, June 17 to June 30, Krispy Kremes will be giving away a dozen donuts to one of you lucky readers EVERYDAY!

KK Peanut Butter & Stripes Doughnut

Imagine, sinking your teeth into one of these moist, cake doughnuts slathered with Peanut Butter kreme (made with Reese’s!), graham cracker crunch and either caramel or chocolate. I got a whiff of it when I opened a box and it had my mouth watering. Very decadent, but surprisingly not as sugary as it looks. It’s really something that’s best enjoyed with a cup of strong coffee. So, win some for your dad and then remind him to share.

To win, simply tell us what’s the sweetest thing you’ve done (or are planning to do) for your Dad and you’ll be included in a daily drawing for donuts. And if I love your answer, you automatically get another raffle slot, doubling your chances to win.

Non-winning entries are automatically carried over to the next raffle. So yes, if you post your comment on June 17, you get 14 chances to win! Times two if I love your entry. Each person can only win once though, to spread the donut love all around. So, start racking your brains and make your sweet comments already!

EDIT – 18 June 2009: I just found out that the prize is a dozen doughnuts OF YOUR CHOICE and not all Classic Peanut Butter and Stripes. Even better yes? This way, you can choose your old favorites (Original Glazed and Strawberry Filled for me!) and combine them with new variants you’re curious about.

EDIT – 27 June 2009: Please, only one entry per person. Additional entries from the same person will not be counted. In case of multiple entries, only the first one will be counted.

Winners List

  1. June 17 – dementedchris
  2. June 18 – Kyameel
  3. June 19 – ALIZAAA
  4. June 20 – elsa magdaleno
  5. June 21 – Stephie
  6. June 22 – Keirra
  7. June 23 – dot
  8. June 24 – novo
  9. June 25 – Jackiesangel
  10. June 26 – Drew
  11. June 27 – Lesley
  12. June 28 – Rizelle R. Makayan
  13. June 29 – Toni
  14. June 30 – Chiqui

Winners will be notified through email and through this blog post. Prizes, in the form of a Gift Certificate, will be mailed to the winner. Winners will be required to submit their name and contact details. Giveaway valid only in the Philippines. Image used above is property of Krispy Kremes. Used with permission.

Thank you to Krispy Kreme Philippines and GeiserMaclang for making this contest possible.

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135 Responses to Krispy Kremes Sweetest Dad Daily Doughnut Giveaway!

  1. Colwin says:

    It happened when I was an eleven.

    I helped him in his business during weekends. I cooked our food, instead of him. There’s only 2 of us at our house, ‘coz my mother was an OFW.

  2. rain says:

    one of my sweetest gesture was when I was 7
    dad has some colds and I volunteered to make
    him a glass of calamansi juice. I was so excited
    at that time serving my dad but upon drinking it
    his face becomes bad but manage to smile…
    unknowingly, what I put was iodized salt instead
    of sugar i was so ashamed but he kissed and
    told me, my thoughtfulness is enough !

  3. zpider says:

    For my loving tatay who have done everything for his family; but have left 12 years ago… Prayers are the best gift that I can always offer him. He might not experience playing with his grandkids, but I know how proud he is for I am doing the best for my family.

  4. gwenny says:

    Last Father’s Day I gave my Daddy a new pair shoes that he really liked… I saved it from my allowance…!

    I love you DAD 😀

  5. eden says:

    my family used to sleep in one bedroom back when i was in grade school. when my mom and dad had a fight one time, my dad slept in another room in the house. after a few days i missed him so i told my mom that i wont be sleeping in their room that night, because i want to sleep beside papa. papa came home that night with me sleeping on one side of the bed.
    my mom and dad became friends the next day and my mom told me my dad was incredibly touched. :) hehe

  6. My grandFATHER died of cancer several years ago.

    I joined a cancer awareness program to help spread cancer awareness.

    It’s hard for cancer patients to explain their condition to their children or grandkids. I found that most of the time the grandkids are just left in the dark about their loved one’s condition.

    “Nothing’s wrong with Lolo! He’s just very sick.. but he’ll get better.”

    I created a post with pictures of toys to help raise awareness. It was part of the cancer week exhibit in Bacolod.

  7. Michelle Santos says:

    I have a sweet tooth and my dad is a sucker for Sansrival and Sylvannas. Apparently, my college friend turned kumare is doing these 2 sweet cakes as a business and my dad can’t forget the cake for sansrival he tasted when we visited my friends house ages ago. So I ordered a box of sansrival and a dozen of sylvannas for dad on fathers day and I saw the glow in his eyes. It was timeless.

  8. My dad loves to be younger looking always. His a really cool dad, we were like buddies. He loves to sing and play drums. I bought him a perfume for father’s day and two shirts one with his favorite band “the beatles” on print, and another one with the words ” I fear no Beer” plus a letter =)

    here’s what I wrote to him

    The very first letter I gave to my Dad on Father’s Day.
    Papa, I can never forget the hardships you have taken to bring me to the level I am today. I wouldn’t be where I’m now had it not been for you. Thank you for everything. I may not have said it often, but how could I let father’s day go by without saying how much you mean to me. However far from you but still I know you are always there for me as before. I have always respected you for being the most upright person in my life, I know you do not show your love for your daughters so openly but you love us a lot. We might have had a lot of interaction but you have made a maximum impact on the way I think and react best part about you as a father has been that you never really taught us anything. You just lived your life and showed us the path of rightful living. You provided us with all the essentials of good life and never made us compromise on anything without ever showing how hard it could have been for you to provide such a decent life to all of us. Thank you for everything


    Your Eldest Daughter
    Happy Father’s Day =)

  9. Liz says:

    This year’s Fathers Day, we only give our Dad a solo Selecta Family treat ice cream (Choco Brownie flavor), the one endorsed by Carmina Villaruel and family and chocolate with “Your the best Dad! Happy Father’s Day! =P” greetings written on the chocolate itself.

    We love our Dad very much! Since my mother past away last 2003, he is the one who take care of us until now. He’s not only our father but he also act as a mother for us. Cooks for us if he have time. He’s a good cook! and I love his caldereta recipe! the best!

    So Pa, Happy Fathers Day!!! We love you very much and for me, you’re the Best Dad! If I will be reincarnated in my next lifetime, I will still choose you to be my father…

    Love you!


  10. keyren says:

    my dad is the strictest dad i know, like no wearing of shorts two inches above the knee, early curfew hours and the like. that’s why i never got to be vocal on how much i appreciate him. my first box of krispy kreme came from him and as a sweet response.. i noted on the box my first i love you to him afterwards! ve seen him smiling.. i knew that. haha. he gave me another box the next day. life is sweeter with kk. i dont feel shy anymore to express my feelings after my first i love you to my dad. :)

  11. Skylah says:

    I am my daddy’s look-alike. I am proud to be his “princess junior”. I can only buy a “Father’s Day Card”; and I am really glad that I made him very happy!

  12. lynette buco says:

    i still remember our first time to step foot in manila. it was all because of our dada. my dad is a tricycle driver but he has big dreams for us, we are 4 kids in the family.he would work day and nite and save some for his dream for the family and that is to EAT LUNCH at LUNETA and take us to a tour at manila zoo and chinese garden. being the eldest and i was 12 years old then, i remember that we rode an ordinary bus going to manila, we were seated on a 3 seater area so that we pay only for 3 persons but we were six all trying to fit in that space. and now that i am old, and have work of my own i promised myself to bring my dad back to luneta, eat our baon adobong manok cooked by my mother, together with my siblings and his grand children.then go to the mall. though this time we wont try fit in a 3 seater bus space but in our own private car.happy father’s day dada!

  13. zai says:

    When I was a kid, I have heard stories from my grandparents that my Dad worked his way through school. He was not able to enjoy his youth, as his time was spent on working and studying at the same time.
    I gave my Dad a toy car on Father’s Day. He cried as he saw a matchbox car on his desk at home. I knew right there and then that “boys will always be boys”. No matter how strong they are outside, protecting and supporting their families, dads are still very much young at heart and toys would always make them smile. The toy car still sits on my Father’s desk at home and every time I see him holding that car and smiling, I would run towards him and give him my warmest hug.

  14. Clengsky says:

    papa is a very dedicated man to his job.. most of the time he would come home very tired (mentally drained) from work.. he would head straight to bed and fall asleep easily, hence not having the time to cover himself.. I always made sure that before i go to sleep, id check on them and put on papa’s blanket comfortably so that he wont have to wake up in d middle of d night in search for something to keep him warm.. right after doing things, it never fail to give me that sqeeze-in-d-heart feeling.. I can only imagine how much more they’ve been taking care of me when i was little..

  15. Frances Ivy says:

    I wrote a poem for him:

    To dear Papa, I love you! Never really came up to you to say the words but I try to do my best to show it. You are a silent man and not really fond of sweet words. I grew up in fear of you for you rarely scold me but when you do, it only meant that I obey you. I was young and I took them badly but I grew up with a mature mind and learned that you only meant well for me.

    When I got married and pregnant, you make way for us to sit and talk. I totally appreciated that day for it was the first time you offered advice on life and marriage. It was a wonderful memory for me.

    Looking back, I can say that you and mama raised me and my siblings well.

  16. elijah says:

    I gave my Dad a big hug and lots of kisses all over his face =)

  17. Manny says:

    I was not really close to my father, In fact I had this biggest “tampo” from him because he would not acknowledge my achievement. He will get angry with me if I didn’t get to be the top in the class. I was always on the top ten students of my batch, but I never got that top spot. I was contented with what I achieved but he is not. I guess he always have that high expectations from me.
    When my father bought us our family van, he asked me to enroll in a driving school. My father doesn’t know how to drive, and didn’t bothered learning. So I was the one who was always on the wheel, when running errand for the family. And I was also his personal driver. That became our bonding moment. During those times that I drive for him, I learn many things about my father that I didn’t know when I was younger. We talked about many things during those long drives. And I being more matured that time, that’s when I understand where he is coming from. The way he gets angry with me everytime I didn’t reach the top. He wants me to be the best, and he believes I can do it.
    One time, during one of our drives, he told me he would buy me a car if I pass the board exam, I was already in college then taking up accountancy. But two years before my graduation, he was stricken with a disease, and he left us forever. After passing the board exam, I was sad not because there wouldn’t be a new car waiting for me in the garage, but because I wouldn’t be able to share my greatest achievement with him. No, I didn’t top the board, but I know he is proud of me.
    And yes, I still drive that van. It’s getting old and rusty, but I never thought of selling it. It’s my father’s legacy to us. I miss the long drive, I miss the conversations, but most of all I miss the man in my passenger seat.
    Happy Father’s Day Papa! We will always miss you!

  18. kaoko says:

    Winner for June 23

    Winner for June 24

    Winner for June 25

    Winner for June 26

    Please, one entry per person only. Let’s not waste your time and mine. Additional entries will not be counted.

  19. Erica Joi Ang says:

    This year aside from giving a card.
    I composed a special song for my dad.
    Made a special breakafast.
    Help him clean the garage.
    Serviced him the whole day.
    I want him to know that he is the most important man in my life, and he can always depend on me.
    Someday when i grow up, I will make him proud of me.
    You’re the greatest dad!

  20. Gie says:

    I planned to pamper him when he gets home like I used to when I was little. Starting by greeting him and ‘mano’, let him rest on his chair, carry his things, bring him his slippers. Then prepare him dinner and make him coffee. Nothing beats the good old panlalambing. I hope I can say “pasalubong ko?” haha 😉

  21. Chiqui says:

    My dad has his weaknesses. No, he didn’t go around womanizing or getting drunk or wasting earnings on gambling; on the other hand, he can be so tender-hearted that he couldn’t muster enough authority and will to be the kind of father I wanted to have. My ideal father was one who would protect his family from dishonor, especially his daugthers; one who would be the wise voice together with the mother that would impart practical yet long-lived advice to his children. My dad wasn’t the pillar of the home which I wanted him to be. He was very awkward when it came to giving realistic advice about boys, relationships, and even on faith and religion (he is a devout Catholic)… somehow, along the way, our values clashed. You could even say that I grew up faster than my dad when it came to practical matters.

    My dad is in the States now together with my family (I was left behind because of VISA complications… “aged out” policy and all that) and I haven’t seen him in person for three years or so. However, despite his shortcomings, I think the greatest gift I had given him was my forgiveness. So maybe he’s not the “dad of my dreams.” But my dad has called me “sweetheart,” his little girl, and he would sing me songs as I sat on his lap as a child. There was one time when he even gave me the “spare the rod and spoil the child” treatment, but that’s all far and gone from my mind, and I no longer begrudge him of that, and the bitterness from those experiences are no longer in my heart.

    I’ll work hard, be on top, and make sure that my folks retire comfortably and happy, and be happy and fulfilled in the process of working my way to it. I’ll choose my spouse carefully and marry wisely, and make sure that I bring my dad (and mom as well hehe) a wonderful son-in-law, and of course–don’t forget the grandkids. XD These are just plans, and it’s a tough world out there. But I am grateful to my dad, even with the things he lacked. I’m still on my two feet with dreaming dreams I can still afford. He’s not the best dad in the world, but hell, he’s still my dad, and I love him. :)

  22. Julzee says:

    I may be with the man of my dreams, but my dad will always be the man of my life. =)

  23. Les says:

    I gave my dad a big big father’s day card and pasted pictures of us inside. He was really really surprised because he thought it was just an ordinary greeting card aside from the large size.

    Dad, I can still remember the numerous times you carried me in your arms and waded through the flood just so I could get to school. You probably think that I was still too small then to remember but I do.
    You didn’t want me to ruin my school uniform and miss school and that was the only way we could get there.

    Thank you for being kind, selfless and giving. You were the only one who believed in me and trusted me when I was going through a rough patch. Now that I have made it through, I look back and realize that I couldn’t have made it without you. You told me to go on and be strong, and I did that.

    Our relationship isn’t perfect, but if I had the choice to choose my father, I would still choose you. Happy Father’s Day!

  24. mai says:

    I called my Dad who chose to stay alone in the province. He had been complaining to my mother that we don’t call him as much. So on Father’s Day, I and my 3 kids called him and greeted him a Happy Father’s Day and ended the call with a “We love you, Tatay!”. Just the words he wanted to hear!

  25. My father has already passed away for more than 10 years now but I still miss him everyday.

    The sweetest thing and also the most memorable gift I gave my father for father’s day was a banana republic printed white shirt. It’s the first gift I gave him from my own money.

    I know that he loves wearing printed white shirts that I immediately bought it the moment I saw it on display.
    It’s just sad that he never got to wear it. Because he got sick immediately after and died just 2 weeks of being ill.
    That’s the most memorable and also my last gift to him for father’s day.

    On his epitaph we wrote, we can only give you love that will last forever. A line from That’s All, the themesong of my papa and mama. True enough, eversince his death, that’s the only gift we can give him, for father’s day, his birthday, Christmas, new year and every day of the year, our love that will last forever.

  26. rica says:

    i will give my dad one box of Krispy Kreme! :) I’ll give my prize to him.

  27. Vivian says:

    I will never forget the times when I would pluck those white hair from my papa’s beard and mustache. Yes, I was very young then…maybe 8 or 9 years old when I would enjoyingly do this while sitting on his lap. I felt so bonded with him and felt that I was really a “papa’s girl”. It’s so sad that my dad passed away so soon. But the memories I had with him while growing up were memories that I will forever treasure in my heart.

    I know you’re in heaven right now and this Father’s day I want to tell you that I miss you so much and I LOVE YOU, PAPA.

    I am still your baby.

    Reply to this comment

  28. Alex Kaminski says:

    I am going fishing with my 63 year old dad who has cancer, next month he is going in for surgery so I want to have some father-son time befor it’s too late

  29. ian says:

    My dad died when I was in high school, I always try to visit his grave and bring flowers.

  30. I’m only 25 years old, but what I think the sweetest gesture I have done for my Papa was buying 4 VCD’s of Errol Flynn films as gifts for him in 2003.
    I used to work in a video shop. One time, when I was out with a co-employee retrieving some video tapes and VCD’s, I saw my dad’s mountain bikers’ group. I called him immediately, told him about my whereabouts (I was already living on my own then), and he asked me if we have several tapes by the said classic movies actor. I said we do, but only a few. His question gave me the idea that he admires Errol, that’s why every payday, I would go to other video shops and hunt for Errol Flynn VCD’s, until I was able to collect 4 of them. He was really surprised when he tore open the gift wrapper, and gave me a big kiss like he used to.

  31. i really do not have anything material to give my dad, but i thought of doing this online greeting as a father’s day “gift” to let the world know how much i love my papa. here goes my message:


    i know you’re very busy today, as everyday, working hard for the money you have to give me every month to be able to send me to school and provide me my wants and other needs. i’m glad you really do that for me, because not all dads care enough for their kids as much as you care for me.

    for 12 years, i really didn’t have the chance to have a dad by my side. we both know what happened to us before, but now it’s not really important anymore. i am thankful for we had forgiven each other and we already put our painful past to our repressed memories.

    i would have to say that i really did not expect that we will meet again. in fact, i already lost hope that we’ll still have that “reconciliation”. God was just so great because he did not let me live without a dad forever.

    thank you.these two words just can’t describe how grateful i am for you have returned in my life. though we do not often see each other, i assure you that i am always here for you no matter what, just what you are for me. :)

    happy father’s day pa. i love you this much! *arms wide open*

    hugs and kisses,
    unica hija karen

  32. kaoko says:

    Winner for June 27

    Winner for June 28

    Winner for June 29

    Winner for June 30