Bento with Pasta, Pate and Baguette

Weekend markets are extremely nice. You get to discover interesting new products and specialty treats that are prepared lovingly by people who are in it to share their love. This bento was actually prepared some time ago, after a visit to the Legaspi Sunday Market.


Shown here (in an awesome collapsible bento box — I love these space-saving little gems) is a quick dish of spaghetti tossed in sundried tomato pesto and shrimp, sprinkled with some parmesan cheese.

Bits of my Legaspi Sunday Market haul can be seen in the top tier. Those baguette circles? Awesome, handmade artisinal bread, prepared by a French expat. Unlike other baguettes I’ve tried before, this one was pleasantly dense and moist in the center. To go with it, I brought along a little cup of velvety Bangus Pate (Milkfish Pate). It never occurred to me that fish could be made into pate, being more familiar with the usual liver or meat. It really was a nice discovery—I finished most of the bottle myself.

Lastly, I skewered some thickly sliced pepperoni and quail eggs. Yep, I used the fancy schmancy quail egg molds again. Hey, it was an effort having them shipped from overseas, might as well try to get the most mileage out of them.

There you have it. Quickly prepared pasta, store-bought gems and easy bento fillers from the fridge. Wouldn’t it be nice if lunch were always this easy to cobble together?

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8 Responses to Bento with Pasta, Pate and Baguette

  1. peachkins says:

    I love those Bangus Pates!

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  3. Liz Tolentino says:

    as always Kaoko, cuteness and yumness! :)

  4. That looks incredibly delicious! And what a gourmet treat!

  5. teddy says:

    wow.. it’s really nice how you
    design and decorate food !

  6. ness says:

    Hmmm I think I’ll have to go to the Sunday Market to try out the baguette. :) Your pasta looks tempting by the way.

  7. iella says:

    looks realy yummy! very creative too

  8. kaoko says:

    Addictive no? Must remember to stock up again, ubos na yung akin 😛

    @Liz Tolentino
    Thanks Liz! How are your bento exploits going? School season na ulit!

    Thanks! It was yummy. Not as gourmet as you’d think though, but still, very yummy 😀

    @teddy and iella
    Thanks teddy! Thanks iella! Glad you like it.

    Oooh, your head will spin once you get to the booth. They have so many interesting artisinal breads, you’ll have a hard time choosing!

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