501 Bento Box Lunches Book Giveaway

Searching for inspiration for bento creation? Looking for new food ideas to include in your packed lunches? Thumb through a copy of 501 Bento Box Lunches and find inspiration and ideas galore! Each page is filled with loads and loads—OKAY I GIVE UP! I need to fangirl!

28/52 Tiny Bento x 2

Data and Suzu are excited about their bento

A week has passed since I got my copy of 501 Bento Box Lunches and I’m still ecstatic about it. Why? Because–Yay! I can finally say it in public, some of my bento and packed lunches are there! Taking a little over a year in the making, this handy, little compilation is a long awaited (well, for me at least :P) bento photo book that compiles the work of hundreds of bento from creators all over the world, including one of my personal favorites, Japanese bento creator luckysundae. It opens with a brief, instructional primer by artsy bento expert Amorette Dye and is followed by loads of bento that fall under different categories.

And to spread the joy and love, I’ll be giving away a copy of the book to a lucky Kitchen Cow reader! Giveaway is open to everyone: US winners will receive a gift copy from amazon.com while winners from elsewhere will receive a copy from me (expect this to take longer because I need to go out of my way to the post office, sorry!)

Anyway, how to win? Leave a comment on this post. That’s it. One comment per person only. Well, you can comment more if you have things to say but only one entry will be counted towards you. Deadline for commenting is August 5, 2009. 11:59 PM, Manila time (+8 GMT). Waiting to hear from you guys!

WANTSES MOAR? Visit Jbox.com for more bento books and supplies.

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211 Responses to 501 Bento Box Lunches Book Giveaway

  1. kaoko says:

    Wow. Your response is blowing me away! I wish I could give away more copies but short of giving away my own copy (no way!) there’s not much I can do. Thanks for participating folks! Oh, and if you haven’t joined yet, there’s still a day to go. I’ll draw the winning entry tomorrow night. :)

  2. Diana says:

    Oh – this book would be a godsend for possibly creating a lunch my stepson would actually eat beyond junk, junk and more junk!

  3. Adrienne S says:

    First time I have heard of Bento. very cool site!

  4. Jason S. says:

    4 kids, 4 lunches + 6 snacks per day. Nuff said.

  5. marcie says:

    this is amazing! i’m new to bento so this would definitely be an inspiration =)

  6. glaiza tello says:

    i love hello kitty…and your lunch box is very cute…can i have one…pls picked me….thanks and more power…

  7. tigerlily says:

    Oh!I so so want this book!!!

  8. Momo says:

    I don’t know if I am still on time to partecipate to this giveaway… anyway, I’d love sooo much to have this book! I started making bento a few months ago, but I have to admit I find rather difficult to choose how to fill it! I usually end up making a last-minute bento, which is not always as good as I wished… T-T But no doubt with this practice I will make better bento in the future! Well, this book would help… ^_^’
    It’s a pity I discovered your blog only today… you have a new happy subscriber!

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