Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt: Healthy Snacking made Yummy

Yogurt is one item that proves how one’s palate can evolve. As a kid, I hated yogurt. An unpleasant first encounter with orange yogurt made me avoid it for close to two decades. Eventually, as I was getting more open with food, I decided to give it another go, grabbing a cup of strawberry yogurt. Good choice because I discovered that I loved it and it quickly turned into my favored healthy snack.

Nestle Fruit Selections Yogurt

With the influx of frozen yogurt specialty shops, the public’s awareness for yogurt is at an all time high. Everyone’s raving about this wonderful new snacking option. I can tell you all about how healthy it is, how it’s low fat and loaded with fruit. Plus all those microorganisms that’s good for the tummy. But let’s face it. My number one priority is still taste, and thankfully, Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt (NFSY) delivers.

Creamy yet smooth, the texture is absolutely delightful on the tongue. Plus, I love getting bites of fruit in my yogurt. Previously, I had two favorites: Strawberry and Mixed Berry, but with Fruit Selection’s recent slew of new flavors, I stepped out of my comfort zone and grabbed some of them. I absolutely love the new Melon-Nata. I’ve tried most everything: Very Strawberry, Heavenly Mango, Berry Mix Medley, Fruit Basket, Buco Nata Delight, Melon-Nata, Apple-Cinnamon and Raspberry-Apple, and while I favor some flavors over others, I must say they’re all yummy.

Strawberry Yogurt - Nestle Fruit Selections Yogurt

Personally, I’m pretty thankful to have a healthier snacking option. I love snacking and while I know going healthy will be a struggle, at least NFSY makes it easier for me to be good. I’m pretty optimistic about it. In fact, I’m confident enough to make a public pledge about how I’ll be good and learn to treat myself better.

My pledge is about making a shift towards a healthier lifestyle. That means making better choices when it comes to food.

1. Eating more fruits and vegetables. Can do! Thankfully, I like fruits and vegetables, so this can be done.

2. Increase my water intake. Currently trying to do so already. This goes hand in hand with decreasing my soda and artificial juice intake. While I still drink natural fruit juice as it helps fill my fruit and veggie quota, lessening soda and sugary juice intake is a relatively easy task. What I do is refrain from ordering drinks when I go for lunch, so that’s automatically 1-2 glasses of water with my meal.

3. Choose healthier, lower fat, lower calorie, lower sugar options. This goes two ways. One is that I try to get the light / low calorie versions of food I like. The other is by directly substituting with something healthier. Think going for a cup of yogurt instead of gorging on ice cream.

4. Eating breakfast. It’s true! Studies show that eating breakfast regularly does wonders for your metabolism, as well as your work performance. While this is one tough task for me since I’m not a breakfast person, recently, I’ve trying to eat some food within an hour of waking up. Even if it’s just a few slices of bread, some breakfast cereal or some taho from the neighborhood’s door-to-door taho man, I try to put something in my tummy.

5. EXERCISE! This is another tough pledge. Must work those hours on the WiiFit. Lord knows I need to get back in shape.

While these may sound like small little gestures, the fact is, they will add up. And I will ultimately, benefit from them. Of course, I’m not stopping with these five pledges. But this looks like a good start. Let’s hope I can stick with them. Being healthier means leading a more enjoyable life that in the long run, will allow me to enjoy more delicious food!

How about joining me in my pledge to be good? Make your own pledge and start making better choices—whether it’s about health or your emotional well-being, as long as it makes a better version of you, I say go for it! Instead of simply making a resolution, share your pledge with the world to inspire others and help them as well. Because for every pledge we make, Nestle Fruit Selections Yogurt will make a contribution to the Healthy Weight Fund. So make your pledge already. We’re all in this together!

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26 Responses to Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt: Healthy Snacking made Yummy

  1. JENNIE says:

    i love strawberry flavored yogurt too..creamy..healthy..yummy…

  2. gene says:

    I love it when they’re all frozen. The texture can be compared to a popsicle and it’s not easily thawed so I can relax and eat it slowly.

  3. Luney says:

    I will join you in your pledge! I recently rescued an absolutely tiny kitten (eyes not even open) and let me tell you, I am often too tired to really think about food. Too tired to sleep, if you can believe it! I’m really getting picky about the calorie and overall goodness count of what I’m eating since I don’t eat much during the day anymore. Must stay hydrated! Cantaloupe and cottage cheese for summer lunch! Remember to eat when kitten eats! etc. etc. etc. Eating healthy isn’t always the quickest, easiest thing when you’re hungry, since a cup of instant noodles or some pita-chips are so much more convenient. Eating healthy is such a pain when you’re busy, but it’s worth it. I admire you for your pledge and wish you well!

    And now you’ve reminded me that I really want some yogurt….

  4. Jante says:

    mmn yogurt :)

    I’ve never tried Orange yogurt but it sounds nasty -3-

  5. mlaiuppa says:

    Have you checked the ingredients list? Does it have High Fructose Corn Syrup?

    The only yogurt I’m eating right now is Yoplait+, one of those special digestive yogurts because it doesn’t have HFCS. I’m hoping for find some other brands as they only have vanilla and berry.

  6. kaoko says:

    Very yummy, agree!

    Ooooh, how do you do yours? Toni from Wifely Steps just sticks hers in the freezer and I’ve been meaning to try it too.

    It’s the nata that wins no?

    I stopped reading at your mention of kitten because I had to stop and go, “KITTEH! YOU RESCUED A KITTEH!” Sorry. Cute animals melt my brain. lol.

    Probably not as nasty as we think because I remember managing to finish the cup. It wreaked havoc on my 6-year old stomach, that’s probably why I stopped eating it.

    Sorry, but I don’t know. I’ll check when I get home. I know I have at least one tub left in the fridge. 😀

  7. Mike says:

    Im into Nestle yogurt for a while now. I tried sharing this to my 50 yr old mom last night to promote better digestion on her part. After one spoonful, she looked like she just drank a bad tasting medicine and didnt want to try it again haha. Oh well, I guess its just Yakult for her while I enjoy my yogurt.

  8. I can relate. I abhor yogurt as a kid as well. Tweetie de Leon’s commercial’s (or was it someone else? can’t recall exactly…) got me searching the supermarket for one because I got tired of eating junk food. My favorite is mango flavor.

  9. kaoko says:

    I guess it really is an acquired taste then. 😛 At least she’s into Yakult. I love Yakult too. <3

    @Fine Life Folk
    Yeah, I must agree. It's a refreshing switch from junkfood. I'm a self-confessed junkfood junkie and live for potato chips, so the fruity, tangy flavor is such a satisfying reprieve from all the oil and salt.

  10. Lanou says:

    I recently started eating yogurt too! My sister and I are twins and she’s always gettin me to eat something healthy or tasty. She’s been eating yogurt alot but I didn’t like the random peices of fruit that sneak up on me. But then my sister said “Then try a different flavor silly!” I tried vanilla with sweet oats mixed in then she asked me to try activia because its good for the body and the fruit chunks are too big.
    Now I eat yogurt all the time. I think people should try new things gradually ofcourse 😉

    • kaoko says:

      Vanilla with sweet oats? Sounds interesting. I must confess, I glomp mostly the fruit-laced kind. Maybe I should try some non-fruit variants some time.

  11. Marie says:

    i love nestle yogurt my faves includes mango, berries, strawberries, yumm yum yum

  12. Beverly says:

    I love nestle fruit selection yogurt especially strawberry flavor and buko nata delight.

    By the way, I like your pledge. I hope you don’t mind If I also used it as my guide to wellness.

  13. lewis paul says:

    i first tried eating nestle yogurt fruit selection when we had our hospital affiliation at manila. i tried strawberry and mango. then the rest is history :)
    now im addicted to melon nata.

  14. kaoko says:

    Beverly & Lewis Paul
    Looks like we all like the ones with the nata bits no? The texture it adds is really nice.

  15. clang says:

    i usually hate yogurts but now i am getting addicted into it!

    I am pregnant & treating some infections that leads my microorganisms (fungi & good bacteria usually present in our system) unbalanced. Those safe antibiotics also killed my good bacteria thus making my fungi increase its number that leads to tongue thrush. Because of that I need to balance my microorganisms… i need to eat good bacteria for replacement to balance them. Thus, I tried Nestle yogurt & found it good until I am exploring different flavors of the product! So far, i found buko nata & buko + jelly as my favorites!

    Just wondering if the milk of Nestle yogurts are pasteurized???

    So yummy! :)

  16. kaoko says:

    I don’t know if their yogurt is pasteurized, Clang, but I’d bet they are. I haven’t tried the buko+jelly combinations yet, but I’ve a feeling I’ll like it, since I like jelly too. And it would be perfect for times when I’m just craving for a yogurt taste and don’t want to finish a whole cup. Here’s to your health, and your baby’s too :)

  17. Hannah Marie S. Ramirez says:

    what’s the nutrition facts of nestle yogurt..for example jell-o flavor

    • kaoko says:

      Sorry, Hannah, but I don’t have the information. Perhaps it’s best to ask them. I’m sure they have their contact information online, or at the very least, you can reach them through their facebook page.

  18. Clover says:

    Hi. For those of you yogurt lovers out there, check out Specialty Food Concepts on Facebook. They have these cute little machines that look like toys! and can actually make good high quality yogurt =)

  19. jeff says:

    hmm should hve “live active culture” , the probiotics / prebiotics and not just those mentioned flavorings..

  20. mandy says:

    Hi, i just want to ask.. i was searching for reviews about nestle yogurt and stubled into another blog that almost has the same contents as your review, i was wondering, is this blog yours too?


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