Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe: Now Chilling at Alabang Town Center

In a country where days suddenly turn scorching hot even during the rainy season, ice cream is forever in demand. A large selection of brands, both local and foreign, are available. But when it comes to premium quality local ice cream, one brand that has made its mark is Fruits in Ice Cream, now popularly known as FIC.

Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe

A homegrown brand that exudes a gourmet feel thanks to their use of premium quality dairy products and the freshest fruits, FIC easily impressed me from the first taste way back. I confess, I only order one flavor, and that’s strawberry. But faced with the myriad of flavors at the newly opened Fruits in Ice Summer Cafe at Alabang Town Center, I decided to try something different for a change.

Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe

Because I was with my family that day, I got to try a lot of flavors. That’s the nice thing about family, they don’t complain when you steal bites from their ice cream. (That, plus the fact that I was paying :P) My mom had the pistachio. Each bite was crammed with chopped pistachios, while the ice cream base itself was bursting with real pistachio flavor, unlike some other brands that simply have pistachios in a vanilla ice cream base.

Pistachio, Ube and Azuki Ice Cream

I had a scoop of the azuki, or Japanese red beans. Despite it’s supposed Japanese roots though, it felt so Pinoy, reminiscent of mungo ice drops enjoyed during childhood summers. The purple is ube—my 7-year old nephew loved it. I’m not a fan of ube ice cream so even if I had a bite, my judgement is not good enough to form a credible opinion.

Cafe Latte and French Vanilla Ice Cream

FIC also has a Lite line for people who are conscious about their diets. Despite being 99% fat-free and having no added sugar, their Lite line still offered rich ice cream goodness that still hits the spot. Shown above are Cafe Latte and French Vanilla.

Calamansi / Philippine Lemon Sherbet

While our craving for ice cream was satisfied, my curiosity still wasn’t so I went for seconds, this time opting for a scoop of Calamansi Sherbet from their Pinoy Sorbetes line. Sweet meets tangy, this sour concoction is very refreshing, with an icy lightness reminiscent of Lemon Gelato.

Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe

While we all opted to get single scoops to cap off our dinner, Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe also offers a selection of Ice Cream-based desserts like Banana Splits, Parfaits and Shakes. There’s really a wide selection to explore with FIC, so yes, you can bet I’ll be coming back again and again. Who knows, maybe we’ll happen upon each other there sometime.

Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe has branches in Boracay, Tagaytay, BF Homes Paranaque and Alabang Town Center

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14 Responses to Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe: Now Chilling at Alabang Town Center

  1. nina says:

    I always pass by their stall in Glorietta, but I’ve never tried them. Ma-try nga sa Boracay. (name drop kung name drop!)

  2. Suzanne says:

    Sayang, they closed their stall sa Northgate Cyberzone… I love their mint chocolate flavor!

  3. kaoko says:

    You’re always made of win. *rofl*

    At least malapit lang sa ATC. 😀 It’s worth the trip naman e. Never tried their Mint Chocolate flavor though, even if I love Andes, probably because of the old strawberry fixation. Will try next visit though. <3

  4. lol you know where my favorite place to get my FIC fix is? UP DILIMAN SHOPPING CENTER!!! 😀 the folks behind FIC were UP grads and they decided to give a little something back to the UP community by selling their premium ice cream at sorbetes prices. thirty pesos for a double scoop of green tea and chocolate om nom nom nom~

  5. Thomas says:

    I always take out FIC and bring home one pint. for the rest of the days when I am on the go, Jollibee Sundae

  6. mic-O says:

    tanong ko lang po kung available bang shirt dito na katulad sa bora??
    nakalimutan ko kasi bumili don e…pls… tell me i love that shirt=(

    • kaoko says:

      Sorry but I’ve no idea what shirt you mean. I don’t even think it’s related to this post, other than the fact that FIC has a branch in Boracay. Best search through google, good luck.

  7. PCSO Lotto Results says:

    the best talaga ang beaches ng boracay, ayos na ayos ang whitesands at babes.”‘:

  8. kristine says:

    Hi may i know where in atc is it located? thanks.

    • kaoko says:

      Hi Kristine! It’s in the Cinema wing, at the end near the open area at the center. It’s roughly infront of Odyssey and Pancake House.

  9. Sligo cute says:

    I love eat

  10. rheyshel angeles says:

    i love fic… its delicious and its like a real fruits… a have a lot of information’s about fic because.. i experience working there….

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