Ladybug Bento

When cute bento is mentioned, automatically we think of lunches that’s oozing with cute. Characters made from colorful rice sculptures, cut-out flowers featuring all the colors of a rainbow, and well-thought out sceneries making an astounding tableau of images. Sometimes though, a well-placed cute little addition can suffice and transform your ordinary lunch into something really cute.

Ladybug Bento

Take this lunch for instance. When you break down its components — bistek tagalog, rice, and fried potatoes — it’s very simple. I could slap them in an ordinary lunchbox and get an ordinary lunch. Instead of doing that though, I assigned the meal elements to form a little stage for my cute addition. I placed the meat at the bottom, forming “soil.” I slipped a strip of sushi grass between my rice and meat to act both as a divider and as decor. Instead of simply slicing my potatoes, I used a vegetable cutter before frying to get flower-shaped potatoes. And finally, I sliced a bit of tomato and garnished it with nori and cheese to make a lady bug. I used scissors and punchers to make the ladybug’s head and details on her back. To make her eyes, I used cheese, nori, and a straw and puncher.

Instant cute, yes? Not to mention easy enough to incorporate into your other lunches, no matter how normal looking they are. Cute doesn’t have to be difficult, I’m sure you’d agree now, so go and try it yourself.

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11 Responses to Ladybug Bento

  1. shakey says:

    Cool tip Kao! And you can make your “bugs” in advance so you can still make your baon cute even if your in a hurry. 😀

  2. Leki says:

    I find myself here again cos I want to surprise my boyfriend with a bento. Thanks for the tips! 😉

  3. witsandnuts says:

    Wow, I like to have that bug! I’ll try this one after Ramadan. Mang iingit ako ng officemates. Lol.

  4. docgelo says:

    my wife and our son will love this ladybug bento, thanks for sharing your idea. you had me at that bistek tagalog, lol.
    i’ll link your site with mine for easy follow. cool bentos!!!

  5. toni says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeee! That’s plenty cute!

  6. That’s very cute indeed.

    When I do bring lunch to work, I often find I’m always a little happier just knowing I have a cute little lunchbox sitting in my bag 😀

  7. kaoko says:

    Can’t :( The tomatoes will turn watery. But you can pre-cut your nori and keep them in an airtight box with silica gel I guess? 😀


    Unless they start torturing you for EATING CUTE CRITTERS!

    Bistek Tagalog owns our hearts! <3


    Heehee, it's nice to know someone feels the same as I do! 😀

  8. Tak says:

    Where do you buy those green plastic dividers?

    • kaoko says:

      Most of the big Japanese grocery stores have the plain green ones pictured here since Japanese restos use them. If you can’t see any, try to ask them if they have baran—or heck, just ask them if they have those green plastic liners used for sushi 😀

  9. sweesan says:

    wow this is really cute!! it’s simple and easy to make yet very attractive!

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