Back to Bento for 2010

During the last few months of last year, I had difficulty preparing bento. Snoozing in bed for a few more minutes felt more desirable over slaving around in the kitchen. I’m hoping to change that this year. It took me the second week to get started but any time is a good time to get back on track.

First Bento of 2010

In this bento: Chicken Pandan (slightly burned, will pick out burned parts before eating), star-shaped rice with furikake, blanched green beans and fancy fishballs.

Aside from the usual reasons: It’s cheaper, it’s more convenient come lunch time, and it’s pretty, I have found another good reason to pack lunch. It’s so I can start eating healthier. I’m not talking big, life changing resolutions that alter the way I eat. I still love food, muchly so. I still can’t swear off fried food from my diet. I still enjoy digging into a bag of potato chips. Nutella over everything is still love. But at least, packing my own lunch puts me in control of what I eat. It lets me control the portions. It also allows me to balance it off with vegetables—steamed, not buttered, mind you. And because I’m the one cooking, I am able to make small, healthier substitutions to the dishes. I just hope I can find the discipline to stick to this. Have you made similar resolutions, too?

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7 Responses to Back to Bento for 2010

  1. Toni says:

    Pretty! And fishballs yun may orange and white swirls? How cuuuute!

  2. Luney says:

    This year my resolution is to get up earlier and focus more on schoolwork. :3 I’m looking at some pretty hard-core universities right now (I’m still in high school) so I need to get my rear in gear and study hard. I also want to remember how much I love cooking and to do it more often. Makes my family happy. Yours was actually one of the first food blogs I ever found and the one that’s given me the most ideas and inspiring. Especially where packing healthy lunches is concerned (that, and finding my love of yogurt).

    Have a good year!

  3. ness says:

    Hi Kaoko, do you use a nori puncher? If yes, where did you buy one and is it pricey? :)
    I’m trying my hand on preparing bento lunches and it’s a bit of a challenge to cut out the nori into small shapes for the onigiri. By the way, I bought veg cutters, onigiri mold, etc at New Hatchin. The place is fantastic!

  4. punky says:

    the fancy fishballs look like lollipops! hehee!

  5. kaoko says:

    Yes, I have a nori puncher. It shouldn’t be expensive but if you factor in the shipping cost and all that, it can be a bit pricier that what you’d pay for a little gadget. If you’re just looking for generic shapes and not faces, you can use those stationary punchers from bookstores. They usually sell them under scrapbooking supplies. I’ve no idea if they’re safe to use for food, but I have been using some of them for nori and I haven’t gotten sick yet. ^_^;; Just remember to keep them clean and dry. And yes, New Hatchin is awesome! I’m so disappointed I haven’t had the time to go there in ages. I miss their anpan!

    Very candy-like, yes? It reminds me of those peppermint candies.

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