Krispy Kreme Minis: Baby-sized Motherloads of Yum

Some things are just cuter when they’re smaller. Kitties. Baby things. Re-ment miniatures. Does it apply to donuts? When we’re talking Krispy Kremes, they are! I was surprised to see a box of Krispy Kremes waiting on my office desk yesterday. I was even more surprised when I opened the box and saw the cutest doughnuts ever!

Krispy Kremes Minis

Calories be damned. Omnomnomnomnomnomnom!

Dubbed Krispy Kreme Minis, these are much smaller than your normal doughnuts. These fried glazed mini-doughnuts come topped with an assortment of colorful flavored frostings. Despite the small sizes, these little babies don’t hold back on flavor and deliver the mouthwatering yum factor we keep coming back to Krispy Kremes for.

Krispy Kremes Minis

I was too busy eating, I forgot to take a comparison shot.
But think of it this way—this is the same box they use for a dozen doughnuts.

Personally, I think these new sizes are made of awesome. At times, I get tired of a single flavor easily, especially when they’re on the sweet side. One of the main reasons why Original Glazed is still my favorite. But with the minis, you finish eating before taste fatigue sets in. Plus, you get to try a variety of flavors—from the chocolatey, to the peanut buttery to the fruity creams. Made of win all around, I’m sure you’d agree with me. Krispy Kreme Minis come in boxes of 20 at 299 per box. Perfect for sharing, or for hoarding. Depends on your mood, I guess.

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11 Responses to Krispy Kreme Minis: Baby-sized Motherloads of Yum

  1. Rui says:

    Why there isn’t a Krispy Kreme outlet in Singapore is beyond me, these mini donuts are awesome! I can almost taste them through your words…

  2. kate says:

    This is a great idea for KK! Like you, i find their doughnuts super sweet that I usually slice it in half… but now i might be tempted to eat more just to try the different flavors. eeks! 😛

  3. Leki says:

    Those are fried donuts? Really? I thought KK were baked ones. I’m usually scared to try anything other than the original glazed.

  4. Chris says:

    I love the mini donuts! Di nakakaumay.

  5. Toni says:

    Ay I want this!!!

  6. Mrs. G says:

    They’re perfect!!!

  7. kaoko says:

    A friend who has moved there laments the same thing. Now you’ve given me a good idea about what to bring along as a visiting present 😛

    It sounds like a great idea until we realize that we actually might end up eating more. *facepalm*

    As far as I know, they have two kinds. The original loops which are fried and the cake-type ones which are baked. Oh, and the filled ones but I’m not sure if they’re fried or baked. Personally, I like the fried loops. Ebil but nyummy.

    Diba? Win. Until you end up eating more. T_T

    Give yourself a gift of donuts! Omnomnomnomnom. (Pssst, they’re Timmy-sized :P)

    @Mrs. G
    Agree absolutely!

    but good! Nyahahahahaha~

  8. Dawn Morris says:

    Can anyone tell me the size of the mini’s? you know the actual dimensions……

    Thinking of using them as a wedding favour and need to see if we can find a box to fit!

    Thank you

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