Chateau 1771 meets my ratty sneakers

I was a teeny bit nervous when I stepped inside Chateau 1771. It was a glorious looking place, with the big windows and elegant tables, the sort of place where snappy power suits and luxury watches converge—definitely not a place where a t-shirt + jeans + ratty-sneaker-wearing person would belong.

But the maitre d’ invited us in ever so nicely (They had a maitre d’! Should I be in a skirt and heels?) and seated us by the windows, so I followed her meekly. It was good I did, fear of a bazillion pieces of silverware set aside, as the food was good, and the meal memorable.


Caesar’s Salad. Not just for rabbits.

We started off our meal with a shared Caesar’s Salad. Classic, just the way we like it. No chicken or shrimp. Just a sprinkling of bacon bits.


Would be perfect for lent…except for the Chorizo

My mother had the Chilean Seabass Chorizo Saute. Basically, a lightly panfried Seabass fillet topped with a chorizo, pepper and asparagus saute. Served with rice on the side and a helping of ratatouille. It was pretty okay, she said. But not as yummy as our food.


Half portion. I don’t think I can finish the whole one.

I had the Salmon Rockefeller. An evil evil way of cooking that’s more popular with oysters. Very yummy, with a perfectly cooked salmon fillet doused with a creamy cheesy spinach sauce. Served with potatoes and more ratatouille. The salmon was awesome, but the potatoes kinda soggy. A bit on the oily side, even.



J had the Panfried Chicken topped with Three Cheeses. A boneless chicken breast slathered with three cheeses. How can you go wrong with cheese? Well, there are ways, but this dish is simply cheesy good. Served with mashed potato and, yes! Even more ratatouille. Makes me wonder whether they have a mouse-chef employed in the kitchen, the way they keep piling the ratatouille. Not that you’ll have me complaining. (About eating ratatouille, not mice in the kitchen. Mice will have me up in arms.)

We passed on dessert, none of us being dessert people. Something I later on realized might’ve been a mistake, after another friend told me about how she loved the desserts there. But then, maybe it’s a sign to go visit again, yes?

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5 Responses to Chateau 1771 meets my ratty sneakers

  1. zerovoltage says:

    this post has exactly what my mouth wants today … it’s making me so hungry! lol

  2. YUM YUM YUM. That looks so good!

  3. Chris says:

    Yes, visit again! 😀 My friends and I love ending the night with their desserts.

  4. Manila Girl says:

    Looks delicious!

    The salmon rockefeller reminds me of Conti’s Baked Salmon, which I love. :) It’s very very hard to go wrong with cheese I think!

  5. kaoko says:

    Sana di ka na natatakam now! (late reply is late!)

    @ratatouille recipe
    It was :)

    Will do. I heard about the fondue from Eilleen. 😛

    @Manila Girl
    Oh yeah! It does seem similar no? But now that you mention it…I think I like Conti’s Baked Salmon better. Not that the Salmon Rockefeller isn’t delicious. It is. But Conti’s is insane delicious!

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