Art on the Menu at Caffe Murano and Art Shoppe

My daily routine after work usually takes me past Caffe Murano and Art Shoppe in Greenbelt 5. I’d always try to steal looks inside the shop, curious about the various Murano glass displays for sale. There are tables inside, with people having some drinks or grabbing a bite but I always assumed they friends of the shop owners or something. That’s why I was quite surprised when I received an invitation to try their food.

Murano artpiece and accessory

Art pieces and accessories on display at Caffe Murano

I’ve encountered Murano glass before—a friend once got me a pair of Murano glass earrings as a souvenir from his travels, but seeing Caffe Murano’s displays up close was a different experience. From accessories to larger art pieces, they possessed exquisite, attractive colors that surely draw the viewer’s eye.

Murano glass accessories

Bright rainbow display of accessories. A fashionista’s dream.

Caffe Murano is a good place to catch up with friends, letting you leave behind whatever issues you may have with work, school and life in general. Half of the cafe section is within the glass shop, so you can chat without being disturbed by distracting music. If you’d prefer to chill instead, the outdoor section has its own bar and mini-stage for live performances. Drinks are reasonably priced, especially when you remember that you’re in Greenbelt 5.

Murano beads

More accessories.

Rotch, Melo and I sat inside the shop because we needed decent light for photos and because we wanted to gossip a bit. We got a caprese antipasti platter—slices of tomatoes and mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and topped with some basil. Served on a bed of greens and with ripe olives on the side.


Caprese is always <3

We opted to share a whole pizza as well. Our server recommended the San Daniele Ham with arugula, artichokes and gorgonzola. It sounded good so that’s what we got. The ham was a strongly flavored one, dominating the pizza. We thought it was like proscuitto. Only much later did I find out that it IS proscuitto. I learned something new!

San Daniele Ham, Arugula and gorgonzola Pizza

San Daniele aka Prosciutto

Aside from the pizza, we also had the Ravioli Spinach. It was stuffed with spinach and ricotta, then dressed with a fresh tomato sauce. Served with slices of toast on the side. The pasta’s texture wasn’t as firm and as fresh as I’d like, but flavorwise, it was okay.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

Spinach and cheese. Nom.

Rotch opted to try their gelato, which she claimed was good. I was reasonably stuffed (plus, I didn’t want to mix beer and ice cream) so I passed it up, but I trust her when she says it’s good. Especially since I found out much later that their gelato is supposed to be really good. My loss, I’m sure.

If you’re looking for something different in Greenbelt, Caffe Murano and Art Shoppe just might be the place for you, as it brings new meaning to “combining art and food.”

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9 Responses to Art on the Menu at Caffe Murano and Art Shoppe

  1. ibyang says:

    wow that’s a lovely cafe.
    i love murano!!! i have a couple of accessories made in murano glass. would love to visit that cafe to check out the murano and the food.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I love the bright colors of the accessories. Must try nga. 😀

  3. Julia says:

    It’s a great idea indeed – to combine Italian food and Italian art. Murano glass is so exquisite that even simple regional food can be savored on its background.
    For those who does not live close to this cafe there is still a way to see the beauty of murano glass. They can browse and enjoy the fine collection of Murano jewelry and other Venetian glass items at, albeit without food.

  4. kaoko says:

    Time to come home to Manila? :)

    The accessories look fun. It will be good for spicing up a simple wardrobe.

    Agree! And I think the best way would be to experience it in Murano itself. *sigh*

  5. gemstone beads says:

    why i can’t look the pic…

  6. Jessica says:

    would you know their contact number? Thanks

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