Krispy Kreme Baked Creations: All Hail Bacon!

Anything’s better with bacon, worshippers of the Church of Bacon claim. Who am I to argue? Ever since I was small, bacon has been a favorite. To this day, we split bacon fair and square at my house, with skirmishes erupting when I try to sneak some off my mother’s plate. So what happens when bacon comes to Krispy Kreme?

baked creations

Krispy Kreme’s newest treat, Baked Creations

I received an intriguing invitation. They were launching a new product, obviously, but what did the question, “Are you sweet or savory?” mean? My first guess was, “THEY’RE PUTTING BACON ON KRISPY KREMES!” My heart promptly skipped a beat, imagining how lovely the fusion would be. Sure, for the the health-conscious and the calorie counters, bacon and donuts may not exactly fit your personal budget calorie-wise, but it can’t be beat when it comes to flavor.

Close, but not quite. Bacon was coming. But not on doughnuts. Instead, it now graces Krispy Kreme’s newest line, the Baked Creations. Currently, this line carries two variants. There are Kruffins, hand-made muffins with a hole in the center that’s stuffed with either fruits, nuts or chocolate.

Pull Apart and Kruffin

Cinnamon Pull Apart and an Apple Streusel-topped Kruffin. No bacon. *sadfez*

Then, there are Pull Aparts, or hand-rolled sweet breads with holes in the center that’s filled with either sweet stuff like Cinnamon and cream, and savory stuff like cheese, sausages and BACON! North Carolina-based Krispy Kremes Chef Rick Cavanaugh, who flew in just to launch the line, described Pull Aparts as Monkey Bread with breakfast-y fillings. Like BACON!

Can you just imagine how sad I was to discover that they ran out of BACON and Cheese when I got to the counter? I had to settle for the Cinnamon, after much prodding—initially, I wasn’t in the mood for anything sweet, especially after being sorely disappointed about the BACON. It was a pleasant surprise, tearing into the Pull Aparts. The soft sweet bread was a treat to bite into, being all fluff on your tongue. It’s not too sweet either, so the taste doesn’t overwhelm the bread’s texture.

Still, the BACON will not let itself be forgotten. I found myself going back to the Ayala branch to grab a Bacon and Cheese Pull Apart for breakfast. As I planned to eat at my desk, I got mine straight from the shelf. I was advised to reheat it in the microwave for a minute and was handed a small cup of Ranch Mayo.

Bacon and Cheese Pull Apart


Reheating for a minute was a mistake. Or maybe it had to do with our office microwave’s wattage. Still, it smelled really good at 30 seconds, with the bacon getting all crackly so I stopped it then opened the microwave door. The delicious scent of bacon started wafting through the air, earning me complaints from my work colleagues. Torture for them, heaven for me as I happily grabbed a cup of coffee and started pulling my Pull Apart apart.

There. are. no. words. Sheer bacon goodness, fluffy soft bread with a hint of something sweet glazed on top. The ranch mayo adding a slight tang to the whole thing. Occasional bits of black pepper hitting your tastebuds for added bite. BACON! Glorious BACON! It has found its soulmate in the Pull Apart’s bread.

Fellow bacon-lovers like me will probably be rushing to their nearest Krispy Kreme to grab one. Unfortunately, it’s currently available at the Greenhills and Ayala stores only, however, there are plans for a wider release soon. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

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9 Responses to Krispy Kreme Baked Creations: All Hail Bacon!

  1. beehappy15 says:

    oh, they look yummy! time for a trip to the ayala branch! 😀

  2. Drew says:

    Now if they have something with Bacon & Pineapple, I’m sold!

  3. i’m still waiting for my bacon doughnut sandwich KK, but this is a good substitute <3 great post, kaoko 😀

  4. Brian Asis says:

    Now if they only had fried egg… that would be a “hearty” break-fats… i mean breakfast 😀

  5. Suzanne says:

    OMG, must TRY. *is now very hungry*

    I’m craving bread now…

  6. Ro Manalo says:

    Sarap!!! Ayala branch is where exactly? Not the one in Glorietta 4?

    Is this available all day long or in the morning lang?

    I am so excited to try the bacon pull-apart! *salivating*

  7. kaoko says:

    They are! It’s worth the trip.

    Lagyan mo, hahahaha!

    I want that too! Bacon and cheese doughnut sammie. NOM.

    @Brian Asis
    That sounds good. Sunny side up please, so I can dip by bread in the runny yolk. *slurp*

    *throws food at Suzanne but bounces off the screen* Drat.

    The one along Ayala Avenue, near the corner of Rufino. Available all day long 😀 Send someone to buy na!

  8. Tere says:

    I should’ve tasted this yesterday when I went to Krispy Kreme >__<

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