The Frazzled Cook: Food with Heart, Cutlery with Hello Kitty

Frazzled means worn out. Physically or emotionally exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be negative—it can mean translate to a deep passion for something. To giving it your all. For Chef Jude of the Frazzled Cook, I believe this is exactly what frazzled means.

The Frazzled Cook

Table all set for a dinner invasion. Good to see they’re prepared.

A quaint little restaurant along Luna Mencias St. near Shaw, The Frazzled Cook is the latest brainchild from the people who brought us Fat Michael’s. Like its popular hole-in-the-wall older sibling, The Frazzled Cook is charming, homey and full of character

The Frazzled Cook

If it weren’t too embarrassing, I would’ve loved to pose here.

Entering the place transports you to your Lola’s house, where no two chairs match and knick-knacks fill the wall. Books are scattered along the shelves, inviting diners to take them down and leaf through them. Old Chinese beer posters sit along the walls. No fancy floral arrangements here; instead, bottles of bright yellow santans adorn the tables.

The Frazzled Cook

Did you eat santan as a kid? I used to. Mmmm..starters.

The Frazzled Cook

Trompe l’oeil detailing everywhere

Antiques are placed all over the store, probably as an homage to its past as an antique shop. Trompe l’oeil detailing can be seen everywhere. Endless vines with tiny flowers creep along the floor and walls, all towards the kitchen—the most important place in the restaurant.

The Frazzled Cook

Door to all the frazzlement (?), frazzelation (?) the kitchen

What wondrous delights lie behind the kitchen doors? After a reasonable wait—everything is freshly cooked and personally overseen by Chef Jude—plate after plate soon began to fill our table.

Pizza Caprese

Made me want to scream: MINE! All mine!

First out of the kitchen is their Pizza Caprese (Php 270). It’s not your pizza joint pizza. It has fresh tomatoes, white cheese, and basil. It almost sounds like the sophisticated pizzas from chi-chi Italian restos, but one bite takes you home. Forgive me if I say this, but it almost reminded me of the 3M Pizzas of my childhood. I mean it in the most loving way. Served with garlic oil for extra heat, it’s a pizza I want to keep coming back to, for a truly heartwarming bite.

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7 Responses to The Frazzled Cook: Food with Heart, Cutlery with Hello Kitty

  1. frannywanny says:

    WOW! love your photos!!

  2. dementedchris says:

    Love the photos! Will definitely try to visit. A lot of tempting things there! We were wondering about the paella, though. Is it really for five people? When you order the dish, do they give you 5 little paella woks or something? Hehe.

  3. Tere says:

    Barangay Addition Hills po yun…

  4. kaoko says:


    Let’s go, let’s go! John wants to bring Jamie and Jino there too. And no, the paella is in a single paellera. But there’s a lot, I think it just looks tiny in the pic.

    Sabi na e! I had a suspicion it was Addition Hills since yun yung naririnig kong lugar, but when I googled, the one I found was Additional Hills. Since I’m not familiar with the area, I decided to go with what the other site said. Thanks for the correction, will edit now :)

  5. Mrs. G says:

    I went to all the pages waiting for the Hello Kitty cutlery picture.

    Food looks yummy!

    • kaoko says:

      Aaack. Sorry Mrs. G! I feel compelled to cut long posts to make it more manageable and to make it load faster. But at least you were rewarded by Hello Kitty in the end. ^_^

  6. chiqui says:

    would like to visit this place

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