Things to Love about Muji

By now, most of the Philippine blogosphere is bustling with excitement about MUJI opening its first branch at Bonifacio High Street. When it was confirmed (confeermed!) by popular blogger chuvaness, everyone was either “OMG MUJI’S COMING HERE!” or “What the hell is Muji?”

Muji Shopping Bag

Smooshy cow failed to smuggle herself in my suitcase so she’s trying to settle for playing with the stuff I brought home.

Japanese chain Muji is favored for its distinctive minimalist look and reasonably priced goods. Its real name, Mujirushi Ry?hin, translates to No Brand Quality Goods. It’s a brand that espouses a no-brand policy. Funny how this non-brand has a loyal following that some brands surely envy. Fans have a good reason to love Muji. From clothes, to housewares, food, gift items and stationery supplies, their merchandise is attractive, is of good quality and is reasonably priced.

Truthfully, learning about Muji opening here brought me mixed emotions. A part of me was happy because, heeeeey, Muji snacks, tea, coffee and instant food anytime I want. On the other hand, having Muji here screws up my holiday shopping plans. Where can I shop for cute, affordable and unique Christmas presents now?

But the pros outweigh the cons (my stomach is more important than pressies for friends) so on the whole, Muji opening at Bonifacio High Street spelled happiness. So, to anticipate the store’s opening in September, let me go through a list of reasons Why I Love Muji. And they’re mostly food.

Milk Tea

Milk tea is love

Royal Milk Tea
I am not the only one among my group of friends who is addicted to this lovely, lovely drink. Mix with water (hot or cold) to create a milky tea drink that’s delightfully floral and creamy. I know of many people who stockpile this (stares at dementedchris) whenever they travel so having it available here will bring them untold joy. Their other nyummy powdered drinks I’ve also tried are Caramel Macchiato and Matcha Green Tea.

Instant Pasta Sauces
While freshly cooked is always good, on busy weeknights, it’s very convenient to boil some noodles then slather it with a foil sachet of prepared sauce. The one I really really like is the Squid Ink Sauce but I’ve a suspicion it’s seasonal, seeing that there are times when it’s not stocked.

Assorted Tea
Their assorted tea range is mindboggling! From standards like Oolong and Jasmine to fancy schmany ones like Rose Hip and Hibiscus (one of my favorites) and Rooiboos, these teas are loosely packed in pyramidal mesh bags, letting the leaves unfurl fully as they steep.

Crackers, Chips and Candy
Lotsa snacks to choose from. From Japanese fare like senbei (rice crackers) to fun kiddie favorites like their alphabet-shaped cinnamon crackers that my nephews love. Oh, and I love love love their Acerola Mint.

Flavoring Pack

All sorts of flavorings. Mango and Chili anyone?

Flavoring Things
Plain stuff not enough for you? They have sachets of flavorings that you can use on potato chips and popcorn. They have dips too. Flavors range from standards like cheese to very interesting ones like shiitake mushroom. My favorites among the flavoring powders are the Smoked Cheese and Yuzu & Pepper.

My favorite travel cutlery
Actually, I don’t really buy much houseware stuff from Muji overseas because (1) I can get kitchen stuff cheaper at Ikea and (2) the bento stuff is cuter and cheaper at Daiso. But my favorite pair of travel cutlery is from them—a set that has an interlocking spoon, fork and knife and for that, I love them forever.

I can go on and on about their notebooks, colorful gelpens and clothes but I want to keep this down to food-related stuff. Still, my reasons are good enough for me to warrant repeat visits to the future Muji branch at BHS. What about you? Why do you love Muji?

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10 Responses to Things to Love about Muji

  1. Brian Asis says:

    Thanks for sharing :) I’ll be visiting Muji during the food trip on May 1 😀

  2. aoitenshi says:

    Can’t wait for it to open! 😀

  3. I love Muji mostly for their crispy dark chocolate bar. I can eat more of those in one sitting than I should be proud of.

    Now I have to go down to the nearest Muji store (I’m in Singapore, we’ve had Muji around for a while now) to check out your reasons- the milk tea and flavouring sachets are looking really good! :)

  4. Silver C. says:

    There are tears of joy in my eye. Last time I saw Muji was in Singapore.

    • Silver C. says:

      I forgot to add..

      Part of what makes Muji special to me was the fact it was the store my mom and I frequented when we were in Singapore for her cancer treatment. We didn’t buy a lot but my mom always made a point to window shop in Muji (specifically) at Bugis near our apartment after her treatment.

      Her favorites had been the snacks section, mine was the furnishing and clothing. <3

  5. kaoko says:

    Sorry for the late response. I wrote a reply ages ago but I didn’t realize that this was among those posts that succumbed to the hacking incident. Anyway, I hope you had fun during your food trip!

    You and me!

    That looks like something I have to watch out for. Thanks for the tip.

    @Silver C.
    Singapore was the last time for me too.Thankfully this will be remedied by their Philippine branch. The snacks section is my favorite too, plus the office supplies. I love buying notebooks and pens.

    And I do hope you’re mom’s healthy and fine now. Her sickness is a tough one to face. I’m sure she appreciates the love from you and your family during her ordeal.

  6. chris says:

    hi. i just want to know if MUJI here in the philippines sells tamagoyaki find. i can’t find any po kasi. thank you

  7. kaoko says:

    Hi, what is tamagoyaki find? Is that a mix for the tamagoyaki? A ready made food item? Or the pan you use to cook it? Sorry, not familiar with the item. Or perhaps I know it by a different name.

  8. cc says:

    Hi! :) i realize this is an old post but i hope to get a reply from you. :) is the instant milk tea (royal milk tea or first item in your post) available in MUJI philippines? Thanks so much!

  9. kaoko says:

    Hi cc! Yes, I’ve seen it in the local MUJI branch. :) It might be seasonal though (I know in some countries, it is) so best to come back and try again if it isn’t. I hope you find it, it’s way addictive. 😀

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