Hana scores a homerun with their new menu options

After a delightful first encounter with their takoyaki, Hana easily became one of my favorite hangouts in Makati. I find myself meeting up with my insane dollie community friends every few weeks or so, whenever we have a hankering for takoyaki and beer. And while I never fail to order these crisp yet doughy balls stuffed with takoyaki and veggies, I like nibbling on other things on their menu as well.

Hana Japanese Restaurant in Little Tokyo, Makati

Hana Japanese Restaurant in Little Tokyo, Makati

That’s why when our good friend Y informed us about a renovation accompanied by a change in chef and menu, I became quite curious. Of course, only after she reassured me that the takoyaki will stay on the menu. “The new Japanese chef specializes in fried food so the new menu will be built around that.” An exciting prospect, especially after having seen that No Reservations Osaka episode where Anthony Bourdain was chowing down on stick after stick of fried goodies.

Fried Sampler from Hana

Sampler with Beef, pork, onions, asparagus and potato on a stick. If they included okra, I would’ve gone to fried veggie heaven.

Their new fried selection is superb. I know that frying seems to be a simple task, but executing it to perfection takes skill and I must acknowledge their new chef’s skill. Every dish is fried to a crisp on the outside, but the inside remained tender with a fully locked-in flavor. Even the vegetables remained firm and juicy. And while fried asparagus on a stick sounds like a travesty, truth is, I found myself coming back for seconds.

Fried Shrimp from Hana

Fried shrimp. Yes, that plate is a full-sized dinner plate

S-san, Y’s dad, suggested we try more of the fried stuff and we gladly obliged by ordering tonkatsu. I rarely order tonkatsu for myself when dining out, mostly because it’s something I can cook. In fact, the only time I remember ordering tonkatsu recently was in Ginza Bairin, and only because that’s what they specialized in. It’s good we did because it was good tonkatsu. The thick pork fillet was tender and juicy, holding all the pork flavor in, despite being fried to a nice crisp.


Great tonkatsu. Bring on the rice!

Also worth noting was their grilled selection. While they have the usual yakitori featuring chicken thighs and breasts, I went for the more exotic stuff—chicken hearts which were flavorfully tender and chicken breast cartilage which had awesome texture. Great with beer.

Barbecue from Hana

Not your usual barbecue

Of course, not everything on their menu has been scrapped. A lot of good eats were retained, and one of these was the star of our evening, the Cubic Steak. Think a thick steak, done medium and cut into cubes, served in a savory sauce. Each tender bite yields flavors that spread on the tongue. It’s a memorable experience. If you’re eating solo, the flavor can get overpowering so it’s best to enjoy it with rice.

Cubic Steak from Hana

Small bites, oozing with flavorful goodness

A couple more dishes graced our table. There was chicken steak with lots of garlic, an omelette, and salads—but honestly, I was too stuffed already, so even if my companions were offering bites of their food, I had to pass.

Omelete from Hana

A delicate little omelete

Garlic Chicken Steak from Hana

Feel the garlic!

Halfway through the night, I knew Hana’s new menu items were keepers. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything on their fried selection—they’re particularly awesome with a couple of drinks. The other dishes are excellent if you want to go for something heavier. I wasn’t able to try their sashimi and sushi selection but they have some on the menu if that’s what you’re hankering for. Whatever you’re craving for, drop by soon and discover their new menu for yourself. Oh, but don’t forget the takoyaki.

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16 Responses to Hana scores a homerun with their new menu options

  1. nina says:

    I approve that the insane tag goes to magnetic-rose.net


  2. Brian Asis says:

    How much was the bill? Haven’t been to Little Tokyo yet :( I wish I lived close in Makati 😛

  3. Marie says:

    the food looks so tempting , great shots

  4. Marie says:

    I bet the fried shrimps looks so yummy, i should taste that one

  5. kaoko says:

    Dishes range from 200-400. Best to set aside 500 per head, I think.

    Thank you so much!

  6. Mariko? says:

    How much was the cubic steak and the omelette? . .

    Side note: what camera are you using to take pics of those foods? They look so clear . . . its making me hungry

  7. mike says:

    lots of fried stuff.. hahahha

  8. kaoko says:

    The cubic steak was a little over 400 PHP. The Omelette, I’m not sure since I wasn’t the one who ordered it, but I’m guessing it’s between 200 and 400—based on what I recall about their average menu prices.

    And thank you very much. For this post, I was using a Canon EOS 450D.

    I knooooo! Makes me feel guilty about all the deep-fried stuff going in my body but fried food is sooooo nyummy.

  9. aoitenshi says:

    Can’t believe I still haven’t been to Hana! The food looks amazing. It’s quite a distance from my office now so it’s hard to get anyone to go with me. Will try soon though!

    • kaoko says:

      Entice someone with the invitation, “Tara, sake tayo.” I’m sure it’s intriguing enough to get people to go with you. 😛 <--- BI.

  10. elana says:

    Wonderful presentation,.. the pics with the flowers on the side really makes all your pics beautiful.. Liked the Fried shrimp too..the salad looks and cool and pretty..Keep up ur nice work!!!

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