Kao in Macau : Shopping at the Red Market and Lunching at Ristorante Litoral

Leafing through our itinerary days before our trip to Macau, I was excited for day 3. Not only were we to dine in a Michelin and Miele guide recommended restaurant, we will also get to accompany Chef Antonio as he goes to the market. Sounds exciting, right?

Macau Market Sidestreets

To get to the Red Market, we walked through a lot of streets that were lined with market stalls. Aside from the usual fresh produce, it was interesting to see unique ingredients as well, case in point, black chickens that are literally, naturally black.

Black Chickens

We made a short stop at a local Pastelaria or bakery. Here, we tried the various local cookies lining the display, much like candy jars. We tried the usual peanut and almond cookies—dry, crumbly, powdery cookies reminiscent of Filipino Puto Seko—then promptly bought boxes to bring home.

Fong Wong Pastelaria Macau by kaoko, on Flickr

Almond Cookies

After the Fong Wong Pastelaria, off we went to the Rua Norte Do Mercado Almirante Lacerda or as we were told, the Red Market. Here, we were met by Chef Antonio de Coehlo, chef and owner of Antonio’s, a Miele awardee and Michelin-recommended restaurant. We were scheduled to eat dinner that evening there, so he took us around the market in the morning to give us a preview of what we’ll be having.


Antonio’s is known for their seafood, so it was mostly the seafood section that we toured. We made stops for clams and scallops at his usual suppliers. After a friendly exchange of greetings, he’d promptly choose, carefully poking and picking to find shellfish that met his standards.

Chef Antonio Coehlo of Antonio's in Macau

The man definitely knew his way around the market, and judging by the warm greetings, the market people knew him well, too. It was an interesting visiting the market because of some unusual finds that you can’t see in a normal Philippine wet market.

Wine Museum

After leaving the market, we went off to see some more exhibits, including a Wine Museum. Here, we had the chance to see a life-sized winery diorama where you can walk through the winemaking steps. You can sign up for a wine tasting at the end of the exhibit for just 10 MOP. We got to try some young, sparkly whites, a rich, heady port and some bold reds.

Wine Museum

Still hungry? Lunch with me at Ristorante Litoral (Page 2)

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4 Responses to Kao in Macau : Shopping at the Red Market and Lunching at Ristorante Litoral

  1. dementedchris says:

    Grabe sa tour guide! 😛 Sounds like a real foodie adventure, Cow!

  2. T B says:

    Nice to explore all these. I should try the black chicken, would I enjoy the taste?!

  3. kaoko says:

    Sobra. Star-struck nga todo e. Next in the series will be dinner t his resto. :)

    I wasn’t able to try it since we were just passing by, but I heard it’s really flavorful. Much more than farm-raised chickens.

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