Bento Shopping at Saizen (Daiso Philippines)

21 Veggie Cutters
One specialized tool you may want to buy are veggie cutters. Unlike your usual cookie cutters, these are made of sturdy steel, letting you cut through raw vegetables.

22 Cookie Cutters
Cookie cutters are also available in a variety of designs at Saizen. These are good for softer food, like cheese, ham, bread and pancakes.

23 Sandwich Cutters
Sandwich cutters! I had to buy the one on the right. I love how it uses up most of the sandwich. Plus, can you imagine using them for an English-style tea party at home?

24 Gel Packs
If you worry about food safety, you may want to consider getting these refrigerator friendly Cooler Gel Packs to let you transport your food cold. Also available in different sizes.

25 Insulated Bags
If you’re getting the gel packs, you may want to consider getting a foil-insulated lunch bag as well. Some of these are designed for specific bento box sizes, letting you carry your lunches flat, preserving any designs you’ve made.

26 Bento Belts
A lot of bento box designs don’t have firm locks like Tupperware or Lock&Locks. So, it’s best to keep your lunch box together with bento belts. They come in various materials, colors and styles.

27 Banana Case
These, I had to photograph because they’re hilarious and I am immature. But then, those people who use it will probably say, “Laugh all you want, at least my bananas are always fresh and free from bruises.” *snort*

28 Bendy Straws
Bendy straws are fun to have. Do we need any other excuse? While a lot of drinks come with their own mini-bendy straws attached, I’m sure kids will love these multi-colored variety more. Plus, you can use them to create cheese eyes on food.

29 Shaker
Another thing I swear by are these shakers! The bigger ones double as tumblers for drinks while the small ones are great for making vinaigrettes.

30 Sauces
One thing that surprised me was the presence of all these Japanese sauces at Saizen! Most of the basics (mirin, sake, soy sauce) were there, and labeled with user-friendly english translations.

Did this virtual tour boggle your minds (and wallets)? I know each visit at Saizen drives me nuts. And to think, this is just the kitchenware section! So, now you know where to buy bento stuff. Grab a couple and start fixing lunches already! I guarantee, the satisfaction from a happily-packed bento will make your whole day happy.

Saizen has branches in Robinsons Galleria and Trinoma. Thank you to Ms. Josette Salac and Ms. Dimple for letting me take pictures all over the place!

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30 Responses to Bento Shopping at Saizen (Daiso Philippines)

  1. Rui says:

    I buy a lot of bento supplies at Daiso but I don’t use them, most of them are just too cute! Great to know there’s Saizen in the Philippines!

  2. Leki says:

    Do you know, Saizen is set to open in Robinsons Parañaque soon! I’m excited! 😀 I rarely go to Galleria and Trinoma is too far!

  3. ziggy says:

    Hi Kao, do they also sell japanese ingredients?

  4. kaoko says:

    The Daiso there is insane! I remember I went totally nuts, spending a couple of hundred SG first time I set foot there.

    Booo! Robinsons Paranaque is too far from me. It’s the one near Raya Gardens right? I wish they’d set up shop at ATC or something.

    Shop there, we must! Although I’m sure your wallet cries too.

    Yes! But it’s just a shelf or two of premade sauces. If you’re looking for raw ingredients and other mixes, still best to visit your friendly neighborhood J-grocery.

  5. Leki says:

    It’s the one near tropical hut, conti’s and ruins 😀 It’s nearer than rob galle and trinoma at least xD

  6. Yay! Will expect more bento posts from you now, since you went shopping. Haha! I love Saizen. Looks like they improved their stocks. More bento boxes to choose from. Yay!

  7. Kat says:

    I never knew that Saizen had a “no photo” policy (although on a personal level, I try not to take pictures in stores etc, just to be safe hehe). Also, I think Ali Mall in Cubao has a Saizen too, but I haven’t been there.

    Looks like I’ll be heading to Saizen this weekend to stock up on bento stuff. :)

  8. kaoko says:

    Ang lapit nun! Please let me know when it opens. *hugs*

    Hay, I wish. I’m hoping to get back on track with life and stuff, pero baka matagal pa yun. *sigh*

    They never told me off but they have small signs near the entrance. I have been told off at Japan Home Center / Daiso though. Tried asking for permission pero never ako pinayagan so I guess it stuck with me.

  9. abby says:

    thank you for posting this! :) we’re homebound in december and i can’t wait to go to saizen to stock up on bento supplies for my son and myself!

    ps: any idea where their store in Trinoma’s located?
    pps: namiss ko ang blog mo!

  10. kaoko says:

    It’s inside True Value, somewhere along the ground floor.

    Namimiss ko na rin mag blog! Ang dami kasing nangyayari sa buhay, but hopefully, I can get back on track this weekend. 😀 My backlog is sooooooo big!

  11. I love the pictures. I want those cocktail picks for my Christmas dinner/ noche buena. It will look good on some of the finger food.

  12. kaoko says:

    Great idea! Your pica-pica will definitely look unique.

  13. Token says:

    Thanks for sharing all the great photos! Daiso is so amazing! <3 I wish we had one near us ;_;

  14. cyferredrose says:

    this is a very handy guide to what is available int he philippines! i have gone on three shopping sprees there and gotten all i need for bento making. I wish there was a store guide like this around before i went and bought it – it would have been very helpful!

  15. kaoko says:

    They are! I’m happy we finally have one here. Years ago, I’d include it in my things to do when flying to other countries. Now I don’t have to :)

    But it’s also fun to poke around the store and look around yourself. I’m sure you had fun doing that too :)

  16. cyferredrose says:

    yes, i end up spending more than i had in mind too! haha.
    Japan home is also nice to look at now and then – i got a really nice porcelain set. If you go to saizen at Robinsons Edsa they are near each other. New hatchin is more on the ingredients side of things, but i got a japanese pickle maker there for around 200-300 PHP.

    I havent confirmed it yet, but i also heard of a japanese surplus store in paranaque that is mostly deserted, but this is still a rumor.

  17. kaoko says:

    Paranaque??? *hmmm*

    New Hatchin is awesome! It’s just unfortunate that I rarely go there now, since we moved offices. Oh well :(

  18. Tara says:

    Hi Kao,

    This is the reason why I stopped asking you where to buy those bento stuff. I found them. hahaha. I will be forever grateful to your kindness on buying my first ever bento accessories and sending them here at the office.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  19. kaoko says:

    Heaven no? I’m happy nahanap mo s’ya. There’s untold joy in shopping for your own goods.

  20. Laura says:

    thanks to your tips, I had fun browsing and shopping at every Daiso / Japan Home Center branch I checked out on my recent trip to Manila…found and bought a few items I couldn’t resist. I wanted to get the egg molds but unfortunately the branches I went to didn’t carry them…I will the store!

  21. kaoko says:

    Their stocks are really seasonal, unfortunately. I’ll keep an eye out for egg molds. If I find some, I’ll try to get some for you. Will just email if that happens :)

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  23. kimy says:

    just til nw did i realize that its different from japan homes ill try to look at it bec im desperate to find nori cutters, im happy ive found your site (subcribed!) :)

    • kaoko says:

      Both Saizen and Japan Home stock nori cutters from time to time, so it’s best to check them both, though I’ve spotted them more often at Daiso/Saizen than Japan Home. Good luck finding them, Kimy!

  24. Kaye Catral says:

    Hey Kaoko, any new places where we can find bento tools? Saizen doesn’t stock too much, they’re always out of stock! Or maybe everyone’s into bento and buying them all up!

    I need more barans!

    • kaoko says:

      I have shitloads of baran here at home, yes, panic buying from overseas much? Or let me know if there’s anything you need, the Saizen in Cavite isn’t as well-known, so I can still score fab bento stuff there. 😀 (Hit me up via the contact page or via FB message :D)

  25. Mau says:

    Waaaaa! I tried searching for it in Daizo Cebu but to no avail. :C Waaaaa!!! I want to go there!

  26. Marian says:

    Was looking for tips on the best places to buy bento stuff from and stumbled upon your blog. It took me a while before I realized Kitchen Cow = Chrissie Peria. =D

  27. marie says:

    where in cavite was saizen exactly located im from indang cavite

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