Red Dot by Shiok opens at Glorietta 4

I’ve heard wonderful things about Shiok, a Singaporean-inspired restaurant in Fort Bonifacio so I was quite elated to find Red Dot by Shiok at Glorietta 4’s Food Choices. Unlike the actual restaurant, Red Dot is a small food court stall that offers a selection of combo meals. While the menu selection isn’t as extensive as Shiok’s—Red Dot is, after all, a food court outlet—there’s still a lot of dishes to try out.

Red Dot by Shiok Crispy Pork

Like most food court outlets, you can see the food being served on display. Seeing the yummy looking dishes quickly whetted our appetites, so despite the DRY RUN notice, we grabbed trays and picked out two combo meals to try.

Spotting a gigantic, crisp-looking slab of pork, Pad quickly chose the Crispy Pork, served with turmeric rice, noodles, and veggies. The order also came with soup. The crispy pork was insanely good. It was crisp and flavorful yet light—if you can imagine non-greasy crispy pork.

The sides were normal. The noodle side, a combination of thick and thin rice noodles, was just okay. I was hoping they’d be like Char Kway Teow as they had that on the menu as well, but I guess that was wishful thinking.

Red Dot by Shiok Hainanese Chicken Rice

On the other hand, I had the Hainanese Chicken Rice. A mistake, since I’m pretty demanding about HCR. The chicken wasn’t as tender as I’m used to with Hainanese chicken. In fact, it’s a bit undercooked, as evinced by some traces of blood. The rice was undercooked as well. I’m hoping this will improve once they’re done fine-tuning things on their dry run. Shiok has a pretty good rep—this can’t be their usual HCR, right?

Despite the subpar chicken rice—possibly due to their dry run status?—I wouldn’t mind eating there again, hopefully when things are running smoothly already. Aside from going back for the yummy crispy pork, there are a lot of interesting recommendations from friends that I’d like to try. It’s definitely a welcome development, getting Shiok-dishes at a more convenient and affordable location.

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9 Responses to Red Dot by Shiok opens at Glorietta 4

  1. Shakey says:

    mmmm… pork..

    As for HCR I’m waiting for Wee Nam Kee to open. Hopefully it wont disappoint. :)

  2. nina says:

    Where did my comment go?!

    We at at Shiok last Saturday. My companions, who read me raving about their CKT ended up disappointed. I ordered the HCR and frankly, for the Php254 price tag, I’m disappointed as well.

  3. i like Shiok but its the 1st time ive heard of this. interesting to try though. :)

  4. jeanpomelo says:

    Hey Kaoko! Where else is good HCR available here in Manila? Ang alam ko lang kasi is yung sa ToastBox (by BreadTalk, I think). I’ve never tried Shiok yet, though. Hehe, I’ve been craving for HCR since last week. :p

    P.S. Fun HK photos! 😀

  5. Bea says:

    Just ate there last week. I also had their Hainanese Chicken (since this was my favorite Singaporean hawker thing). But I think I was super hungry and didn’t notice if there were traces of blood (yuk). I don’t mind eating there again, too. 😀

  6. kaoko says:

    Open na Wee Nam Kee! I heard the lines are monstrous though. Probably a good idea to let the excitement die down muna.

    Ganon? Off night mebbe? Are we still going there?

    Send your recommendations my way when you’re done. I’m curious about their other dishes.

    I’ve heard Stevie’s, an order and pick-up set-up in Bel-Air is really good. Haven’t tried it myself, but am planning to try later this week. Will keep you posted. (IMO, nobody has come close to Tian-tian yet :P)

    Your order was probably cooked better, then. I’m sure bloody chicken won’t escape your discerning eyes.

  7. Shev says:

    Hi Kao! Haven’t gone to Food Choices in a long time so I was really glad when I read this post.Ang sarap nga nung crispy pork! The serving size is really big too (nalula ako sa kanin!lol).

  8. kaoko says:

    Killer pork no? In a good way of course!

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