Kao in Macau: Lunch at the Macau Military Club & Dinner at 360 Degree Cafe

You’d think that by the fourth day, we’d have exhausted Macau already, but no. Two fantastic dining experiences awaited us. The first one was lunch at the Club Militare de Macau. The Macau Military Club was first established in 1870 as an exclusive, members only club. It opened its doors to the public in 1995, offering an enticing array of Portuguese dishes. Nevertheless, there are days when it’s closed off to walk-in clients and non-members.

The Macau Military Club

The Macau Military Club, established in 1870

That Sunday was one such day, as the Portuguese lunch buffet can get pretty busy. While there was a good variety of appetizers and side dishes, the star of the meal was the Cozido a Portuguesa, a traditional stew that featured everything but the kitchen sink.

The Macau Military Club

Manly men aren’t afraid of pink!

Traditionally, it’s served mixed together. For the lunch buffet though, diners get the chance to pick their favorite meats–from various cuts of beef to sausages–and vegetables, letting them put their own stews together.

Cozido a Portuguesa at the Macau Military Club

Cozido a Portuguesa – my plate :)

Reminiscent of Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Stew), the Cozido a Portuguesa had a homey, heartwarming quality that evokes flavors of home. Definitely comfort food material, no matter what your nationality is.

Sunday Brunch at the Macau Military Club

More nibbles!

There were other dishes lined up on the buffet tables. From an assortment of salads, appetizers, sides, fruit, dessert and free flowing wine, it was obvious that anyone who finishes the meal will have to relax and take a customary siesta afterwards.

360-Degree Cafe: Dining at the Top

For the ultimate in sky-high dining that doesn’t translate to airline food, try grabbing a meal at Macau Tower’s 360-degree Cafe. We had our last meal in Macau there and it was definitely fun.

360-degree Cafe at Macau Tower

Macau Tower’s 360-Degree Cafe

Located on the 60th floor of Macau Tower, this revolving restaurant boasts of a breathtaking 360-degree view of Macau. Nothing to worry about, even if you’re afraid of heights as the floor is solid, unlike the clear one at the observation deck.

360-degree Cafe at Macau Tower

Macau Tower’s 360-Degree Cafe

The clear glass sides of the restaurant and the food stations at the center stay put while the restaurant floor revolves at a slow pace. It’s gradual enough to be barely noticeable, but fast enough to offer a changing panorama.

Macau Tower - Sashimi and seafood

Just some of the nomnoms!

The food is good as well, offering a wide variety of international cuisines. There’s your carving station, a hot food station that offered pasta cooked as you order, Asian food sections that offered Japanese, Chinese and Indian food–even your standard chocolate fountain was there. There’s really so much food to keep coming back, as long as you can figure out where you’re seated!

360-degree Cafe at Macau Tower

Good luck finding your way back 😛

Definitely the perfect way to end our vacation, having lunch or dinner at the Macau Tower is something I definitely recommend. I know I’ll want to, when I come back to Macau.

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  1. Bea says:

    Oooh, those look really beautiful — both the food and the structure. *drool*

  2. kaoko says:

    Worth a visit, Bea! Sabay talon off the Macau Tower, FTW!

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