Garrett Popcorn: A Perfect Combination of Tastes

When visiting Singapore, one place that must be visited is Universal Studios. Because of the rides and attractions, you think? Not just that, but also because USS is home to Garrett Popcorn!

Garrett Popcorn

A Can of Happiness

A fabled popcorn shop that first opened in Chicago in 1949, Garrett Popcorn Shops is known for popularizing their fantastic Chicago Mix popcorn. This mix combines cheese and caramel popcorn, for a flavor combination that truly keeps you munching.

First, you start with some CheeseCorn—a fluffy confection that’s both cheesy and buttery, assailing your tastebuds with a sharp, savory flavor. Then, you pop a CaramelCrisp in your mouth. Crisp, sweet, rich and extremely tantalizing. As you alternate the CheeseCorn and CaramelCrisp, you keep on craving for the opposite of the last bite you took, switching from salty to sweet to salty to sweet again. A classic recipe for destruction, as you realize that you’ve eaten your way to the bottom of the can.

Garrett Popcorn Chicago Mix


Garrett’s has more going for it than just flavor. The popcorn itself is perfect, with its insanely large and fluffy size. Each kernel is larger than any popcorn I’ve seen before, which means you get more bite out of each bite.

Garrett’s is definitely far from cheap, especially when I mentally convert the price to Philippine Pesos. I balked at the price of the can, so instead, I purchased a big bag then prayed it won’t go soggy at once. Luckily, sticking it in a well-sealed ziplock bag did the trick and stayed reasonably crisp until a few days after my trip back home.

Ah Garrett’s Chicago Mix. You have totally changed the way I look at cheese and caramel popcorn. While I was already made a fan by other brands, connecting with the real thing blew my mind. Wait for me next time I visit. I’ll be sure to bring more of you home.

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7 Responses to Garrett Popcorn: A Perfect Combination of Tastes

  1. Natuwa naman ako sa tin can! That popcorn looks really delicious!

  2. kaoko says:

    Hahahaha, tama bang sa lata natuwa? Wait until you taste it. Guaranteed cravings later.

  3. witsandnuts says:

    Sayang, hindi naman na-try ‘to. :( Next time!

  4. i looooved this too!!! super sarap! 😀 i tried the almond caramelcrisp and it was heavenly. this is one reason why i love USS too 😀

  5. kaoko says:

    Madalas ka naman sa SG diba? Or maybe it’s time to visit Chicago—sosyal!

    I’m making a mental note to try that almond caramelcrisp. I trust your judgment 😀

  6. chickling* says:

    i never knew that there are garrets outside of chicago, i go there whenever i have free time from school. love your blog~

  7. kaoko says:

    Thanks for visiting! Lucky you that you can visit Garrett’s anytime you’re free. I only get to go when I visit Singapore. *sobs*

    Will be sure to munch munch munch on some next month!

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