Shiroi Koibito: Love that Melts in your Mouth

We met a couple of months ago. We got to know each other. I thoroughly enjoyed his presence. But somewhere along the way, I forgot about him. How could I? When these Shiroi Koibito cookies are blow-your-mind awesome?



Translating to White Lover in English, Shiroi Koibito is a type of cookie sandwich. A creamy white chocolate filling sits amidst two delicate wisps of “langue de chat” aka cat’s tongue cookies or lengua de gato. Instead of the usual cat’s tongue shape it comes in, Shiroi Koibito’s cookies come in little squares of perfection.


Who knew that this simple box can be so wonderful inside?

What’s so special about it? I wondered as well. A friend told me that it was as prized a treat as Royce’ Nama (before we got it locally), though it’s more difficult to purchase as one had to search for it in Hokkaido. Shiroi Koibito was originally created in 1976 by the Ishiya Seika company as a local treat. I was lucky enough to chance upon a box at Choto Stop, thanks to a tip from my friend Y.


Individually wrapped. As if the contents will last long.

Curiously, I took a bite. The delicate buttery cookie easily gave way; a chilly bite with creamy white chocolate in the middle. A very light, burnt taste tempered the sweetness of the chocolate, at the same time adding a different dimension to the flavor with the contrast it offered. It’s one of the things I can keep on eating because of the delightful interplay of flavors—even if I normally avoid white chocolate like the plague.


I need more of this in my life.

Shiroi Koibito is not cheap. I paid around 600 (USD13.55) pesos for my box. It’s quite expensive compared to other biscuit brands–both local and imported–that you can find here. But each bite is wonderful and now that I think about it, craving madly, is worth every peso I paid.

Next time you spot a box during your travels, be sure to grab a box. Or if you spot it locally, grab a box THEN give me a heads-up so I can buy some too. This delicious cookie spells love at first bite.

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14 Responses to Shiroi Koibito: Love that Melts in your Mouth

  1. lorn says:

    truly! I love shiroi koibito too! and we also keep the paper wrapping. LoL I didn’t know you can find them at chotto stop :) thanks for the post!

  2. Kate says:

    waaah, Gato <3 I want to try!

  3. Ichiro Ino says:

    Oh LOL, Amai Koibito is suddenly being played in my mind… LSS!!!

  4. Yay! It’s been a while since I dropped by Choto Stop so thanks for the heads up!

  5. ikay says:

    weeeeeeeeee! I’ve been looking for the name of this cookie for so long! my father had a japanese friend who gave us these treats every time he goes to manila when i was little.

    thanks for this post i can now request a friend to buy it for me ^_^

  6. krystle says:

    Wow these cookies are so expensive! I never knew it will be 600 pesos per box ayayay!!!:P This is a staple gift when Japanese guests come in our office to visit. They have one with the chocolate filling inside and also a mixed box and I think a chocolate covered one also if my memory serves me right.:) It’s the best Japanese cookie ever!:)

  7. kaoko says:

    I didn’t even think about keeping the wrapping. I tore into it. Next time, I’ll keep it, then use it to wrap my stuff 😛

    But can you eat “cats”?

    @Ichiro Ino
    Sorry about that 😛

    Unfortunately, my friend says they haven’t stocked in quite a while. Let’s just hope they do again. I waaaaant some. Desperately.

    Lucky you! I hear it’s available at Narita Airport, beside the Royce store. Double evil, Royce and Shiroi Koibito together.

    It’s popular for omiyage, no? Lucky you guys. Inggit ako!

  8. dementedchris says:

    It’s Eilleen and Joy’s favorite, and I can understand why! Mahal but it’s good to indulge every now and then :)

  9. foodinpantry says:

    Wow! It’s expensive for a small box. But seeing the photos above, it looks very fragile and worth eating it. :)

  10. entrepgirl says:

    first time i saw the photo, it made me think of royce’. it looks like a light, fluffy tiny piece of heaven. :)

  11. Sammie says:

    Oh those cookies look so delicious! I wish I could find these locally!

  12. kaoko says:

    Hay, sila nga ang salarin. They’re the ones who told me to go searching for it. Then YUE had me try it and the rest is history.

    I think of it as a special treat. No way can I afford to buy it on a regular basis :(

    Haaaay Japan with your glorious snacks. First Royce, now this. They’re out to kill us with their yummies. It’s not exactly fluffy, but yeah, it’s a piece of heaven.

    Good luck! I heard they’re sold online now, but if you live in the tropics like me, I think twice before ordering perishables via the mail. :(

  13. saltvinegar says:

    I just bought some in Malaysia and i’m awed too.

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