Hunan Food at 6404 Camia St: No Longer a Myth

Almost mythical. That’s how this little eatery felt to me. I’ve read about it on everyone’s blogs, I’ve heard recommendations from friends, but I haven’t eaten there myself. I couldn’t find time for it. Who would’ve thought that a failed lunch time expedition–we were hunting for a totally different restaurant–would bring me there instead.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Fried Dumplings

The fried dumplings performed a disappearing act.

Looking for 6404 Camia St. is relatively manageable once you’re in the area. From Estrella, turn right at Amapola (assuming you’re coming from EDSA and going to JP Rizal) then turn left. Drive down the street until a plain white gate, numbered 6404 greets you.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Gong Bao Chicken

Spicy chicken & peanut goodness

As we pored through the picture menu, we found out that the restaurant actually had a name. You Jie Xiao Chao, it says on the front. After ordering, we didn’t have to wait long until our food was served. Out they came, plate after plate, each increasing our appetite as it came.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Beef Hotpot

We had seconds. You can’t blame us.

We had Beef Hotpot, served in a small frying pan. Thinly sliced strips of beef, sauteed in peppers, onions and chili flakes. A tad spicy and very very flavorful. We also had the Gong Bao Chicken, a sticky chicken and peanut dish that was pleasantly spicy.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Mapo Tofu

Reminded me of Cooking Master Boy. 😛

“I want Mapo Tofu,” I kept clamoring, so my companions relented just to make me shut up. The silky tofu, cooked with chopped chilies, ground pork and spring onions was another winner. We went for another Chinese restaurant staple, dumplings. The ones we chose were fried, quite reminiscent of gyoza. Like the rest of the dishes, these disappeared quickly as well.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Fried Beans

And you thought veggies were healthy.

Our group likes pretending we’re healthy, so we ordered vegetables. We got Fried Beans, a salty-spicy dish that can’t possibly be healthy, but is nevertheless yummy; and Bai Cai, a steamed pechay (I surmise) dish that offered a refreshing respite from the sticky, oily, spicy food orgy happening around us.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Bai Cai

Surprise! Not spicy!

Like most Filipinos, ordering rice is essential. We got some Fried Rice, Egg Yangzhou and Beef Fried Rice. Initially. We ended up getting more because we couldn’t stop eating!

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Beef Fried Rice


“It’s not as spicy as it used to be.” The spicy dishes, while hot, was pleasantly so. None of the scorching, painful heat that can burn your mouth for days. Possibly toned down to suit local palates? If so, it’s perfect for my palate at least as the spiciness was delightfully appetizing.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Fried Rice

And more rice.

The dishes flew off the serving plates as fast as they could be served, as blissful sounds of eating permeated the table. We ended ordering more of the food we were eating, washing it down with cold Tsing Tao Beer when we discovered they had it, too.

Hunan Restaurant at Camia St - Tsingtao beer

Be careful when ordering. Their beer came in liter bottles.

That day was epic, as far as office lunches go, and one we hope to repeat in the near future. There was nothing overrated about the place, except maybe the difficulty in getting there–it was quite easy! Despite my general unfamiliarity with cuisine from Hunan, it made for a pleasant comforting meal. I guess home cooking exudes the same warmth and comfort, no matter where it’s from.

You Jie Xiao Chao
6404 Camia St., Makati City
0927-7876999; 0915-4252972

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8 Responses to Hunan Food at 6404 Camia St: No Longer a Myth

  1. HI! I have been hearing of this place too! With your post, at least there is confirmation that it is legit! :-)

    I’d like to know how reasonable the prices are? How much would you budget per person?


  2. dementedchris says:

    Nakakatakam yung beef hotpot. Did you guys drive or take a cab?

  3. kaoko says:

    @quillene petite
    Prices are very reasonable. Most dishes are below 200 pesos (except for the Hotpot, I think that was 300+) but are generous enough to be shared. We spent less than 3k I think, but there was 8 of us.

    We took 2 cabs. I’d take you there, kaso feeling ko it’s too spicy for you. They toned it down, but knowing you, baka di mo kaya. :(

  4. peachkins says:

    wow! everything looks delish!

  5. preppy chick says:

    Tried this place last year just after the dinner rush on a Sunday night. The place was dirty with only 1 waitress cleaning up all the tables. She was still friendly. The food was so-so but nothing worth going back to.

    As we were leaving a tip on the table, the waitress said not to bother since the owner doesn’t give it to them anyway. Instead, I slipped it to her as we went out the door. It really annoyed me that owners don’t give the tips to their staff. It’s not part of their earnings.

  6. kaoko says:

    Everything was! Though we argued which was the best among what we ate (kanya kanyang taste), we all agreed that the food was good and we need to come back. :)

    @preppy chick
    Ay, ganoon? Thanks for the tip, we’ll be sure to hand over tips surreptitiously next time. When we were there, my office mate handed the clipboard with the tip back to our server personally. I hope she got to keep it though. :( I agree with you, tips should be for the service crew—kept personally, or pooled among them.

  7. Faith says:

    great photos! i’m hungryyyy!

  8. kaoko says:

    Thanks Faith! I hope you were able to satisfy your hunger well!

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