Yummy Eats: A Very Yummy Event

Yummy, our favorite food magazine, is being fabulous again with Yummy Eats, a cooking and eating fair. To be held at NBC Tent at Bonifacio Global City on May 21, expect exciting and awesome food finds especially handpicked by Yummy. Admission is P150 but if you bring along a copy of Yummy’s May 2011 issue, you get in for just P100.

Yummy Eats Food Fair

If you want to go for free (who doesn’t?), answer the question, “What do you love about Yummy?” in the comments section below. I’ll be raffling off 5 tickets, compliments of our friends from Yummy. How awesome is that?

Aside from answering the question, please be sure to include a valid email address in the email box. Rest assured, no one but me will see your email address. Comments will be accepted until May 16, 11:59pm, Manila time only. Contest is strictly for people who can attend the event. While I won’t be able to verify your location, please be considerate to other people who really can and want to go. That said, good luck and yummy eating!

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20 Responses to Yummy Eats: A Very Yummy Event

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  2. Kaye says:

    I love Yummy because it is the best place to learn how to cook or bake. Even for beginners like me, you can learn to cook like 1,2,3.. :)

  3. Darrel says:

    I get easy to do recipes which I can cook for my girlfriend.

  4. Khursten says:

    What do I love about Yummy? Awesome pictures with recipes that cater to local ingredients. <3

  5. jona13 says:

    I love Yummy Magazine because they feature delectable and easy to do recipes…the tips and restaurants reviews are great help for foodies like me!


  6. Teresa says:

    I love Yummy because of its interesting recipes and articles…

  7. Polinda Usero says:

    I love YUMMY! first they have food recipes and food pics that are so deliciously looking and tempting to cook. They have variety of topics that are very useful to me. <3

  8. Kimberlee Gacita says:

    What I love about Yummy is that it makes me, a very inexperienced and hesitant cook, feel confident in actually trying out the featured delectable dishes. It makes me feel like I can be at par with Master Chefs around the world! What’s more is that it also teaches me how to arrange food so that it will look like it came straight out of the magazine. ^_^

  9. Jerrika says:

    I love Yummy magazine because it provides a wide range of recipes which are easy to follow. Plus, it gives my mom and I an opportunity to bond while trying out these recipes! :)

  10. Michelle Guerrero says:

    I love yummy because the recipes are easy to follow, it really helps me a lot in menu planning. It made me a better cook and my family just love it. Yummy mag completes me as a mom! :)

  11. Mark Lester says:

    I love YUMMY because it HELPS me a lot to be informed of the LATEST and DELICIOUS recipes for FOOD! It also helps me to be an IMPROVED COOK because of the LATEST TRENDS in cooking WRITTEN in this MAGAZINE! Thank a LOT YUMMY! : )

  12. Shiela Robles says:

    Yummy Magazine is the greatest food magazine ever! my whole family enjoys all recipes and pictures, even for those who say they cant cook, just buy a yummy magazine and learn how very easily. i love how they also redefine simple recipes making them look so complex, guests are always amazed at how wonderful and beautiful the outcome is, without knowing what theyre eating is so simple. :)

  13. Donabel says:

    I love yummy – it is a feast for the eyes & tummy.

  14. Emy M. Soriano says:

    I love Yummy since day 1 (first issue). Aside from eye-catching and its colorful pictures, its recipes always comes out with a twist. Ingredients can easily be obtained everywhere (mapa-grocery, wet market, meron). I can cook adobo, sinigang, etc. in a whole lot different way. There were times, that I thought of not buying Yummy anymore (especially when I’m in a financial bind), mag-dodownload na lang sana ako. But my month would not be complete with Yummy. Yummy kasi!

  15. Chai Enerio says:

    I love Yummy because they offer kitchen friendly recipes that are not so heavy on the budget aside from all the ingredients being easily available in our local markets which is a big consideration for me.



  16. sheila diaz says:

    I love Yummy cause all their recipes are really yummy and easy to follow.. even starter cooker can do whats inside the magazine and to the site.. thanks Yummy for making our cooking life easy and yummy..

  17. I love Yummy because I get to know the best recipes first and share it with my friends and family.

  18. Eileen says:

    Yummy is an inspiration to me. I got very sick last year to the point that I had to resign from work. Most of my days were spent in bed resting and sleeping. Everything was on hold, Yummy helped me thru that difficult time. Leafing thru the magazine gave me the determination to get better in order to learn to cook so that I and my family can enjoy those delicious looking dishes featured in Yummy.

    Yummy not only ignited my passion for cooking, but for writing as well as I started a blog in March of this year. It’s not much but it keeps me busy, and inspired. I made a recent post about Yummy. Here is the link if you would like to check it out:


  19. Jenny Encabo says:

    I love everything about Yummy Magazine!They always have fresh ideas, new features, cool magazine layout, promos and inspiring stories. I’m hooked since March 2007!

    The editorial staff are also nice and cool.

    This magazine inspired me to be a better home baker. Yummy has become a part of my life. I’m so “addicted” to it. 😀

  20. Josie says:

    As a housewife, I really want to satisfy my family with delicious and budget-friendly meals. Yummy magazine always gives me fresh ideas that never disappoint! It makes my life so much easier for its easy to follow recipes and definitely more exciting as it offers new
    dishes to try every month! :)