Eat my GF: Yes, there’s a french fry store named that

“UGH,” I shuddered, with much righteous indignation over a french fry stand with a controversial name. “What the $^%&#% was going through the owner’s mind, naming their product that?” I gestured wildly at the tarp advertising Eat my GF, a newish french fry stall at Alabang Town Center’s Food Choices. Having spent a good deal of my career coining names for new products and services, I’m quite well-versed in the name game. And a name as crass as that was a big no-no in my book. Especially when we’re talking food.

Garlic Fries at ATC

They’re cooking my order, heehee.

I continued my scathing analysis as we waited for our food, until the customer at the table beside us arrived with a serving of freshly fried potato chips. That looked OH-SO-GOOD. THAT shut me up.

Next time I was at ATC, I decided to let go of my name biases and order a serving of the so-called GF, aka garlic fries. As I awaited my order, I started talking to the person manning the counter, a pleasant guy named Kim who, it turns out, owns the stall. The Eat my GF stall at Alabang Town Center is their first branch, but soon, they’ll open another one at Glorietta’s Food Choices. There must be something about their fries if they could open a new one within a few months of the first one.

Garlic Fries at ATC


My curiosity was quickly put to rest when I finally got my order. Think fries that are crisp on the outside and mealy on the inside, as a good french fry should be. Then, slather it with garlic oil, fresh, raw garlic bits, parmesan and parsley. Ooomph! First bite was a winner. Second bite turned me into a believer. I take back whatever I said before. They can call it dog shit for all I care, I’ll freaking eat it. Heck, I was picking out the little clumps of garlic and parsley that were left in my fry carton. It was THAT good.

But it doesn’t stop there. For an additional 36 bucks, you can have some sausages or smoked bacon with your fries. And you do know what they say about bacon and anything.

If you prefer potato chips, they also have some freshly fried ones called Virgin Chips. Another variation that’s coming soon is the Eat my BF–bawang fries?–which will have gravy, mushrooms and fried garlic.

Oh, and another small thoughtful thing I love. They hand out MINTS when you buy garlic fries. Mints! Every restaurant that serves garlicky dishes should do this. Eat my GF, you win extra brownie points!

I’m a very stubborn person. Once I decide I don’t like something, it’ll be tough selling it to me. So for me to do a 180, there’s a lot to be said about those super insanely yummy fries, right?

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12 Responses to Eat my GF: Yes, there’s a french fry store named that

  1. Clair says:

    Must try this when I go to the south! So curious about garlic fries. Haven’t been in the area for months now. I miss eating in BF and now I want to go to ATC for this haha.

  2. Zane says:

    ROFL, bawang fries yeah!

  3. Eileen says:

    Been a fan of Eat My GF since I first tried it out a couple of months back. You should also try their Virgin Chips and Nacho Mama. Love their stuff so much I posted two entries on my blog. Here are the links if you would like to read them:

  4. Anne says:

    i love Eat My GF! I seriously crave this everyday! Good thing i live near ATC so i can buy it almost everyday! My new addiction is their virgin chips. yummm… now i gotta get some now. haha

  5. Jenn says:

    Enjoying your blog. You describe it so well, I could almost taste it. I will look out for their stall in Glorietta. ATC is just too out of my way. :-)

  6. mouth watering… blog. Nice write up for Eat MY GF! will have to try this.:)

  7. toni says:

    Kainis ang name! Pero sige na nga kung mapadpad akong South, pwede na rin ‘tong masubukan. Only because you said it was good! 😀

  8. jenny says:

    bacon for an extra 36 dollars?!

  9. kaoko says:

    Get! 😀 Sulit s’ya.

    Bawang FTW!

    Yeah! Nabasa ko yung posts mo. Sarap no?

    I haven’t tried their chips yet. Next time, I’ll be sure to buy it instead.

    Glad you’re liking it! Malapit na raw magbukas yung Glorietta branch, so let’s hope it’s not too long a wait.

    Hahaha, agree! I still call it garlic fries instead of GF when I buy. I just can’t resist. Though I want to try my hand at making some too. I guess this is what happens when you’re suddenly flooded with lots of free time.

    Ooops, the prices are in Philippine Pesos, sorry for the confusion. The bacon add on translates to a little less than a dollar in USD.

  10. Chie says:

    Marketing strategy talaga! :) I love french fries! Yum! :) Thanks for sharing! Hope to try this soon!

  11. Guia Obsum says:

    I see this everytime I’m in ATC although it didn’t pique my interest save for the intriguing name brand. I’m not fond of flavored fries so I haven’t had the chance to try it. But your post made me rethink. I’ll have a try the next time I’m in Town. :)

  12. kaoko says:

    Hay, it probably is but it’s not something I subscribe too. I sure as hell never tried pulling that sort of thing when I was still working. Nevertheless, all prejudices against the branding aside, it really makes for a yummy snack. Even without the bacon!

    I’m not a big fan of flavored fries either—the ones with the powdered flavorings? I really like this one though, probably because the flavors are from real ingredients and not a dried powder sachet. Perhaps you’ll end up liking this too :)

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