Getting to know Chicken Charlie

My friends have Chicken Charlie on the brain. Chicken Charlie this, Chicken Charlie that. Their cravings come at inopportune moments. Each attack makes them rush to their favorite social networking sites, posting how they’d give the world for a bite of Chicken Charlie. Next thing you know, you want to eat fried chicken, too.

Chicken Charlie - BF Homes

Chicken Charlie’s BF Homes, Parañaque branch

Two of the offenders, Nina and Cla, have been trying to lure me to Quezon City with promises to feed me Chicken Charlie. But the commute is long and uncomfortable, so despite their unrelenting prodding, I’ve held back–until an errand in BF Homes had us driving by Chicken Charlie. Surprised, I suddenly recalled news that a branch has opened in Paranaque.

Chicken Charlie - BF Homes

See those bottles on the shelves? BUNDABERG!

Chicken Charlie is a local fried chicken restaurant that specializes in Korean-style fried chicken. Think Bon Chon Chicken and you get a fairly good idea of what I mean. Like their Korean counterpart, their chicken is double fried to ensure a thin, crisp skin, before it’s glazed in a sauce of your choice. Available glazes are spicy and soy garlic. If you have a hard time deciding, you can opt to mix it up. Available cuts are wings, done buffalo-style, and drumsticks. A combo option is available if you’d like both parts.

Chicken Charlie - Chicken Wings

Charlie’s chickentastic chicken!

As expected from the double frying technique, the chicken had a nice crisp skin that took the glaze’s flavors well. Each bite was flavorful—the spicy version had a hint of sweetness that complemented the heat well. The soy garlic had a smoky aroma reminiscent of sesame oil on top of the soy and garlic flavors.

Chicken Charlie also offers sides like pickled radish, yam fries (kamote!) and potato wedges. Poring through the menu board, the dynamite cheesesticks caught my eyes. Dynamite cheesesticks are finger chilis stuffed with cheese, before being wrapped with lumpia wrappers then deep fried. It’s much tamer than the dynamite sticks I’m used too and would’ve been better with a bit more cheese.

Chicken Charlie - Dynamite Cheesesticks

Cheesestick Dynamite – Where’s the explosion?

After licking my fingers clean, I understood why my friends were all spellbound by Charlie’s charms. This flavorful and crispy fried chicken appeals strongly to Pinoy tastebuds, what with our predilection for sweet things. Chicken Charlie definitely makes my list of go to fried chicken joints.

Chicken Charlie has branches in Banawe, San Juan, Malate, and Parañaque. For more details, visit their branch listing.
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10 Responses to Getting to know Chicken Charlie

  1. the malate store is closest to us so we plan to go there more often now that it’s open. a new katipunan store is also set to open soon. i still think the banawe store is still the best though~

  2. Troy says:

    I just went to Chicken Charlie BF Branch which was just 10 minutes from my home! The chicken was cooked perfectly and their prices are not that expensive. I tried their Spicy sweet and Soy garlic chicken and it’s very flavourful! But I was hoping that they have sauces or dips for their chicken instead of a lonely pickled radish. I also tried thier Dynamite cheesesticks which is something new for my tastebud but I missed the explosion. Nevertheless, I’m still going back to Chicken Charlie!

  3. After we tried Bon Chon Chicken and not being satisfied, people kept on insisting we gotta try Chicken Charlie. I hope that’ll happen soon. And that Cheesestick Dynamite looks really yummy. I know Ken will enjoy that.

    • kaoko says:

      What didn’t you like about Bon Chon? They’re quite similar so if it’s the general style of cooking, you may find Chicken Charlie wanting too. But of course, it’s best to try it yourselves at least once. :)

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  5. Kyam says:

    Chicken Charlie is already open in Katipunan! (We tried it last week) So yey! XD

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