Delimondo Corned Beef: Corned Beef Levels Up

If your family’s like ours, chances are there’s a couple of cans of corned beef stashed in your cupboard. In most Filipino households, corned beef is a pantry staple, together with sardines, SPAM and pork and beans for food emergencies. Recently, a new can has joined our pantry mix—Delimondo Corned Beef.

Delimondo Corned Beef

Don’t be fooled by the plain-looking labels

A premium corned beef conceptualized by Ms. Katrina Ponce-Enrile, Delimondo boasts of corned beef that large chunks that come off in wonderfully long, beefy threads. Cured in specially selected spices, the beef is packed in a thin, light stock instead of lard, making for a less greasy, less oily corned beef.

Delimondo comes in two variants–ranch style and chili and garlic. Both are packed with high quality beef that’s teeming with natural goodness, but the faint of heart must be warned; the chili and garlic variant packs a solid, fiery punch.

Delimondo Corned Beef

Lots of yummy sauce. Where’s my rice?

We like sautéing our corned beef in a little garlic and onion. I’m sure a lot of you guys do so as well. Because of the stock it’s packed in, it comes out saucy without being too oily. Even if you don’t add water, you get a nice flavorful sauce that’s great for pouring over steamed rice. I usually add one onion to one can, saving half to add after I take it off the heat, adding a sweet onion crunch to the tender beef. Perfection!

Spicy Corned Beef Pasta

Recycling leftovers has never been this yummy

Leftovers lend itself well to recycling. I used leftover Chili and Garlic Corned Beef (sautéed in garlic and onion again) to a fresh tomato pasta and it was fantastic! The spicy beef contrasted nicely with the refreshing freshness of the tomato. Total win.

Delimondo uses premium cuts of beef. Pricing is premium, too, making it more expensive than local brands. Quality-wise though, you get what you pay for so it’s worth the price. Try it once and you’ll see why it’s a good addition to your pantry—even if it’s to sit side-by-side with your regular corned beef.

Delimondo is available at S&R and other selected stores. For more information, visit their facebook page, call (632) 887-5168 / (632) 893-5551 loc. 481/480 or email
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4 Responses to Delimondo Corned Beef: Corned Beef Levels Up

  1. Drew says:

    We do have some canned goods in our pantry but I would have to say that Spam and Vienna Sausages are my favorite. I sorta liked corned beef that are dry and crispy, paired with hash browns…eaten with fried eggs with a soggy yolk and pandesal… *drools*

    • kaoko says:

      I don’t think this will work with the dry-fried corned beef. Pang masabaw talaga ‘to. As to SPAM, it’s a guilty pleasure, hehe. I love Black Pepper the best.

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  3. lot says:

    maybe once in a blue moon. the idea of meat in a can stored in shelves at room temp just speaks…what are added to keep that meat in edible condition…all of it gets eaten. rather than cookibg fresh meat with just the spices uve added in em like garlic, onions pepper salt etc. id go for latter

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