Tuna Teppanyaki Bento

I’m slowly but surely plowing through my post bank. A tough task, considering how many gigabytes of photos and thoughts are stored there. I was surprised to see a lone unposted bento post. I miss preparing bento, and knowing that a large number of my readers were drawn to Kitchen Cow by the bento posts, it felt like a small victory, unearthing this photo.

Bento with Tuna Teppanyaki

Miss this? I miss it, too!

If you’re wondering about the dearth of bento posts, fact is, my circumstances have changed greatly. I’ve taken a break from the workforce to focus on other things. A great many things, yes—and working to make Kitchen Cow better than ever is among my list of tasks. Of course, while staying home means I don’t need to pack lunch anymore, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to. I still want to because it was always more about the creative and culinary challenge, rather than just a need to feed myself. So, let’s cross our collective fingers for a bento revival.

Oh yeah, the bento above! It features, clockwise from top left:

  • Sautéed bean sprouts
  • Rice
  • Leftover tuna teppanyaki from Omakase
  • A salad of tomatoes, feta cheese and smoked salmon

I know, I know. The salad doesn’t exactly go with the bean sprouts and the teppanyaki but it’s something I like eating, so it’s still a good thing, don’t you agree?

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4 Responses to Tuna Teppanyaki Bento

  1. bee says:

    I love reading your posts especially those that are bento-related. I prepare the most hideous-looking bento boxes, but your food combinations, recipes, photos, and tips have helped me create more appetizing lunches. So, yes…keeping my fingers crossed that there would one day be a bento revival. : )

    • kaoko says:

      Thank you bee! And don’t be too hard on yourself about how your bento looks. As long as you enjoy eating them and enjoy preparing them, it’s a good bento!

  2. MrsKookie says:

    Im glad I found you! I chanced upon your blog a few months ago and I loved your bento boxes. I told myself I’d get some inspiration from your bento when I do my daughter’s baon. I forgot to bookmark then I just lost you from my browsing history. Hay. “Found” you again when I was googling about Manang’s Chicken :) your blog is “yummy” and easy to read… looking forward to reading past posts and your upcoming ones :)

    • kaoko says:

      Glad you found this place again, Mrs. Kookie! I’m not preparing bento as much as I used to, but it’s something I hope to remedy. I really really miss it!

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