Cafe Breton: Formula for a wonderful day

Breakfast is largely a personal affair, spent in the comfort of your own home, with you in wrinkled pajamas, your hair all tousled and eyes barely open. Still, having breakfast outside your home has its own charm and when it’s at a place like Cafe Breton, it’s worth the shower and the drive.

Cafe Breton - Galette with Bacon and Eggs

Look at that BACON!

A lot of times, I forget the names of what I order. After all, before my morning coffee, I’m little more than sleepwalking. But I remember slowly waking up to delightful flavors and aromatic coffee. With that, a smile spreads slowly across my face.

Cafe Breton - Galette with Hungarian Sausage and Egg

Or perhaps you’d prefer some Hungarian Sausage?

After all, how many times are you welcomed by a helping of rustic smoked bacon and an egg, nestled on a folded galette and served with boiled tomatoes? Or an equally wonderful galette topped with a large hungarian sausage, an egg, and cheese sauce? I don’t know why but despite the abundance of fried meat, neither dish makes me feel woozy afterwards. All you get is energy and a brilliant day ahead of you, instead of the lethargy you can get from too much oil, too early in the morning.

Cafe Breton - Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Garlic Crepe

Who said crepes had to be sweet?

At this point, you can already tell that I like my breakfast savory. Another favorite is the ham, tomato, cheese and garlic crepe. Creamy, chewy cheese, flavorful meat and refreshing tomatoes, finished with a bite of garlic. Sometimes I wonder how such simple ingredients can create such perfection.

Cafe Breton - Mocha

Can’t be a complete breakfast without coffee.

No matter what you order, there are a few rules to follow. Eat slowly. Savor every bite. Soak up the languid ambiance. Drink your coffee hot. Laugh with your companions. Share a bite from each plate. Smile. Then remember that your wonderful morning deserves to be followed by an even better day.

Breakfast enjoyed at Cafe Breton Westgate Alabang. Call them at 771-1214.
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5 Responses to Cafe Breton: Formula for a wonderful day

  1. Oohh yess… look at that bacon! What a hearty breakfast. Wish there’s a nearby resto or food joint here that serves breakfast. Most of the time, I’m too sleepy to cook in the morning. This would definitely wake me up. ^_^

  2. That breakfast looks amazing. I’m suddenly wishing I can wake up to a large plate of bacon tomorrow too.

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