Happy Pocky no Hi!

I love silly events. That said, I want to greet everyone Happy Pocky no Hi! Happy Pocky Day! Yes. Pocky. Those chocolate-covered Japanese pretzel sticks. If you prefer the Korean version, Peppero, I’ll greet you Happy Peppero day instead. As long as we can all enjoy our chocolate-covered pretzel goodness, I’m happy.

15/52 It's just a little crush

My faves? Almond Crush & MEN’S Pocky *snicker*

Why is November 11 Pocky day? Well, grab a box, then put four sticks side-by-side. If you’re feeling accurate, get another stick and place it diagonally in between. And since it’s 2011, might as well add three more sticks—another diagonal one, and another two sticks.

11 / 11 / 11

Need I say more? What’s your favorite Pocky variant?

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