Blenz Coffee: Handcrafted Pretty

More than just something to satisfy rumbling tummies, food has fast become an art form of its own. From the delicate plating of fine dining restaurants, to lunchtime bento extravaganzas, to literal food installation art pieces, like it or not, food art is here to stay. And not just on food. At Blenz Coffee, art invades your drinks as well.

Blenz Coffee - Iced Matcha Latte

Iced Green Tea Latte

A couple of days ago, I got together with a handful of bloggers and the Nuffnang people for a casual afternoon of coffee. Or in my case, an afternoon of Iced Matcha Latte. Caffeine-freak Kao not have coffee? You’d wonder if there was something wrong, but I was easily swayed by people attesting that Blenz Matcha Latte was wonderful. Smooth and strongly flavored with matcha, it fares better than some other coffee shop matcha lattes that taste more of vanilla than actual Japanese Green Tea. The smoothness comes from hand whipping real matcha powder with a traditional Japanese bamboo whisk. While this extra measure takes longer, it guarantees a better crafted drink.

Blenz Coffee - Hand-whisked Matcha

Hand-whisked Matcha

Where does the art come in? Well, later in the afternoon, the Blenz people showcased their latte art skill. While I appreciate latte art, especially those intricate ones you see during competitions, it’s never a deal breaker for me. As long as I get my caffeine dose, I’m happy.

Blenz Coffee - Latte Art

Dragon & Panda. Sounds like a Kung-Fu Panda Sequel

Blenz Coffee sees it differently. For them, Latte Art shows their dedication to perfection. Apparently, to properly create latte art, you need to start with ideal conditions. That is, a perfect shot of espresso and milk, perfectly foamed at the right temperature. Only then can you get the right consistency that lends itself to latte art.

Blenz Coffee - Barista preparing coffee

Our barista Ivan preparing coffee

It’s interesting to note that at Blenz, everything is handcrafted. Their espresso machines are manually operated and drinks are handcrafted. Nowhere in their stores will you find single button coffee machines that start with beans and end up as a drink in a cup. Of course, there lies the challenge of training skilled baristas who have the talent to craft that perfect cup.

While only the latte drinks are conducive to milk and coffee drawings, their dedication to handcrafted goodness doesn’t stop there. Chocolate lovers may want to try their Belgian Chocolate drinks in hot and cold. It uses authentic Belgian chocolate discs, the good kind that produces a sharp snap when it breaks.

Blenz Coffee - Belgian Hot Chocolate

Chocolate and milk. Mmmmmm.

We spent the day chatting some more about coffee. Some of us even got to try their hand at creating latte art themselves. Me? I walked away with a desire to have one of those fabulous coffee machines in my kitchen.

Blenz Coffee - DIY Latte Art

Shopping girl Trixie and Nail Artist Extraordinaire Nikki try their hand at Latte Art.
Blenz Coffee’s branches in the Philippines can be found at Solaris One along Dela Rosa in Makati, at the Bonifacio E-Services Building along 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, and at Megamall, Ortigas.
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6 Responses to Blenz Coffee: Handcrafted Pretty

  1. Nikki says:

    It was wonderful seeing you again after Yakult! Hope to bump into you again some other time 😀

  2. So this was what you meant! I’d love to have a dragon in my cup hahaha. Oo nga, I forgot there was one near our old office!

  3. Trixie says:

    Here’s to more caffeine!!!!

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