Kitchen Cow’s No Apparent Reason Bento Giveaway

I love giveaways. What’s not to love? You get a chance to win things with very little effort involved. As much as I love participating in them, I love holding them too. It’s true what they say, giving is fun! Instead of waiting for my next blog anniversary, let’s have one now!

Kitchen Cow Bento Giveaway

Win this bento package! No reason at all, I just feel like doing a raffle. 😛

Win this bento prize package containing:

  1. 4 decoration sticks
  2. 1 pack checked wax paper bento liners
  3. 2 onigiri container / molds
  4. 1 cute sandwich cutter
  5. 1 Lube Sheep Urara triangular onigiri bento box
  6. 2 bento bands
  7. 1 set reusable plastic bento cups
  8. 1 sakura-shaped craft punch (usable for nori)
  9. 1 set food picks
  10. 1 set colorful baran (bento dividers)
  11. 2 pcs furikake containers (also good for thick sauces)
  12. 1 set fun-shaped onigiri molds (bear, boy & girl)
  13. 1 Lube Sheep Urara fork with case (matches the bento box)
  14. 1 set chopsticks with chopstick hard case
  15. 6 pcs sauce containers
  16. 1 copy 501 Bento Box Lunches Book

Excited? You have multiple ways to win. You can leave a comment on this post. You can like Kitchen Cow on Facebook. Or you can follow @kitchencow on Twitter. There’s also a bonus raffle ticket somewhere, but I won’t tell you how to get it. It’s up to you to find out. After you do these things, you’ll have to fill in this form to ensure that all of your entries are validated and counted. Each person can only comment, like and follow once, for a maximum of 4 raffle coupons. No purchase necessary, no cost on your part, just a little bit of clicking and a little bit of your time.

Promo duration will be from today, November 23, to December 7, 2011, 11:59 pm (Manila time). Winner will be chosen using an online randomizer and will be announced within that week. Unlike the previous bento package giveaways, this giveaway will only be available to current residents of the Philippines and non-residents who have Philippine-based shipping addresses. With the holidays approaching, I don’t want to gamble on shipping a package overseas, so please accept my apologies, overseas readers.

Like what you see? Good luck winning!

WANTSES MOAR? Visit for more bento books and supplies.

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69 Responses to Kitchen Cow’s No Apparent Reason Bento Giveaway

  1. Urban Pinay says:

    Weee…. love to get that bento cookbook. thanks for your contest!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Wow I want this for my daughter! I want to start making bento for her. Thanks for your contest. Hoping to win! :)

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  4. joining too so excited!

  5. Barbara Candano says:

    Wow! These look so awesome! Hope I win! <3

  6. Chris Fadera says:

    I love your food blog! keep up the fantastic work!

  7. Vielka Villanueva says:

    The bento package makes me hungry!
    PS. Your dog is so fluffehhhh :3

  8. Drew says:

    Your blog never ceases to hunger me…I mean Amaze me.

  9. wow! my sister just showed me your blog last Saturday and i’m amazed at your creative works! 😀 we just finished shopping some basic supplies for making onigiris and then she decided to show me your blog… hope i get to win your contest before my birthday. ^^ more power!

  10. Max says:

    COOL! Joining! :)

  11. camille quiambao says:

    I really hope to win. I love your blog :)

  12. lidia berengueras says:

    I good idea! I love,
    the truth I would win this pack bento accessories! ^^ 😀

  13. Eva says:

    Omg, love it!!! This is awesome, I have been so busy with making bento’s and onigiri lately.. This would be great to help me out, I need some creativity!