Eating at IKEA

When homebound yet itching to travel, the one thing I like doing is looking at old photos! And I unearthed various ones from old visits to Hong Kong’s IKEA stores. Why would I babble about IKEA on a food blog? Well, aside from the ‘happy selection of kitchenware and utensils I wouldn’t usually buy but it’s dirt cheap here so might as well,’ I actually like eating at the IKEA cafes and restaurants.

IKEA - Ikea Causeway Bay

Shopping at IKEA Causeway Bay with my Pack Mule

Now don’t scoff at me. I know their food’s a mixed bag and some are totally ordinary cafeteria dishes, but come on. THE SWEDISH MEATBALLS! Everyone I know who has eaten it loves it to bits. Served with a side of potatoes, gravy and cranberry jam, it has to be the poster child of IKEA food. It’s also a must-have on my list. Especially when it’s among the weekly deals; it’s the perfect reason to get the big platter to share.

IKEA - Swedish Meatballs

The fabled Swedish Meatballs

Have you tried their chicken wings? That’s another thing I like ordering. The fact that they stay pretty yummy and juicy despite being kept in the warmer is a mean feat. Another memorable dish is the spinach and cheese pancakes. This savory crepe-like pancake is stuffed with spinach and gooey cheese. Can’t go wrong with gooey cheese, right?

IKEA - Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings!

IKEA - Cheese & Spinach Pancakes


I find it unfortunate that not all IKEAs have full-fledged restaurants, but I guess their snack bars are sufficient for that Swedish meatball fix, right? Have meatballs, will shop. Good enough for me!

IKEA - Takeout Counter Food

IKEA Takeout Counter Food

Oh IKEA, I miss you so. If I had the money, I’d hop a plane and nom right now. Unfortunately, I don’t so I’ll have to stare at your photos instead. I’m sure a lot of you readers will relate. If you can’t, better give it a shot next time you travel. Try it at least once, to enjoy the complete IKEA experience.

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20 Responses to Eating at IKEA


  2. ibyang says:

    i love their meatballs! :) we also love ordering their salmon here in sydney. cheap but really good.

  3. I JUST ate at Ikea last night with a friend here in Seattle—I hadn’t been to one for a few years, since we lived near Kobe. I had the meaty white fish with a crunchy crust, mashed potatoes, and veggies, and bought a jar of lingonberry preserves to take home. So yum. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to do a post on eating there! :)

    • kaoko says:

      Lingonberry! Thanks for reminding me what it was. I didn’t even know what lingonberries are (I still don’t 😛 ) but I agree, it’s great with the meatballs.

  4. Khursten says:

    Ya know… I’m heading to KL. ;w; Maybe it’s time I try these again. I luff ’em.

  5. Sydneylyn says:

    staring and drooling…

  6. Kaye Catral says:

    You should try their Fresh River Shrimps/ Prawns! So sweet!

  7. offense but I’ve tried Ikea’s swedish meatballs in SG. It was ok. I wasn’t that blown over. I’m not sure for their HK stores but SG has roast chicken and salmon. Those I love. =)

    • kaoko says:

      No offense taken, Tin! That’s the wonderful thing about food, we all have different tastes. I’ve had the meatballs in both HK and SG and there’s not much diff, so don’t bother trying it out elsewhere just to taste. 😛 It’s time to trust your tastebuds, heehee.

      I haven’t tried the salmon but with a number of you guys mentioning it, I’ll make sure to keep my eyes peeled for that. Now if I can only find the funds to travel soon. *cries*

  8. Jenn says:

    Haven’t been to the ones in Asia but I totally love their meatballs. That chicken wings looked mean. Should try to make my way to Ikea next time I’m in HK.

    • kaoko says:

      I’ve tried the ones in HK and SG and they’re mostly consistent, so what you’re having where you are is probably the same. Yay for consistent food all over the world 😛

  9. Ingrid says:

    Oh, the Swedish köttbullar. The only thing I eat when going to IKEA and because we have a store close to the office, I sometimes drop by just for lunch. Especially as it is rather cheap. We get the meatballs with fries (see here). :o)

  10. jaydj says:

    I miss eating at IKEA! My wife and I love their meatballs. I love their mushroom soup, salmon and salad…and want to try pretty much everything whenever there.

    The huge IKEA branch at Tampines has a huge dining area! Highly recommended.

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