Singapore’s take on street ice cream

It’s easy to tell that summer has arrived. The sun shines brighter than ever, the colors are livelier, and you get an insane craving for cold things like ice cream! I have an assortment of favorites, both local and elsewhere, one kind of ice cream that made its mark on me is Singapore’s streetside Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Singapore Street Food: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Coffee! Mocha! Something coffee-like!

Where we have dirty ice cream, ice buko and ice cream carts with lively tunes from the major ice cream manufacturers, Singapore’s streetside ice cream carts feature an interesting take on the ice cream sandwich.

Singapore Street Food: Ice Cream Sandwiches

A cart along Orchard road, right outside Prada. Breakfast at Tiffany’s? We had Merienda at Prada.

Imagine a block of ice cream. Yes, I said block. Not tub, not can, but block. They’re similar to those handcrafted soap blocks that specialty shops slice into bars. THAT sort of block. There are a lot of those ice cream blocks in his cart, corresponding to different flavors. Once you make your selection, Uncle Ice Cream man slices off a soap-like block, then sandwiches it between two layers of thin, crisp wafers. He hands you that wafer-ice cream block-wafer sandwich wrapped in a thin plastic wrapper. You may wonder if it’s really ice cream, but after a happy bite, you’re on your way to ice cream heaven.

Singapore Street Food: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mine! Omnomnomnomnom!

What’s nice about this ice cream sandwich is how the wafer remains crisp. Unlike commercially packaged ice cream sandwiches that have a tendency to go soggy, this is closer to how you can enjoy a freshly prepared ice cream cone. Another thing I noticed is that it held its shape fairly well, and isn’t as drippy as normal ice cream.

Singapore Street Food: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookies and Cream

Both King’s and Wall’s have these ice cream carts, so you can take your pick and enjoy the ice cream you prefer, in a myriad of flavors too. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the freezer for a bit of ice cream as well.

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11 Responses to Singapore’s take on street ice cream

  1. IamJoyceee says:

    I know! I love SG’s one dollar ‘dirty’ ice cream! :) I always get the choco chip on wafer! :)

  2. I always see that when we’re in Sg but never tried one. Now I will na pag punta namin :)

    • kaoko says:

      I always ignored it too, until our most recent visit. It’s not super fabulous terrific the world has stopped turning ice cream, but it’s a fun experience and is yummy enough. Plus, it’s just 1SGD! 😛

  3. Aileen says:

    Never been to SG… so I’ll take note of this one 😛
    This is much like the Japanese ice creams that I’ve come to love!

  4. Richard says:

    My daughter and I love the block ice cream. She has it with bread, while I lean towards the wafer but sometimes get tempted by the bread also.

  5. Alex says:

    I wish I saw this before! Napa-laway ako dun. :( <3

  6. Deep Parikh says:

    how to take a distribution of sandwitch ice cream in other countries of wall”s brand with same flavor available in Singapore.

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