The Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger Search Saga: Where I extend my thanks to YOU!

I was working on a different blog post today, but seeing how a lot of lovely people were pretty supportive of my joining the Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger Search, I figure I’d stop to thank everyone for their well-wishes. That said, thank you everyone, not just for the moral support you’ve provided through the course of the contest, but for all the support you’ve shown through the years.

I appreciate your comments and ideas, as well as the short conversations we’ve had. I’m also thankful for the offline friendships I’ve developed with people I’ve met through this blog. It makes all the effort and occasional frustration (sucks when you don’t know much about a blog’s technical back-end) worth it. You guys keep this site going. That said, thank you, thank you, thank you!

That personal bit aside, I’d like to extend my congratulations to Mae of When in Manila for winning the Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger Award! Congrats, Mae! Enjoy the food trip, it’s going to be wonderful, I bet. 😀

Mae Ilagan of When in Manila
Home is Where the Tummy Is: The Sooo Pinoy Foods that Remind you of Home

Here’s a round up of the other Round 3 entries. They’re all wonderfully insightful, they deserve to be shared with you guys. As to the rest of the contestants, Paolo and Marie, looking forward to that future food trip with you! 😀

Kitchen Kitchie Koo
So far, the craziest thing I’ve done for food! It’s sooooo Pinoy!

Paolo Mandingiado
Of hot tongues, amphibian legs and laaaaaaamb (Sooo Pinoy: Inspiring Filipino Food Greenbelt Foodtrip

Kitchen Cow (Mine, in case you missed it :P)
Sonnet to the Pinoy: What it means when I say Filipino Food is Sooo Pinoy

Unlimited Grub Grabs
Sooo Pinoy Food Tour: Filipino Cuisine in a Whole New Light

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6 Responses to The Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger Search Saga: Where I extend my thanks to YOU!

  1. AikoVenus says:

    Such great entries – and congrats to Mae! ^^ I agree with you on the technical bit on the blog…its so great to get comments and other forms of encouragement!

  2. Mae says:

    Thank You Chrissie! Looking forward to our foodtrip soon! ahihihi

  3. Em Dy says:

    Congratulations Kaoko. Thank you too for introducing me to other food blogs. Will definitely check them out.

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