Yummy Excuses to Start Cooking Again

I first laid eyes on Yummy Magazine five years ago. It looked interesting, so we brought a copy home, along with another local food magazine we used to buy. We eventually stopped buying that other mag, but Yummy remained a magazine staple for us. So when a complimentary copy of the March 2012 edition arrived in our house, we started arguing about who gets to read it first. (My mother beat me because I was multi-tasking with Draw Something. :P)

83:365 Yummy Magazine

Then and Now: Yummy March 2007 & March 2012

Flipping through the pages, I immediately noticed a difference in look. There are a lot of handwritten fonts, page elements have been moved around, headers and column pages have been redesigned. Of course, while new things have been added, Yummy’s signature mouthwatering food photos are still there, consistently eliciting ooh and aahs and horrible hunger pangs.

As always, Yummy’s articles make for interesting reading. The Bottling 101 article not just provided information, it helps get ideas going, encouraging experimentation. I immediately flagged the Homemade Taco Seasoning recipe a must try. Plus the Bistek Wrap suggestion? I wanted to eat the photo so badly!

Yummy Books: Everyday Pasta

Everyday Pasta

Aside from the March edition, I also got a chance to leaf through Yummy’s new Everyday Pasta recipe book. It’s a good addition to any pasta lover’s arsenal, mostly because of old favorites (gigantor meatballs anyone?), renditions of restaurant fare (truffled mac and cheese!) and interesting new ideas (caesar salad pasta!). I haven’t had the chance to cook anything from the recipe book yet, but from what I’ve seen so far, the recipes are simple and quite doable.

Once again, Yummy has provided us with winners that can be counted on to beef up your kitchen repertoire. These two offer a great excuse to go back to the kitchen. So, go ahead, grab a copy and get cooking. Your family and friends will love you for it.

Review copies of Yummy Magazine March 2012 and Everyday Pasta have been provided by Summit Publishing.
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6 Responses to Yummy Excuses to Start Cooking Again

  1. I don’t read the mags but I definitely buy the compilation cookbooks. They’ve never failed me yet. I plan to bring the whole lot in SG since my cache of recipes are so sadly lacking. =)

    • kaoko says:

      The compilation cookbooks are nice, I agree. Helps that they’re handy too. :) Plus, I always like it when a cookbook is written for a particular region. Sometimes, it’s so difficult to source ingredients when they’re imported cookbooks.

  2. joey says:

    Hope you like the taco seasoning! :)

    • kaoko says:

      Your column was timed perfectly! I’ve been looking around for a good DIY taco seasoning the past few weeks. Always used ready to use ones, but I’ve been having difficulty finding my favorite one recently, so I figured it’s time to make some from scratch.

  3. Sarah Em says:

    I love these magazines! I picked one up in 2008, the last time I was in the Phils. Whenever a relative of mine goes for a holiday I always request a copy :-) I got the new issue only yesterday which brings my collection to a total of 5 mags LoL

    great blog btw, I first read it a couple of years ago because of all the cute bentos you made. now that I have kids I’ll try my hand at it.

    • kaoko says:

      Perhaps you can try contacting them via email, if they’re willing to let you subscribe and have it sent directly overseas? Or if you have relatives still residing here, you can get a subscription sent to them, tapos batch sending to you whenever anyone comes home. That way, no missed issues 😀

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