Stackers Burger Cafe: A Stackful of Burger Goodness

When a restaurant names itself after the fact that they serve multiple hamburger patties stacked atop each other, it’s natural to order a burger right? Well, that wasn’t the case during our first visit to Stackers Burger Cafe. Fortunately, we remedied that a few days ago, as we trooped to their Alabang Town Center branch to satisfy my burger cravings. (Appropriately, after watching The Hunger Games. Go figure.)

83:365 The Massive Burger

Stackers’ The Massive – Sloppier than Joe

It was a toss-up between The Massive, a two-patty, two-cheese burger and their quarter pounder. After much deliberation, I went with The Massive by virtue of it having a smaller, regular-sized bun, and double the cheese. Honestly, it didn’t feel massive when it arrived. Sure, it looked large, but it was far from overwhelming. My lesson? Do not judge a burger by its cover.

Stackers Burger Cafe - Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks: Have I mentioned how much I love cheese?

Another lesson learned? Do not use the wax paper to hold the burger. It gave out halfway through my burger, leaving an icky mess on my hands. A super sloppy burger, this definitely is. Fortunately, its taste more than makes up for it. Meaty, flavorful and juicy with creamy cheese, rich, tangy sauce, and crisp veggies, it was absolutely wonderful. Even if I had to give it the open-faced sandwich treatment halfway through. Next time, I’m going to dive into it with my hands—because oh yes, a next time will be inevitable.

Stackers Burger Cafe - Garlic Chips

Can’t have a burger without fries, right?

Half the enjoyment in having a burger is eating it with fries. Stackers offers Garlic Chips, so we had some of that. These were thick, Belgian-cut fries that were crisp on the outside, then mealy on the inside. Sprinkled with herbs and bits of crunchy garlic, this would’ve been perfect if it were consistent. It can be oily sometimes, which is a turn off for me. Thankfully, the subtle garlic taste makes up for it.

Stackers Burger Cafe - Chocolate Milkshake

Gooey, chocolatey goodness. Or rather, evilness.

So, a burger and fries. With soda, right? Well, I skipped the soda in favor of a thick, creamy, smooth, gooey, and absolutely evil chocolate milkshake. The kind that needs a big fat straw because using a normal straw would take forever. That kind of milkshake.

Stackers Burger Cafe - Chicken Nuggets

What u mean u no like burger?! *tableflip* (Fine, have some nuggets.)

Aside from the stacked burgers (up to quadruple!), they also have premium burgers with an assortment of add-ons. Yes bacon lovers, you can rejoice. They have bacon cheeseburgers. They also have other non-burger offerings, like chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and chicken fillet sandwiches, just in case you’re not a burger fan. Or if you’re a burger fan with non-burger fan friends.

So how does Stackers stack up to other burger places? Quite good actually! As expected, it’s not as cheap as your usual fast food burger, but for what it’s worth, it’s money well spent for something that satisfies my burger cravings this well.

Stackers Burger Cafe has branches at Alabang Town Center, Resorts World Manila, Eastwood City and McKinley Hill Piazza.
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6 Responses to Stackers Burger Cafe: A Stackful of Burger Goodness

  1. Guia Obsum says:

    Ahh.. I just miss eating fries with milkshake! :)

    • kaoko says:

      Match made in heaven, no? I remember in college, one of my favorite treats was to get a strawberry (or chocolate) milkshake + fries from McD’s. Our school used to have one of the last McD’s branches with a milkshake machine so I abused it, hahahaha! Thankfully, the McD’s milkshake has made a comeback no?

  2. Shakey says:

    Stackers! One reason I troop down to Eastwood!

    (well, aside from meeting my gf who works at Eastwood. lol 😛 )

  3. Where’s Stackers at Town? The mozzarella sticks, fries, and milkshake look tempting. Parang mas na-eenganyo ako pumunta haha.

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