John and Yoko: Japanese food gone Cosmopolitan

Despite being in Greenbelt for what seems like ages already, it was only fairly recently, when John and Yoko opened a branch at Alabang Town Center that I managed to try their food. John and Yoko labels its cuisine as cosmopolitan Japanese. Judging from the menu, I’m thinking they mean Japanese with a modern twist. Nevertheless, with their extensive selection — and I do mean extensive — there’s still room for classic offerings to satisfy the usual cravings.

John and Yoko: Grilled Salmon with Wasabi Cream

Grilled Salmon with Wasabi Cream

Appetizers were the first order of business, so we shared Philadelphia rolls and the crispy squid teriyaki. While Philly rolls probably aren’t on the listing of traditional Japanese restaurants, it has been around for quite awhile already so it’s not a surprising offering. On the other hand, the crispy squid teriyaki makes for interesting bar chow, even if it reminds me of those sweet and salty dried squid snacks I loved eating as a kid. My childhood snack suddenly went upscale.

John and Yoko: Crispy Squid Teriyaki

Crispy Squid gone upscale

My friends Rabbit and dementedchris both ordered the Ebi Shiitake Pesto Soba, an interesting dish that blended the earthy shiitake and the refreshing pesto, with plump shrimp on top. The order doesn’t look too big, but it’s deceiving since the soba’s pretty filling.

John and Yoko: Ebi Shiitake Pesto Soba

Mushrooms! Pesto! Shrimp!

I wanted to try something different from the usual Japanese restaurant dishes, so I opted for the Grilled Salmon with wasabi cream. This one, I really loved. The salmon was grilled just right and seasoned well. The wasabi cream sauce was a smooth and creamy complement to the fish. Personally I could take a stronger hit of wasabi, but I imagine other diners would prefer this subtler version.

John and Yoko: Gyudon & Katsudon

Gyudon and Katsudon

Also worth noting at John and Yoko is the appearance of the restaurant. The hip interiors coupled with fun touches like an old Japanese movie (Musashi, we think) projected on a wall add to the cosmopolitan flavor of the restaurant. All in, John and Yoko offers an interesting dining experience. A lot of the dishes are pretty pricey, so I recommend going with dishes that are unique to them, rather than those you can get cheaper and better at other Japanese restaurants.

John and Yoko has branches at Greenbelt 5 and Alabang Town Center.
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4 Responses to John and Yoko: Japanese food gone Cosmopolitan

  1. That pesto soba was just too large for one person! But I guess in the end it wasn’t for me haha. I’ll stick to the gyudon next time!

  2. LA says:

    I love John and Yoko! I love their prawn salad and their pizza whit mango :) love love love! and it’snot “that” expensive too — tama lang! 😀

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