What’s in a name? Shellane Quality, now in Solane

I learned my way around the kitchen at an early age. From my first forays into baking easy treats like coconut macaroons and chocolate crinkles to my initial attempts at cooking tonkatsu and mashed potatoes, all my memories had me slaving at our trusty gas range. I associated cooking with a bright, warm blue flame gently transforming whatever raw ingredients I had into creations my child self would proudly claim to be my very own.

Gas Range

Want to know how young I was then? Let’s just say I had to ask for adult help to light the gas range. :)

Decades later, the kitchen I cook in has changed. So has my kitchen repertoire and the equipment I use. But one thing that has stayed constant is the presence of that trusty baby blue tank of gas labelled Shellane.

Nevertheless, even the most constant of things undergo change. For Shellane, it’s a name change as it’s now renamed Solane. Despite the name change, it’s important to underscore that it’s still the same product, delivering the same trusted quality its loyal customers have always relied on. It contains the same content, hailing from the same, safe Shell depot, following the same quality standards: the same trusted tanks and safety features and the same reliable regulators, undergoing the same stringent inspection procedures.

Solane LPG Tank, formerly Shellane

See? Even the same happy, smiley face on the tank. 😀

What’s with the change then? Well, aside from the new name and new look, customers both loyal and new can count on improved service. The new Solane now administers a 7-Point Safety Check and the Solane Timbang Challenge. Whenever a tank is delivered to your home, it is weighed in front of you, just to reassure you that you’re getting what you paid for.

The Solane 7-Point Safety Check

  1. Environment
    Place cylinders in a well-ventilated area, away from sources of ignition.

  2. O-Ring
    Inspect the rubber O-ring inside the valve. Ensure that it is free from scratches or cracks.

  3. Regulator
    Use the correct regulator and check its condition frequently. Replace within 3 years.

  4. Regulator and Valve Connection
    Attach the regulator and ensure that it is securely connected to the cylinder valve.

  5. Hose
    Use the correct hose and check its condition regularly. Replace the hose every 2 years.

  6. Hose Connection
    Use metal clamps to attach the hose to the regulator and appliance.

  7. Flame Quality
    Ensure that your burner produces a blue flame. Always maintain the quality of your gas appliance.

To sweeten the deal and thank its loyal customers, Solane’s also starting the Solane Loyalista Plus Program. Starting May 1, a minimum order of an 11-kg Solane LPG tank gets you a free food or collectible item. First time orders also get a free ref magnet. For Metro Manila residents, just call the Hatid Bahay Hotline at (02) 887-5555. For orders outside Metro Manila, you may text your orders to their exclusive text-only hotline at +63918-8875555. Online orders may also be placed directly through http://solane.com.ph/online-ordering

Solane Blue Flame

Nothing like cooking with real flame.

So, for your home LPG needs, remember that can still count on the same brand you’ve been counting on for decades now. The Shellane you’ve always trusted your family with is now better than ever under the Solane name. The quality you trust, now in Solane.

To learn more, visit the Solane Homepage at http://solane.com.ph/.

Non-Solane photographs are used compliments of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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