Vermont Classic Frozen Custard: A Richer take on Ice Cream

Remember that Fruits in Ice Cream delivery I posted on Facebook and Twitter two weeks back? Well, I’ve been meaning to give you guys the lowdown on it, but unfortunately, my wonky net connection pushed me to the hiatus zone, so I had to push it back to now. Still, it makes no difference. The verdict remains the same. FIC’s Vermont Classic Frozen Custard is the bomb.

Vermont Classic Frozen Custard

Brownie Batter with Maltesers & Hazelnut Wafers

Push those images of frozen leche flan away from your brain. It’s not that kind of custard. Relatively a new thing in our gelato and froyo-crazed country, Frozen Custard is a frozen dessert that can be considered as ice cream’s decadent sibling. Very similar to ice cream, the main difference is that it has egg yolks blended in, making it richer and creamier. It’s your tub of cold comfort, made even more comforting.

Our first scoop of Vermont Classic Frozen Custard, in my case Brownie Butter, drove home the difference between it and your regular commercial ice cream. The frozen custard was noticeably richer and creamier, with a dense yet smooth mouthfeel. There weren’t any noticeable ice crystals, making for a silkier texture. The flavor was more intense, the custard being the perfect vehicle for letting the flavors shine.

Vermont Classic Frozen Custard

Everything you need for a Frozen Custard party!

The package I received contained not just pints of the frozen custard, but a variety of toppings, along with a recipe card that allowed me to replicate the dessert options they have in the store.

First up, I assembled the Blueberry Cheesecake. Think scoops of cheesecake frozen custard, with blueberries and crushed graham crackers. How can you go wrong with a classic blueberries plus cheesecake combo right? This dessert delivers just that. The cheesecake flavor in the frozen custard is unmistakeable. Complemented by the sweet yet tart blueberries, it’s a winner combo.

205:365 Blueberry Cheesecake Frozen Custard

Cheesecake Frozen Custard with Blueberries & Crushed Grahams

Next up on the recipe list was the Hazelnut Malt. This one had scoops of Brownie Batter frozen custard, finished with malt chocolate balls and hazelnut wafers. The combination is definitely one for chocolate lovers. Personally, I’m happy with just the plain, silky milky chocolatey base (it so reminded me of Magnolia Chocolait, hahaha!) but I’d understand why chocolate addicts would love the overkill.

The last combination I tried was the Honey Almond. A simple, elegant combination, it had scoops of French Vanilla frozen custard, laced with slivered almonds and honey. Despite its simplicity, this is another winning combination as the pure taste of the vanilla is paired with the subtle nuttiness of the almonds, finished with a hint of sticky-sweet honey.

Vermont Classic Frozen Custard

French Vanilla Frozen Custard with Almonds & Honey

Even with all the bells and whistles though, the thing that really stands out is always the frozen custard. Not only is the base custard itself creamier and more luxurious, the denseness of the custard carries flavors that are more intense than other commercial frozen desserts. Add to that just the right amount of sweetness and it’s definitely something you’ll enjoy, even in its plainest, purest form.

Vermont Classic Frozen Custard is initially available at Lulubelle Rockwell and Makati Medical Center branches. Stay tuned to find out when it’ll be made available at an FIC Summer Cafe near you.

Kitchen Cow received a media kit containing product samples for trial. No compensation was received. Opinions are all the author’s own.
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