Super Sumptuous Sundays: The Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Singapore

“We’re going to The Rose Veranda this weekend,” my friend J told me yesterday. Her simple statement made the memories we have of having high tea at Shangri-La Singapore’s The Rose Veranda come flooding in. It also made me realize that I never wrote about it, despite our high regard for their high tea service.

The Rose Veranda - Roses everywhere!

The Rose Veranda at Shangri-La Singapore

The Rose Veranda successfully redefines leisurely dining as customers can laze about in plush armchairs, picking nibbles from the high tea buffet for hours on end, and sip copious amounts of tea as you and your companions catch up with the minutiae of each other’s lives. Imagine, sipping cups of tea (one option lets you switch among 128 tea variants with every pot), standing up for a few nibbles, talking, then standing up for even more nibbles. It’s one buffet where you don’t have to rush and pile everything on your plate because you literally have hours to eat.

The Rose Veranda - Tea

My tea selection, named A Happy Omen

The Rose Veranda’s high tea service is available throughout the week, with two seatings available on weekends and holidays. For a set price, each diner has access to the buffet throughout his / her high tea seating, as well as endless refills of the tea of his / her choice. For an additional amount, you may also opt to try as many of the tea variants you want. The have blends with the most lyrical names, like Weekend in Istanbul, Heart of Happiness, Geisha Bloom, and Jade of Africa, on top of the usual blends like Imperial Oolong, Emperor Sencha and Houjicha.

If that doesn’t get you excited yet, feast your eyes on these high tea food options:

The Rose Veranda - Salad

For some reason, I always hit the salad bar first. The top features your classic Caesar, the bottom photo is a vinaigrette-dressed mesclun with smoked salmon and capers on the side.

The Rose Veranda - Fatty Salmon

From their Japanese food station, a super fatty salmon sashimi. Actually, they didn’t have it the last time we were there, but when we mentioned enjoying it another time we were there, a plateful magically appeared on our table.

The Rose Veranda - Freshly carved Peking Duck

Peking Duck from their Carvery

The Rose Veranda - Meat, potatoes and dimsum

Meat, potatoes and dimsum!

The Rose Veranda - Beef stew

Super tender beef stew that just fell apart when poked with a fork

The Rose Veranda - Rose-themed palate cleanser

A pretty palate cleansing sorbet

The Rose Veranda - Desserts


The Rose Veranda - desserts

… dessert…

The Rose Veranda - and more deserts

… and more dessert!

The Rose Veranda - Fruit tart!

And a parting shot because I love strawberries!
Sumptuous Sundays is a weekly photo series that showcases food. No words, only pictures. Just a little something to start the week right.
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  1. LOL on magically appeared! Ask and you shall receive ang peg.

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