Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend: Tea fit for Royalty

Despite being a self-confessed coffee addict, I still have a particular fondness for tea. We keep a diverse collection in our cupboards, ranging from loose green tea leaves, mild whites, classic Earl Grey, and fruit-infused herbals. The latest acquisition to join the drink cupboard (where I keep my coffee, tea, and hot chocolate mixes) is a canister of Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend Tea with cheap buttered toast. So wrong yet, so yummy.

Blended especially to celebrate the 60th year of Her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne, Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend is available in loose leaf form that’s packaged in limited edition commemorative tin cans.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend

This blend is sold in loose leaf form.

What’s in this blend? For Her Majesty’s anniversary, the company has blended second flush Assam tea, sourced from the Brahmaputra Valley in Northern Eastern Assam, with a mellow Yunnan black tea from Southwestern China. While this mild blend resonates with an Asian feel, it still lends itself well to being enjoyed with milk and sugar. It’s so British, I felt compelled to raise my pinky as I daintily sipped from my teacup.

Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend

This cute pastel-colored canister is also available in pink and blue.

Whether you’re a milk and sugar tea drinker, a honey and lemon one, or a plain, just straight out a pot tea aficionado, this commemorative blend will be a welcome addition to your stash — and not just because the tin can is pretty. Visit your nearest Santis deli if you’d like to try the Twinings Diamond Jubilee Blend. After all, it’s not every day that you get to try tea blended especially for royalty.

Kitchen Cow received a sample of the above-mentioned product for trial purposes. No other compensation was received.
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