My Newest Celebrity Chef Crush: Señor Arpakasso

With the proliferation of food-centric tv shows and the ubiquity of the internet, celebrity chefs are a dime a dozen. Despite their large numbers, there are still a few that rise above the pack. And one of the latest to set the hearts of both the ladies and the men a-flutter is the most unexpected sweetheart, the first ever celebrity alpaca chef, Señor Arpakasso. Or even possibly, the first and only alpaca chef.

Señor Arpakasso

Si, Señor! *swoon*

Currently with three videos gracing youtube, Señor Arpakasso cooks with unabashed panache, masterfully commandeering the kitchen in spite of his shortcomings. Shortcomings, you ask? Well, quite possibly his short limbs, the lack of opposable thumbs, and perhaps the fact that he’s a stuffed alpaca.

Señor Arpakasso bakes Chocolate Fondant

Like I said though, the fact that he’s a stuffed alpaca doesn’t get in the way of his whipping up some absolutely yummy desserts. His first video features a simple chocolate fondant. A simple enough recipe to prepare, yes, but he does it so passionately that you can’t help but swoon.

Señor Arpakasso and his Vanilla & Raspberry Creme Brulee

This was followed by a how-to guide featuring a Vanilla & Raspberry Creme Brulee that features our darling Señor’s daredevil side. We get to watch him brulee with a blowtorch. Living dangerously there, Señor Arpakasso.

Señor Arpakasso and the Marshmallow Brain Tarts

?In his latest video upload, he demonstrates a fun, Halloween-themed recipe — Marshmallow Brain Tarts. Not only do we get to see him whip up a spooky dessert, we get to see him dress up as the Phantom of the Opera. As if we need more reason to fall in love with him. There’s even the added bonus of him serenading us. *swoon*

Señor Arpakasso

He totally owns that kitchen.

I can give you a gajillion more reasons why I love Señor Arpakasso but let’s face it. The best way to understand why I love him is to let you see him in action for yourselves. So, do yourselves a favor and troop on to his Youtube channel. You can thank me for it later. Enhoy!

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8 Responses to My Newest Celebrity Chef Crush: Señor Arpakasso

  1. LOL! Senor Arpakasso is one COOL Chef!

  2. Lorn says:

    I love this! have you seen “Cooking with Dog”? Francis, the poodle, cooks Japanese food 😀

  3. Kyameel says:

    Te quiero, Senor Arpakasso~

  4. Troy says:

    Thank you for writing a blog about Senor Arpakasso! Cooking made even more fun!

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