Purple Oven’s Lemon Squares

Despite being a full-fledged grown-up, I can’t help but act like a baby sometimes by asking for pasalubong when my mom goes out. Of course, it helps that it still works. The latest spoils? Lemon Squares from Purple Oven.

Purple Oven - Lemon Squares

Golden sunshine in a bar

She happened upon Purple Oven during a meeting at Solenad in Nuvali. Knowing how much I love Lemon Squares, she promptly bought a box home. The treat was a pleasant surprise. Stored in a classy, horizontal box, it was the swankiest box of lemon squares I’ve ever seen. The bars themselves were wrapped in sealed plastic, making it ideal for gifting.

Purple Oven - Lemon Squares

Prettiest lemon squares ever

The bars themselves were gorgeous. The crusty cracked tops dusted liberally with confectioner’s sugar were screaming, “Bite me! Bite me!” Who am I to not give in? Thankfully, they tasted as wonderful as they looked. A strong, lemon scent wafted to my nose even before my first bite. The sugary, crackly top gave way to a soft moist center and a tender, crumbly bottom, giving you a wide range of textures. It’s not overly sweet, nor is it too sour. In fact, that’s my one misgiving about their lemon squares. Personally, I like my lemon squares on the tart side cut with a hit of sweetness from the confectioner’s sugar, but that’s just me.

Aside from the Lemon Squares, we also got to try their ensaymadas. Light and pillowy, it easily passed our resident ensaymada monster’s standards. Generously-sized and topped with loads of creamy butter, cheese and sugar, it’s a classic merienda offering that’s sure to please.

Purple Oven - Ensaymada

Merienda tiems with a Pinoy Classic

Purple Oven has a lot more to offer. From my mom’s descriptions, their other pastries and cakes sound just as yummy. It’s definitely worth a visit and I’m looking forward visiting their bakeshop myself. We shall meet soon, Purple Oven. Soon.

Purple Oven has branches at 63 St. Peter St. Oranbo, Pasig; the YMCA Bldg along Sacred Heart St. San Antonio Village, Makati; and Solenad 2 in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. For inquiries, call up their main branch at (02) 631-4221.
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4 Responses to Purple Oven’s Lemon Squares

  1. rissa says:

    i’ve tried their chocolate cake, chocnut pie and brownies and i loved them all! will grab those lemon squares on my next visit!

  2. Oh my! I am craving Ensaymada. Yours looks really yummy! :)

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